How to Podcast.

How to Podcast.

Ever wanted to know how to Podcast?  What is a Podcast? Have questions about Podcasting? 

A lot has changed since the release of The Business Podcasting Bible.  Little things like … the iPhone … 3G data connected phones … Apple TV and more.  

Like YouTube Strategies, this one answers the 21 questions I get asked the most about Podcasting.  +Mike Koenigs and +Gene Naftulyev added to the mix and we have something pretty special here.   


Podcast Strategies: How To Podcast – 21 Questions Answered: Paul Colligan, Mike Koenigs, Gene Naftulyev: 9781484953945: Books
Podcast Strategies: How To Podcast – 21 Questions Answered [Paul Colligan, Mike Koenigs, Gene Naftulyev] on *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. Imagine this: your media / your content automatically delivered to the smartphone, television and iPod (or iPad) of your audience


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