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Social Media Marketing Machines And YouTube – You Will Be Seeing More Of This

I am so tightly involved with this project that I need to say here that I do/will profit from all of the links/clicks contained in this post. It's a given with my Disclosure Policy, but I feel the need to point it out here again. The goal of this blog post is to share what I'm learning along with way with Social Media Marketing Machines – but consider yourself warned.

So I'm working on a big project with the guys from Traffic Geyser (Nope, my life isn't just the eMarketing Vids Channel at YouTube – although you will find we're using CTA Ads in the YouTube Videos to direct people to the program). It's called Social Media Marketing Machines and it's a powerful one/two combo of tools and training – my favorite Internet blend.

If you click through to see what we're up to, you'll notice that we're using YouTube for our video player (for all of the launch videos). This is not typical at all in the Internet Marketing space because you “can't control” YouTube like you can “control” your own players.

While this is true, the math isn't complete – and it's what I want to examine here.

Playing with YouTube brings things to the table that you might not consider:

We see YouTube results in Google results when the numbers are high enough. Might the thousands of views generated by an Internet Launch help bring the videos from this launch into the right search terms a bit later in the game? I think so, and we're going to try that here.

Also vital are YouTube insights. Think we've got something to learn from running this audience through the demographic machine that is YouTube's stats machine? Think we might learn a few things?

Finally, and this one is a bit harder to quantify (and I'd love your thoughts below), there is the simple fact that the YouTube Player is familiar. People love YouTube. It brought us Charlie Bit My Finger and it brought us Susan Boyle. My gut reaction is that seeing a familiar player introduce such a pretty intense topic is going to make things, for lack of a better term, seem more approachable.

Again, any thoughts you have on that one, I'd love in the comments below.

YouTube is the default/defacto player for Internet Video (sorry Hulu, deal with it) for our computer screens, our telephones and our television sets. Google themselves are positioning her more as a platform than a publisher, and I think smart marketers should respond accordingly.

We're giving it the old college try here at this launch and in a blog post soon, I'm sure I'll let you know how it goes.

Discus/debate accordingly …

Hard Realities About Social Profit Formulas And Online Marketing

Ready for some hard realities?

In prepping for the live Podcast Secrets presentation tonight (the topic – OffCasting – getting people off of you content and into your marketing funnel), I realized I had some killer numbers of what's happening/working RIGHT NOW to share with my students because of my Social Profit Formula (AFF) campaigning that I wrote about earlier on this Blog and at

I thought I'd share them with you as well.

The metric I'm currently tracking is clicks to opt-ins (i.e., what percentage of people who click over to Don's campaigns opt-in for more information). As the course hasn't gone on sale yet, this is the only thing I can track at this point (if you'd like to know the final results of clicks to buys, because, yes, I'm tracking those as well, comment below accordingly).

  • Social Media Links Conversion – 7.6%. That's right, it takes more than 100 clicks from social media to get 8 people to opt-in.
  • Website Links Conversion – 25.8%. I get 25 opt-ins for those 100 clicks at the previous blog post. That's more than 3 times the results.
  • Email Newsletter Links Conversion – 29.3%. In my weekly “Heads Up Tuesday” email I mentioned Don's program as a link worth clicking (there were 5 other links in the newsletter). Did almost 4% better on that random mailing than on the Web clicks.
  • Direct Email Links Conversion – 39.3%. The direct email piece on Don's product saw nearly 40 optins per 100 clicks – around 5 times the rate of the social media clicks.

The numbers should speak for themselves but a little examination is in order. Yes, this is the only thing I'm tracking and the final results might surprise me still but plane and simple, if I want to see action, I want to send emails.

So what does this mean to Don's Social Profit Formula and social media marketing in general? Well, I certainly hope you take 2 things from it 1) Social Media doesn't replace anything well – the results are terrible for marketers when compared to other models and 2) what you need more than the latest version is Tweetdeck or the perfect iPad Twitter client is a model for how to use Social Media to bring people into the fold that does, in fact, work better.

