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New Podcasting Statistics At Corporate Podcasting Summit London

The always brilliant Tom Webster from Edison Media Research opened the Corporate Podcasting Summit London with some great content from the coming “Arbitron / Edison Internet and Multimedia Study 2007.” The stuff that stuck out to me, and is most important to my angle in Podcasting is as follows:

  • In 2006, 22% of their (solid) sampling had “heard” of Podcasting. The number for 2007 was 37%. Awareness continues to grow. Very good.
  • The growth of people who had listened to or viewed a Podcast rose only a small amount between 2006 and 2007. Can’t read my notes enough to get you the right number but trust you me this – just because they’re heard of Podcasting, doesn’t mean they’re doing anything about it.
  • Podcast consumers are tremendously balanced from an age/sex perspective. Any concepts that this audience is a young male geek crowd needs to go away.
  • Podcast consumers spend an average of 13.08 hours on the Internet a week whereas the non-consumers only spend 8.22.
  • Finally, and this one is very important, 40% of Podcast consumers had paid cold hard cash for content online compared to only 11% for those who hadn’t. Podcast content is teaching them the value of good content – so much so that they are willing to pay for it.

Oh yes, this is great fodder for the Podcast Secrets call tomorrow night.

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A Hole In The Apple Stronghold?

I’m sitting in the Red Carpet Club at PDX waiting until my plane takes off for SFO. I can’t tell you how thrilled I’m that the London flight is heading over the pole and not attempting to go through that mess in the East. Wow, crazy stuff.

The combo of the Corporate Podcasting Summit and the launch of Podcast Secrets has lead to some pretty sleepless nights. These are exciting times ahead.

Follow me here, it’s long, but I think it’s important.

But I thought of / realized something today that I wanted to share:

Podcast Secrets Player

That’s the MP3 player that every customer of Podcast Secrets gets. Anybody who listens to Marketing Online Live knows how Alex and I keep going back and forth on our feeling about the Apple juggernaut but … we decided to go with this player this round because, simply, the stronghold Apple has on the iPod introduces just too many “what ifs” to feel good about distributing the player to customers.

I was explaining the entire process of Podcasting to a “newbie” today and he asked a great question

So if most people listen on their computer, can you plug that player into your computer and listen to it from there?

Why, of course you can. And if you have a PC, the majority of the planet does, and little window will pop up asking you if you want to play directly from the player.

It doesn’t get simpler than that.

Want to listen on your computer? Plug it into your computer. Windows will do the rest. The USB cable will even charge it.

That’s far easier than install iTunes, register the iPod, run the iTunes program, etc.


If they want to listen in the car, they can plug in one of those cassette adapters. In the gym, they can use the earbuds that come with it. You know the drill.

But most do, and still will, listen on their computers – and I can’t think of an easier path than this.

Am I missing something here or is this an “easier” method of listening to content (on the PC) than an iPod? Ever tried to pull content off of an iPod for your computer? No software installs, etc.

Mac users are fine too. Drive mounts. Click to play. Couldn’t be simpler.

Then combine this to what we’re doing with the Podium Project and we have a complete delivery system that eliminates those “I downloaded it but I don’t know where it is” support calls.

The player comes with the pre-class MP3s. Listen where you want.

Podium delivers the class MP3s – and to only one place – so they’re easy to find.

Users have the easiest way possible to listen on their computers (the majority of consumption). Users have simple ways to listen via every other consumption paradigm.

This really is easier than the iPod, right?

Or am I missing something?

Is this kind of training and delivery paradigm something that Apple’s “walled garden” is preventing us from doing?

I mean I love my Nano but …

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