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Is One Of My Students The Next Internet Millionaire?

Jason Henderson was one of my first Podcasting students. This is a guy with big ideas and big dreams.

All that, and the guy is also just plain big …

He’s in the round two running for The Next Internet Millionaire show. The second round has started, he’s in it, and he’s doing everything he can to pimp for votes.

How can I not support that?

Good luck Jason.

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Running the Numbers on Podcast De la Bolsa

I mentioned Jose a while back. He was one of the original 123 Podcast Launch participants. Jose is doing very well, thanks for asking 😉

We were running some stats on his show, and I begged him (we’re sitting next to each other at the Customer Seminar event) to let me give them you.

Here they are:

Since launch, 11,155 total episode downloads. As you well know, we don’t know how many of them were listened to.

The Podcast mentions a URL that is only given on the show – and nowhere else. Total visits to that site – 831.

Downloads to site visits – 7.4% very nice. I know people who love a 1% click conversion.

But this is the part I love …

He sells a product, in Spanish none the less, from his site. He has sold exactly $1744 (U.S.) worth of of the product from this Podcast only.

What does that mean?

Well, he generated 15.6 cents per download. That’s $156 CPM if your counting!

He made $2.09 per click. That don’t suck either.

No matter how you slice it – this is a Profitable Podcast.

(Podcast launched March 10 / first sale was April 25)

And, it ain’t even in English.

Update: Forgot to mention this – Jose will be with me at my presentation on “7 Proven Strategies to Monetize Your Podcast in 30 Days or Less” at the Podcast Expo (or Portable Media Expo) in September. We’ll have even more stats and metrics to offer then (as well as give you a great chance to meet this guy).

Almost Halfway Through the “Office Hours.”

I’m about halfway through an experiment that is going extremely well right now. I have a moment to breathe, so I thought I’d do a quick blog.

I’m holding a phone based office hours for my 123 Podcast Launch students. In short, they call in and ask questions about their process, their Podcasts, etc. I do what I can to answer.

I’m working with some new teleconference technology that let’s me mute out all the callers and let people ask their questions one by one.

And it’s all run through a Web interface 😉

One thing I’m thrilled with is that a good chunk of the answers go something like this “If you take a look at video 2.12, you’ll get the idea.” We put together a solid product that actually tells the whole picture of Business Podcasting and actually gives people the tools they need to get their Podcast online. You’d be surprised how many of my students have purchased ‘other’ Podcast training product that they thought would do the job for them. Hopefully, mine will be the last ‘how to Podcast’ product they ever buy.

One thing has come up that I’ll probably make a screencast of and place in the private member site. No better way to make your product better than by finding out what your users actually want.

Oops, another caller jumped in. Needed to answer it. Short and simple – she’s doing better now.

Will I do this again? Definately.

Will I make it a regular feature? Don’t know at this point. It’s 3 valuable hours out of my day – but at this point I’m having a lot of fun.

Another caller jumped in. I’m gonna post this and help the guy out.

Submitting to iTunes

I submitted a new Podcast (you’ll be hearing about it soon ;-)) to iTunes Monday of this week.

It was in the index the next day.

One of the 123 Podcast Launch students submitted their Podcast to iTunes and received an email indicating their acceptance in 1 hour and 58 minutes.

I submitted the same Podcast to Yahoo a few minutes after I submitted to iTunes (priorities ;-)).

It still isn’t in the Yahoo index.

Yahoo, you can do better.

May 1 Comes to a Close

May 1 is over, the May 1 offer for 123 Podcast Launch is closed. Congrats to those who got in in time.

I take pride in 2 things: 1) This has been my most financially successful day, ever, on the Internet. 2) The level of Podcasting you are going to see from these students is going to make this industry more exciting than it has ever been.

It only goes up from here.

So, Who Purchases Big Ticket Podcast Training Packages?

I thought it would be fun to dig out whatever information I could find about the first customer to purchase 123 Podcast Launch. It happened 20 minutes ago or so.

After all, what kind of person buys a big ticket Podcast training package?

1) Customer has never (at least under this email) purchased anything from me before so we can’t say it comes from my sterling reputation ;-).

2) January 2006 – Customer signs up for the Marketing Online Live newsletter. We barely promote the newsletter so I’m guessing customer has been listening to the show. Marketing intimacy begins.

3) February 2006 – Customer signs up for the (free) Weekly Podcast Tips email newsletter. Obviously this person isn’t only interested in listening to Podcasts.

4) March 2006 – Customer signs up for the 123 Podcast Launch pre-launch list. Good, the pre-selling worked.

5) April 2006 – Customer signs up for the Big Seminar Live Podcast. Obviously this person isn’t just interested in making a Podcast, this person is looking to see some online revenue. Can’t blame him/her.

6) May 2006 – Customer purchases 123 Podcast Launch 14 minutes after email is sent alerting that it is ready for purchase.

So, a relationship was built and a purchase was made. The virtual becomes physical when the package arrives later this week.

I love this industry.