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I’m putting together a class/program series on New Media Blogging. This is the beginning of an outline. I’d love your thoughts and comments on what you think of the outline.

All valid comments get a free copy of my recording on “New Media Marketing With Blogs.” Comment below and I’ll send you access.

Who Should Blog?
Who Makes The Ideal Blogger?
Who Should Write My Blog Content?
Who Is The Audience For My Blog?

What Is Blogging?
What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?
What Are The Advantages Of Blogging?
What Is Mini-Blogging?
What Is Social Bookmarking?
What Is The Difference Between The Different Blog Platforms?
What Kind Of Computer Do I Need To Blog On?
What Is A Blog Roll?
What Software Is Required?
What Domain Name Should I Use For My Blog?
What Is The Best Kind Of Advertising To Put In A Blog?
What Can I Do With A Blog?
What Should I Blog?
What Is A Trackback?
What Is Linkbaiting?
What Should I Call My Blog?
What Are Some Of The Best Examples?
What Are Comments?
What Is A Blog Subscription?
What Changes If I Have A Lot Of Subcribers?
What If I Run Out Of Things To Say?
What Is RSS And Why Does It Matter?
What Is The Difference Between RSS and ATOM?
What Is The Relationship Between Blogging and Podcasting?
What Is A Podcast?
What Will All This Cost Me?

When Should Your Start Blogging?
How Often Should You Blog?
When Should You Have More Than One Blog?

Where Do You Get Your Blog Content From?
Where Should I Submit My Blog To?

Why Does It Matter?
Why Should I Consider It?
Why Should I Not Consider It?
Why Is Blogging A Good Idea For Any Business?

How Can I Use My Blog To Market What I Am Already Doing?
How Do I Change My Blog’s Look And Feel?
How Do I Get People To Visit My Blog?
How Do I Promote My Blog?
How Do I Get My Blog Readers To Come Back?
How Do I Optimize For The Search Engines?
How Do I Fight Blog Spam?
How Hard Is It?
How Much Time Should I Spend Blogging?
How Do I Figure Out What To Write About?
How Do I Become An Authority In The Area I Am Blogging About?
How Do I Do It?
How Do I Install It?
How Do I Get A KILLER Blog Theme Or Look And Feel?
How Do I Set Up RSS For My Blog?
How Do I Upgrade It When Needed?
How Do I Run A Blog Membership Site?
How Do I Incorporate Audio and Video Into My Blog?
How Do I Record A Phone Interview For Blog Audio Content?
How Do I Modify The Look And Feel?
How Do I Monetize It?
How Do I Take Donations?
How Do I Integrate Other Services (Twitter, Jaiku, Etc.)?
How Do I Set It Up With Feedburner?
How Do I Integrate A Podcast Into My Blog?
How Do I Do This As Cheaply As Possible?
How Do I Use Social Bookmarking To Promote My Blog?

Suggested Toolsets

Best Practices
Repurposed Content
Managing Comments

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The One-Click WordPress Install
Micro Blogging On 4 Platforms At Once
Technorati Best Practices
Paul’s WordPress Secret
Directory Submission For Less Than 3 Nickels
Blog Tagging For Fun And Profit

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