Truth be told, a good amount of my list comes from social media efforts. I introduce myself in Twitter, Facebook, and the rest and when we are ready to take our relationship to the next level – I ask for an email address. It works wonders for both of us.

But regardless of what you strategy is – and who you pick to be your guru, have a strategy that works and can be backed up with real numbers. The real money is in folding Social Media into what you're already doing.


Weekend Roundup: Returns And Launches Edition

Old favorites are coming back (in some new ways) this weekend:

Speaking of the weekend, have a great one!

Weekend Roundup: New Ways To Think About Internet Marketing Edition

Are you noticing the trend of more “realistic” views on the whole Internet Marketing thing?

yeah, realism, it's the “new black.”

Podcast Secrets 2009 – Want To Be An Affiliate?

I'm getting a number of emails and DMs on the topic of being an affiliate for Podcast Secrets 2009.

In short, we'd love to have you on board.

However, there is one caveat. We want out affiliates to know what they are talking about with this product. We want them to be students of the class.

As a result, you can only be an affiliate if you are a student of the class. Them's the rules!

Paul, can I buy Podcast Secrets 2009 now and be an affiliate through this launch process? You bet you can. Leave a comment below accordingly and I'll have someone contact you.

Podcasting And Affiliate Marketing (With A Side Of

A lot of you know that I came from the world of affiliate marketing. The term means a lot of things to a lot of people (and some of them not good), but to me, simply, it means online commissioned sales. It's a smart way to leverage what we have in front of us.

You think Amazon got all those people to put links back to their site cause they loved the company?

And, obviously, affiliate marketing has been much better to Amazon than it has any of their affiliates – but that is another post all together.

Nancy Hults is putting together a training program for those interested in affiliate marketing called “Instant Affiliate Secrets.” I'll be honest with you, it is a very “old school” training approach but, if you look at the lineup she's put together – Tellman Knudson, Ken McArthur, Willie Crawford, Tracy Repchuk, Frank Sousa, Corey Lewis, and myself – this starts to get interesting.

In short, give her your name and email – and she'll give you access to all of the calls.

I'll be chatting about affiliate marketing within the world of Podcasting and how it all fits together. I'll also be offering some behind the scenes looks at and how the affiliate engine for that is, in my never to be humble opinion, fixed to changed the Podcasting space dramatically.

If this is of interest to you, I really recommend that you sign up. Nancy will honor all unsubscribe requests, etc. if you decide to send them in.

Sidebar: Make sure you listen to the Podcast Brother's show next week. They'll be announcing the affiliate program for the New Media Expo 2008 recordings. Yes, there is a grand scheme at play here.

Traffic Secrets 2.0 With John Reese – An Experiment In Affiliate Marketing

As I write this, John Reese is launching version 2 of his Traffic Secrets product.

Notice, I haven't linked to it yet …

His launch brings up some very interesting issues in the world of affiliate marketing, etc.

First of all, very few people promoting or marketing the product have actually seen the thing – I sure haven't and I've only read the review of one who has. Promoting a product site-unseen is a fascinating concept. I won't touch on that here. I will point out that although Traffic Secrets 2.0 is an unknown entity, John Reese is not.

Secondly, and this is where it get's really fascinating, the whole world of disclosure enters into play here. As people link to a product that they see revenue from, should they disclose this fact or not? How obvious should the disclosure be? I something like a Blog Disclosure Policy enough?

See this is fascinating because not only did John Reese “make his money” in the first launch of Traffic Secrets (he sold over a million dollars worth of his original product in less than 24 hours), a lot of others made a lot of cash (promoting the product through affiliate links) as well. How much cash? I know one guy who made enough to buy a “hummer and a half” in just a week of promoting the product – and he wasn't the top sales guy if I remember correctly.

And I can feel good about experimenting on a product like this because I know if anyone picks it up, it comes from someone who actually knows this world of traffic generation.

