Oman Bound

In a few days, I’m heading to the country of Oman on behalf of the U.S. Embassy and the State Department as part of their public diplomacy program. I’ll be doing a few workshops for audiences ranging from tech incubators to university students with topics as broad-reaching as “From Passion To Payday” to “Using Social Media To Build Relationships.” I also have a number of consulting sessions scheduled and hope to have some time to see the country. Should be an incredible trip.

From the research I’ve done, Oman looks like an amazing country. Their history is deep and rich and the people look to be as progressive thinking as anyone else I might have had the privilege to present in front of, or consult with. As excited as I am to explore this new region of the world (for me), I’m perhaps even more excited of what might come from this trip. Somehow, I don’t see this ending when I head home on the plane.

The Internet has made it possible for the entire world to be linked in ways that seem almost science fiction just a few years past. This planet of ours is now connected in ways we couldn’t have dreamed possible when we first started our businesses.

It would be crazy not to take advantage of this new reality.

If you have a few minutes, check your web, YouTube, or Podcast stats. Is there a country, or a batch of them, that you couldn’t locate on a world map today? Maybe you want to change that.

Wondering where your future customers or partners will be coming from?

Think globally. It’s kind of how this Internet thing works.

Oman, I can't wait to meet you. See you soon!

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Podcast Monetization – How To Make Money With Podcasting

I had a lot of fun with Podcast Day last year and my Webcast from 2014 has been streamed thousands of times in the last year. Click here for How To Podcast (my 2014 webcast).

Don’t know about my future with #PodcastDay in the coming years – but this year, I’m proud to offer “How To Podcast For Profit – 4 Podcast Monetization Models You Can Start TODAY! – #PODCASTDAY Webcast

Enjoy – we’ll keep the replay up until at least next year …

All Of The Podcast Movement 2015 (#PM15) Fun Facts In One Simple Place

It wouldn’t be an event without fun facts.  Here are my favorite fun facts for Podcast Movement 2015.

If you have any to add, please consider heading to Twitter and sharing with the world.

How To Podcast

Well I finally did it, How To Podcast is now available for sale wherever fine books are sold.

This one was a blast to put together. I think you’ll enjoy it …

If you want direct links, here are a few of the places that have it available right now. More are coming online.

The Year It Is About People – Thinking Out Loud Episode #40

The latest episode of Thinking Out Loud is LIVE. – It has been awhile since I updated your here at Thinking Out Loud. It is time to change that. Working hard on the How To Podcast Book (at and have a few thoughts about it. 2015 is going to be a great year because, dear friends, it is all about people.

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Looking forward to this event. More details soon to come.

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Looking forward to seeing everyone at this event. More details soon to come

Date: July 31, 2015—August 2, 2015
Event: Podcast Movement 2015
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Looking forward to speaking at this event. More details soon to come

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