What Can I Do To Maximize My YouTube Channel?

What can you do to maximize your YouTube channel? Everybody wants to maximize their YouTube channel—and you should leverage and make use of every tool you have to achieve this purpose.

Fact one is that YouTube wants people who help them build the YouTube brand. What does this mean? When you put a video on YouTube, it means that YouTube basically has given you some free bandwidth and some free storage for your content. At most, there's a logo in the bottom right hand corner of your videos, but it does nothing substantial to build YouTube's brand.

When you send people to your channel to find other videos, to find playlists, to interact with your channel, you're getting your audience to utilize the YouTube interface—which is exactly what YouTube wants. YouTube wants users who help them build their brand. Why? Because the more people come to their site, the more they can charge for advertising. Consequently, the more you have built out your channel, and the more interactivity it brings, the more YouTube will like you and appreciate you as a user.

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