Google Hangouts On Air – What This Means

I've spent most of the day in a bit of a daze. The announcement that Google is rolling out Google Hangouts on Air to everyone over the next few weeks has staggering implications. I'll explore a few of the big issues here but I would love your thoughts as well.

1 – The free webinar platform that everyone has already heard of. "Yeah, we'll be live at today at 6" will launch a number of stars. People who were / are scared of webinars aren't scared of YouTube. YouTube is friendly – it's where the cat videos are. Awesome.

2 – The world's easiest workflow. It always seems that whenever I do anything live, the hardest work always comes after the event. The idea that I can hang up on the show and the bad boy is live (the archive) a few minutes later will only get me to produce more content – because I can now focus on the content – not the production.

3 – A platform for the phones. This stuff works on smartyphones as easily as it works on the desktop. When we streamed the Blue Like Jazz premiere a few weeks back, I was stunned that more than half the audience watched on their mobile devices. This will all happen automatically and I can't wait.

4 – A shot at some companies I hold dear. I'll still need companies like Watershed and GotoWebinar for my premium stuff, but let's face it, Google is sure making this cheap and easy.

5 – A chance for curation. I directory of what is happening live across all the live platforms could be very powerful profitable.

6 – Competition. Ustream and the rest won't go down without a fight. We're going to see some crazy new stuff in the next few weeks/months to compete. We will win. Awesome.

Those are my big take homes. What are yours?

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