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Thoughts From The Evernote Conference Posted To … Evernote

So, I'm back from the Evernote ETC conference with a mind full of ideas. I thought I'd do a quick brain dump via audio and share it with you.

To have some fun with this, I did it as a shared Evernote note.

Part of the power (that I realized at this event at least) of Evernote is the power of sharing and online collaboration. I wonder just how far I can go with this and what compatibility problems I might have, if any.

You can access the note here, but I'd love your thoughts on this method of sharing here at the Blog.

Thanks, this could be fun.

Btw, if you are considering grabbing a premium Evernote account, make sure you watch this video regarding an offer they've put together recently.

eMarketing Vids – Project Update

I've chatted before, in brief, about the eMarketing Vids project. I thought I'd give an update of where things are, and where things are going.

Where Things Are:

We are officially in Season 1.0 and live at both the eMarketing Vids YouTube Channel and at the Site.

We also are on Facebook and Twitterbut that was probably obvious.

Feel friend to friend/follow us up …

Where Things Are Going:

We have partnered with Mediafly to distribute our content to as many app platforms as is possible. You'll soon be seeing eMarketingVids on IOS, Android, and Blackberry (Phones and Tablets) as well as Roku, Yahoo TV and more. Very very exciting things coming …

    For updates on new App Platforms for eMarketing Vids and/or information on how you can distribute your media content through as many apps, call or text your name and email +1 (503) 389-5885.

Content For eMarketingVids

Everything at this point is very much open for debate and discussion. Although we are officially in “Season 1,” we will make changes and adjusts as needed (and when recommendations from our audience make a great deal of sense).

If you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see in any of our shows, please leave them here, at YouTube, at the Site, Facebook, or Twitter. We are, as they say, listening.

Here are a few of my favorite episodes so far:

Again, I'd love your comments below.