What Google Plus Is Really About.

What Google Plus Is Really About.

Highlights from this nearly perfect article:

Google+ is not a “social network”, it’s a platform to socialize all of the products that Google currently offers, such as Drive, Search and YouTube.

Google+ is Google. Deal

+Drew Olanoff is a smart guy.  Listen to him.  

And, stop treating this like a social network.  Start treating it like a platform.  It's a platform whether you like it or not … even if you book calls it a social network.  

Yes, I'm taking this whole Content Timeline thing pretty seriously.


Google Bought Something, Announced Some Google+ Numbers, And You Probably Aren’t Impressed | TechCrunch
Drew Olanoff has over 10 years of marketing, PR, customer service and support, relationship building and management, product management, and technical support experience in multiple verticals. Online,…

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