Top Ten Surprises In The Steve Jobs Biography

What a read, what a book. Despite the leaks, a bunch of surprises.

Here are the top ten surprise in the Steve Jobs biography:

10. Jobs, in fact, mentored Jack Bauer for a few years. Took the job from Chuck Norris.

9. Steve has always been, and will always be, “Team Edward.”

8. The whole “Bob Dillan” thing was just a phase – his true musical passion was Debbie Gibson.

7. In the garage days, Wozniak would torment Steve by switching his coffee with Sanka.

6. While at Atari, Jobs designed the 2600 game E.T.

5. When he ran Pixar, he really wanted to make a movie called “Magic Mouse.”

4. Real reason for the turtlenecks … embarrassing neck tattoo he had to get after losing a bet with Ive.

3. Kept quoting “Real Steve Jobs” at the most inappropriate times.

2. Gleek.

1. Jobs always thought Noah Wyle looked more like the dude from E.R. than him.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

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