Google Killing Google Reader On July 1.

Google Killing Google Reader On July 1.

I logged into Google Reader today to find a message that they're going to kill it come July 1, 2013.  It is part of their Spring Cleaning initiative that they do on a (needed) regular basis. She's gonna go the way of 70 other Google programs they've shut down (

Google Reader has been the backbone of my content aggregation and consumption strategy for as long as I can remember. I run everything through it and sync it through all of my devices using Reeder and the like.

I get that the general world hasn't grabbed onto RSS the way we all hoped it would but this one, friends, is going to hurt.  

BTW, I just checked, Feedburner is not currently on the list.

What is your take?  Will you miss it as much as I will?  Does anyone have an alternative?  



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