Twitter Redesign #281 – Let’s Fly – YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG

It looks like Twitter is about to take on their #281st interface change. The social media space is already abuzz and I expect Robert Scoble to tell us shortly if it will change the world and cure cancer or if it will cause the doom of Twitter in 11 days. Both responses are always possible from Scoble.

I do love that guy.

But, yeah, Twitter is doing what Twitter does best (redesigning interfaces, not monetizing) and the Social Sheeples will spend the next few weeks debating it.


Twitter is a platform, communication system, an infrastructure, not a website or a destination. Apple didn't integrate it into iOS because they like the site, or own some stock, or are writing a book on social media. They added it because it's a method of communication that simply made sense to add to their devices. It made iOS 5 better – and it sure was good for Twitter too.

Twitter's power is in what it does, not how it does it. Her sites and official apps have traditionally and historically been some of the worst in doing just that. However, in Twitter's case, there are about ten billion different apps that do what Twitter does so you find what works for communicating your message and then you communicate your message (or dialogue with the community if you want to use digirati speak).

The only money or communication advantage in worrying/caring about the Twitter site should be coming from Twitter employees or people writing books about Twitter (here's an affiliate link to page 6 of the books about Twitter at Amazon).

We pick the email client that does our business – and ignore the rest. The email is important – not the client from the guys who started email. We use the browser that makes the most sense to the device we're using because it's that dang Webernet content that matters – not how badly Microsoft is mangling the latest release of IE. We use Spotify to listen to releases from Sony and ignore the fact that their online music system even exists – because it doesn't even deserve our attention.

But somehow with Twitter – and a few others – we monitor Folsom Street like it's a nursing home for our grandparents and forget about what really matters.

The most effective use of Twitter – or any other Social Media platform – is in using the platform to make it about our message.

When the platform becomes the message, the robots win.

Even if Scoble thinks that's a good idea.

Thanks for getting me on Twitter, Robert.

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