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Big Seminar 12 – Which “Guru” Do You Want Live?

I'm heading out to Big Seminar 12 in a few days. It will be great to catch up with old friends.

I'll have my iPhone with me, a backup battery, and a running copy of As a result, I'm ready to stream at a moments notice.

If I could grab any of these gurus (and I will have access) and ask them any question live, what would it be … ?

  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Eben Pagan
  • Michel & Sylvie Fortin
  • Stephen Pierce
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Jose Espana
  • David Hancock
  • Joe Polish
  • Kirt Christensen
  • Alan Forrest Smith
  • Armand Morin

My live connection is below, but you can also subscribe by RSS.

So, seriously, who do you want me to “grill” and what do you want me to ask them? Leave your comments below!

Free iPhone For Attending Big Seminar X*

Big Seminar is the default Internet Marketing Seminar that I recommend anyone pondering that space attend (at least once).

I've been to 8 of 'em and have come home better for it each time. There is just something great about rubbing shoulders with people who are actually making things happen in this space. The training is good too, don't get me wrong, but there is something about 72 hours with this group that's good for those looking for something in that space.

Armand offers a great affiliate program for the event (you have to have attended at least once to get into the program) that has allowed for some very creative marketing efforts on the side of his affiliates. If you've read my Blog for any length of time, you've seen me post accordingly.

I thought I'd have some fun.


Anyone who buys a ticket to Big Seminar X through my affiliate link and sends me their receipt, I'll buy 'em an iPhone.

If they do the “bring a friend” program at 50% off, they can upgrade that to a MacBook if desired.

Although this offer is painstakingly simple, I should say – more details at

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Andrew Baron On Doing It “Just For Money”

You attend an event like Big Seminar and you can't but be sucked into the world of “big” business. In the last 48 hours there have been multiple conversations about companies hoping to “sell to Google or Microsoft,” talks of not just millionaire, but but billionaire friends and more. This is a very real world with very real high stakes. These are also friends and people I love dearly – it is extremely personal.

It is usually this point in the event where I start wondering if I should get that office, hire that staff, etc. One friend invited me to stay a few days more and visit his office of which he's hired 30 in no time flat.

The claim is, of course, once you “run it right” you don't have to be in that office every day. And there is truth to this – my friend who made the offer left another office of 30+ to start this one – and he's still seeing plenty from office #1. You can “run it right.”

But oh, man, do I love that home office – especially when you're away from your family on a trip like this.

Catchin up on my feeds this morning, I read this post from Andrew Baron. It contains some thoughts on “why we do this” that I recommend everyone read. Here is one snippet

… illuminated the concern that I've always had with regards to companies that become bigger and more powerful than the humans behind them

Well said friend.

I've seen this too many times. I've seen big versions of this problem. I've seen small versions of this problem.

But I've seen this problem a lot.

I've seen it in politics – in ways you'd never believe. I don't think I'll ever dabble in that world again.

I've seen it in religion – and not in the ways you'd think. Thank God my faith remains.

I've seen it in business – I know multi-millionaires who can't “buy the good things money can bring” because they're chained to their freaking jobs.

The question isn't – do we monetize Podcasts / do we not?

The question isn't – what scheme is the best way to making money with your voice?

The question is, simply – what is that you want to do, and how can new media be used as a tool to make it happen?

When anything (tech, money, politics, etc.) gets in the way of what you're here for, make it stop.

You're the human, you're in charge (of the tech and businesses at least).

If you don't stop it, we have the first chapter of every dystopian science fiction book ever written.

I think it was Covey who told us to “begin with the end in mind.”

If we make it about that, we'll do fine.

So, the question is, this, what do you want from Podcasting and new media?

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Brad Fallon, Big Seminar 9 (Day 1) – Is Online Video The Natural Evolution?

Brad Fallon was my favorite presenter of day 1. You've read my previous postings about how disruptive Free IQ is, and after what he showed us, I couldn't be more convinced.

As a side note, I will be doing a few training calls and or Webinars for Free IQ users. These will be free and, of course, placed on Free IQ for those who wish to participate by time shift.

But he said something about technology that I'm not sure if I agree with completely yet. I thought I'd share the big idea and see what you thought.

He basically said that technology goes through 3 stages: the geeks, the kids and then the rest of the world.

Geeks were the first to get email. Then kids saw it was cool. Then the “rest of the world” decided they wanted another contact option their business cards.

Hard core geeks had the first websites. Then the kids picked them up. Then the “rest of the world” saw how valuable they could be.

The same is true for Instant Messaging(?)

But Brad applied this to video. YouTube made online video fun for the geeks and the kids – but someone needed to make it approachable for businesses (now you see why he launched Free IQ).

See the geeks have been using it.

And the kids sure love it.

But are general Ma and Pa business types going to head to computers to get training, to get educated, to get entertained?

I think of Joost. I think of my Year of Living Digitally. I think of Apple TV.

Brad might be onto something here. Thoughts?

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Attend Big Seminar 9 – Get A Geoff Smith Podcast Jingle For Free

Now this is going to be fun.

The affiliate commission for Big Seminar is significant. It's part of why I do the Big Seminar Live Podcast, among other things.

Part of the generous commission is a little “unwritten” understanding that you do something pretty cool for the customer who attends Big Seminar via your link.

I want to do something big and nice for any Podcaster who is considering attending the Big Seminar.

In short, attend through my affiliate link and I'll pay for the mighty mighty Geoff Smith to write one of his famous jingles for your Podcast. He's good, and it's the least I could do if you attend on account of me. I actually got a few other things I want to do – but that is the “big ticket.”

If you don't know Geoff Smith, visit his site. I also recommend you listen to the interview I did with him for Profitable Podcasting #7. He wrote the jingle for that show – and for The Zune Brothers. He has more talent than most of the people on radio these days and can make you sound incredible.

You should have seen the big eyes at Microsoft when I played the Zune Brothers theme song.

Now you can get one of your own. Use this link to buy your ticket and the custom theme song is yours.

Big Seminar is going to be a blast. Even if you don't come via this path, let me know you're around and we'll meet up.

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