Make Heroes Of Your Customers

Tomorrow is the 9th and final (teaching) Webinar for the Cross Channel Mojo program. I gotta admit, I'm a bit choked up about the whole thing. This has been the most rewarding training program I've ever done.

One of the reasons, and I hope everyone takes this to heart, is that I've really done everything I can to follow +Michael Koenigs 's leadership in his "Make Heroes Of Your Customers" approach. Every week (inside the training) we highlight students who have done well (they report in an "honor roll" forum thread) and, this week I'm just how stunned at how far the group has gone. One has changed her business to owning an asset (from consulting), another is taking an important step in that direction and the final one, simply, quit the day job.

My only regret is that I can only (in this implementation) brag on the customers to existing customers – I really want to tell everyone the results. At this point, and in this implementation, we can't.

Trust you me this, that will change 😉

No matter who you are, make heroes of your customers. They're worth it.

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