Authority Trumps Originality In Google.

Authority Trumps Originality In Google.

For those who claim (over and over again) that you have to publish original Blog content for Google to take you seriously, may I please offer exhibit “A.”

This Tweet from 9 days ago:

1) Originated at Twitter.

2) Was then published via automation to my Blog.  If you want to know how to do this, the following video explains all –

If you look at these results from Google in searching for this content (you’ll noticed I am signed out, this is not a custom search based on who I am):

1) My blog (hopefully the authority site on Paul Colligan) came up first (and second).

2) Twitter came up third, fourth and fifth.

3) Heck, my Twitter post (also autopublished to Amazon) came up sixth.

Google puts, as she should, the site with the most authority first, not the site of content origination.

And that’s a very good thing … #ct

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