BlogWorld And New Media Expo 2011 Los Angeles – What Would You Like To See In The Digital Broadcasting Track?

The proposals are slowly coming in for BlogWorld And New Media Expo 2011 (West). They’re due Friday) and now, as your Digital Broadcasting Track Director, I get to pick what you all get to see.

I don’t take this task lightly. Lot of work will be put into making this the best possible event I can make it.

But, I’d love to hear from you …

What are the topics you are interested in (at least in terms of the Digital Broadcasting content)? YouTube? Podcasting? Alternative hosting options? Mobile? Apps? Audio recording in the field? Who would you like to hear from? Industry professionals raking in the big dough? People just like you? Day jobbers? Seasoned veterans? What level of information are you looking for? Beginner? Medium? Way advanced? Am I missing anything? Are there any other questions I should be asking?

I really want to know what YOU want. Please leave your comments and suggestions below. Everything submitted will be taken very seriously.

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