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Free IQ Is An Extremely Disruptive Online Content Model

Update: A few words about on this week’s Podcast Tools Weekly Update.

Wow, take a look at

I very very very seldom get on the “it’s just like “x” but better” bandwagon but in this case, we’ve got a very very different situation on our hands.

First of all – the monetization side of things (and where would this blog be without that?): This whole “share the wealth” thing that all the other sites has been promising is tightly integrated into their affiliate program from the very beginning. You bet I joined it. You can join Free IQ here.

You bring people into free IQ and they start buying content, you see a piece of the action. Content providers now know that people are compensated for selling their content and, wow, the snowball effect begins.

Secondly – want to add your own content to Free IQ? Did you know you can set the exact timecode moment in video for a thumbnail (or set your own). Very nice. Starting selling it and you get a piece of the action. Offer it for free and grab some very optimized for the search engines real estate for your content.

Look at how clean the interface is? No flashing Hilton Romance Package (or worse) around your content. I’ve always said the money is in the content, not the 25 cent cpm model that everyone else seems to be pushing. Free IQ gets that.

Keep your eyes on this one. Very important, very disruptive, very cool. And put together by some very smart people who know what they’re doing.

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My Own Little Mini CES Announcement – Affiliate Guy Podcast 02001 For Sale

I do need to get back to the show floor, but I had to put this up today.

We’re gearing up Affiliate Guy Podcast (which was the first Premium Podcast ever) for season 2. Among other things, we have a new channel for sales.

You’ll notice that the first episode of (season 2) the Affiliate Guy Podcast is up for sale at You might, or might not be impressed.

It’s a free-and-clear MP3 file. No encryption here. Smart move? We’ll see. Had to test it though.

But what gets really interesting is that the file is also for sale at, and 997 other online stores.

Audible is not on the list, yet, but I am truly not just syndicating my content via RSS, but through a thousand online stores as well.

Syndication is very powerful, and in the reach of anyone interested – not just the big players.

Disclosure: If you buy the Affiliate Guy Podcast, I see some of the revenue. I am also owner of the and Servers Back Up … Was This The Audio That Did It?

The servers are taking orders again. Many of you have picked up stores. 2007 is going to be a very interesting year for the Premium Podcaster.

Here’s a Web-based player of the recording we had earlier this morning on the topic.

You can also download the MP3 file directly through

UPDATE: The stores are all sold out. Sorry about that. I told you it was a great deal. You are obviously welcome to join the when it launches in Q1 of 2007 but I wanted to let you know of one more option for getting into the network without paying the $997 entry fee. Purchase of Teleseminar Secrets gets both entry into the network and the Podcast Secrets class as well. More information about that bonus package can be found here.

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eMedia Marketplace Servers Grind To A Halt …

Don’t worry – the store is still up.

Just had the big call re the People are very excited.

And the sales servers (and they spent the last few days pounding them to make sure this wouldn’t happen) caan’t handle the demand right now.

4 servers – 2 different geographical locations – all selling one product. All down at the moment.

If you’re trying to get in, … keep trying … I know they’re working on it right now.

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Full Disclosure On The 2 Podcasting Teleseminars

To get tickets to either of these two events, send a blank email to This also gets you the recording if you miss either of the live events.

I’ve received a ton of email asking about the two coming teleseminars. Yes, they are all about monetizing the Podcast. Yes, I’ve got services and training programs for sale. This is premium content, you pay with your email address (I need to know how many lines to grab) and you can unsubscribe from anything we send you with the click of a button. End of disclosure.

Let’s try this again:


Date: November 16, 2006
Time: 8a Pacific / 11a Eastern
Sell Your Podcast Content On More Than 1,000 Sites – And Still Profit If They Buy Your Competitor

The eMediaMarketplace is just one of more than 1,000 sites that will be selling Podcast content right along side the “published” likes of _insert favorite author here_. This represent a paradigm shift in digital media publishing that needs the examination of every Podcaster out there. For more about the engine behind the eMediaMarketplace, visit

Some Podcasters will publish their content in the eMediaMarketplace Networks. Some will just buy a store and profit no matter what their audience buys. I will be doing both, and I’ll explain why on this call.


Date: November 20, 2006
Time: 6p, Pacific / 9p Eastern
Behind The Scenes: Live Recording of the Teleseminar Secrets Podcast

Alex Mandossian will be using one more channel to sell Podcast Secrets 2006 – the Podcast. If you’ve ever wondered how a teleseminar is made into a multi-part Podcast, listen in for this live taping of all 7 parts of the Podcast series. It will change the way you look at teleseminars, and Podcasts.

Sure, you can listen to this on the Podcast if you want, but you’ll never know what happened behind the scenes if you don’t attend the live taping. It’s a two-for-one: learn how to make money with your voice using the telephone and your passions while listening in as a 100 year old technology gets transferred to a brand spakin new Podcast.


To get tickets to either of these live events, send a blank email to This also gets you the recording if you miss either of the live events.