Heck, look at the traffic he's generating here …

Side note, and I think this is fascinating. Reese is selling 2.0 for much less than 1.0. I'm not sure if it is a “recession reaction” or some other strategy – but will be interesting to watch sales as well.

So, the experiment.

I sent a mailing to my list with links to Traffic Secrets 2.0. The mailing contained 2 links:

Link 1: Direct link to Traffic Secrets 2.0 where I receive no credit if they click.

Link 2: Affiliate link to Traffic Secrets 2.0 where I receive credit if they click.

Note: in every mailing I've ever done, the first link always gets the most clicks.

Now, I've offered no bonus for “buying Traffic Secrets” through my link. So this is just plain and simple here – very few complications.

Questions I have

1 – What percentage of clicks in the email will be for the direct link versus the affiliate link?

2 – What percentage of click in this blog post (of course I'm tracking them) will be direct link versus affiliate link?

Note: Obviously some will click on both, I know that (but they do go to the same place). Some will even click over to a more traditional piece on Traffic Secrets at

Place your predictions here.

Closest prediction wins a prize. I'll be talking about that in the next blog piece.

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A Podcast Affiliate Program That Pays Mighty Nicely

One of the nice things about charging real scratch for your Podcast content is that you can actually pay real scratch to your affiliates.

Being able to pay real scratch to your affiliates means you got a real chance of affiliates actually trying to promote your product.

The Project Management Prepcast has an affiliate program that pays 30%.

Now, 30% of a $4.00 a month Podcast … yeah, not so much.

30% of a $1.98 a month service … you get the idea.

But 30% of a $50 product delivered by Podcast … that's $15 for helping out a project management student get ready for the course.

Nice. About average for the Project Management industry – not Podcasting.

Great job Cornelius!

(I interviewed Cornelius for the Profitable Podasting Podcast awhile back if you are interested. He's a smart guy doing this right on so many levels.)

And, obviously, he's become the poster child for – Answering Questions About PPC Classroom


Now you got the information. If you have any questions, post them below – and I'll do what I can to answer them.

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From Submission To #1 In Google In 8 Hours And 33 Minutes (The PPC Classroom Video Review Story)

See below for an update on the stats:

My friend Anik Singal is launching PPC Classroom, a massive training program and management system for affiliate marketers who play the PPC game. It's impressive stuff with some amazing proof behind all of it.

But that's not what this article is about.

I thought I'd install Keynote 08 and give it a run before all the presentations surrounding PME next week. She's impressive alright.

I put together a quick 8 minute slide deck on PPC Classroom, with some thoughts on how it answers some changes in info product launches, and how I'm changing some things because of it. I used the Keynote 08 Slideshow Recording features to add my voice track. Worked quite well.

I exported a full-screen version of the presentation and submitted the PPC Classroom video to a number of video upload services. Here's the PPC Classroom video at MySpace. Here is the PPC Classroom Video Review at YouTube. Here's my video examination of PPC Classroom at the old standby – Youtube.

That was last night.

This morning, I noticed there were a very impressive chunk of plays of the PPC Classroom video at Blip.TV. Since I hadn't sent any traffic there, I was really surprised.

Another cool thing is that their video compression shows off the animation from the Slide Deck the best.

I did a quick check at Google to see where it placed as she's known for quick indexing (8.5 hours I've never seen, but it was a good hypothesis).

The video (at Blip) is #1 (in Google) for PPC Classroom Video. She's also #15 for “PPC Classroom.”

And that's in just 8.5 hours.

Color me impressed.

To bad Blip ain't at Podcast Expo, I'd love to shake their hand.

FWIW, here are some more thoughts on PPC Classroom (not related to the video – about the course) at

Update (2 Hours Later – Still Google): #3 (MySpace), #4, (Blip), #5 and #6 (Paul Recommends), #11 (Yahoo) for “PPC Classroom” / #1 (MySpace), #2 (Blip), #3 (Daily Motion), #6 (Blog) for “PPC Classroom Video”

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