How Do You Get Your YouTube Video Ranked On The Front Page Of Google?

How do you get your video arranged on the first page of Google results? This one is a lot easier than a lot of pundits would like to make it out be. If you understand the following simple concepts, you can do tremendously well with YouTube and Google results.

Fact number one is that Google is in the business of delivering results. If they don’t deliver good results, people will leave them: that’s their number one job.

Number two, Google has a massive staff of people whose job is to defeat users trying to trick the results. Obviously, a lot of people who shouldn’t be the number one listing for a given search result, still want to be the number one listing. There is a whole industry of search engine optimization (SEO), where experts in Google teach people how to manipulate the search engine. Fortunately, Google has hired a substantial staff of very brilliant people—and I’ve met some of them personally, PhD’s, Gurus and brainy people—whose job is simply to screen anybody who’s playing tricks.

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