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eMedia Marketplace Disclosure Statement

eMedia Marketplace is not my technology.  It is my implementation of someone else’s technology (of which I am an affiliate and strategic partner).  I’m doing some stuff with it that, to the best of my knowledge, nobody else is doing – but it ain’t mine.
Of course, Podcasting isn’t my technology either – but I sure will use it to my strategic business advantage as well 😉

The technology partners information can be found at  Yes, I will admit, right now that I think the domain name is a bit poorly named.

But then again, we live in a world of Flickrs, Blubrrys and Odesks.

Give a look around, he’s the real deal.

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eMedia Marketplace Teaser #5 – The Live International Teleseminar With A Twist

Next Thursday at 8a Pacific / 11a Eastern, we’ve got a live teleseminar with some international guest stars as our official launch to the eMedia Marketplace.

I wouldn’t be Paul Colligan if I didn’t offer a timeshifted version of this content later,  but trust you me this, to experience the power of this call, you’ll want to attend this one live.

Either way, signup information for the call can be found over at eMedia Marketplace.

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Mac Friends – Need A Password Keeper (Sync w Palm?)

O..k., my transition from PC to Mac is almost complete.  I won’t event start on how amazing I find it is that it is easier to install Windows on my Mac than it is on my Dell.

I have one last thing I need. 

I’ve got the Palm 700p and digging that.  Not feeling the Opera Mini luv or that impressed with the Gmail app, but the browser on it works fine for what I need, and the WAP Gmail rocks hard.

I need a great password system, with incredible encryption, where I can keep passwords on my Mac/Palm and sync accordingly.

Anybody got something they’d recommend?

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Isn’t Talk Of Malls So 1.0?

Scoble posted a fascinating one today. I have a feeling he’s opened an interesting can of worms that I least I will dive into.

In his piece he speaks of “Content Malls.”

Which is just a way of calling something a Network without calling it a Network. He lists the usual suspects, PodTech, TWiT, Calacanis, Podshow, FM, etc.

And, of course, the pitch: “And, yes, we’re looking for great “stores” to join our “mall.” My email is if you’re interested.

But here’s my problem/issue with this line of thinking:

I remember 2006 1996 very well. People were trying to gather “Malls” of stores online. IMall anyone? What are they trading at these days? How many Internet Malls have you visited in, say, the last 5 years?

But people began to realize, very quickly, that what matters in the real world (location, location, location) doesn’t matter in the slightest when you are, at the most, one URL away from everything. If I’m curious if Borders has the book cheaper while searching at Amazon, it just doesn’t take a whole lot to open a new window and check.

Content malls are no good, and simply don’t matter, to the consumer. To his credit, Scoble admits that in the piece.

Do they matter to the producer? Scoble writes of how “you and I can’t walk into the ad buying group at a car company, but many of these content malls can.

Is getting a Ford Escort commercial here the big deal? Is that what this new media revolution is about? Isn’t there something more to this?

Our end game in new media is getting enough people to join us so that we can act like the “old” media?

I can’t help but think of Jack Nicholson running into the room and asking “What if this is as good as it gets?” (little film shout out for Geoghegan).

Now, the benefit of branding I can see.

When Ninja launched Hope is Emo, I gave it a watch – because Ninja told me to. And I always do what Ninja tells me to.

When PodTech nabbed Geek Entertainment TV, I added them to my queue.

When TWiT launched TWiL, I gave it a try.

If I were to join any of these “Malls” I’d 5x my audience overnight. That’s a good thing. People who know like and trust someone from one of these malls will start consuming my stuff with a level of intimacy I could only dream of because Scoble or Calacanis or Geoghegan or Curry encouraged them to do so.

Of course, that is great value for me – not the mall.

So, what am I trying to say here? Great question.

As we watch the album die with the 99 cent electronic single, as we watch DVD sales plummit when people buy just one episode instead of the whole series (to considerably higher profits none the less), as we enter a world where the top television show can only get a single digit penetration, I suggest that we all remember that there is plenty of pie out there.

Why go for the biggest piece of pie when you can have a pie all to yourself?

And, by the way, that pie that everyone is fighting for a piece of? That pie that apparently is located in the ad agency for some car maker, … it’s old pie.

And who doesn’t like fresh hot pie?

Mmmmmmmm. pie …..

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Where Will You Be Thursday Morning, 8a, Pacific? – eMediaMarketplace Teaser #4

Next Thursday morning at 8a, Pacific, we’re going to do something very interesting.

I think you’ll want to be there.

First thing, a live teleseminar where we explain what we’re doing with  The master plan will be revealed then.  The question of what the heck it has to do with Podcasting and Podcasters will also be revealed as well.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about ISYOT, this is ISYOT to the power of 10. 

What’s fun here is that there’s a piece for those interested in Podcasting and eMedia production, who want some small piece of this, but who are scared to death of producing their own content.

Oh yes, we’re having some fun now …

But, see, it’s bigger than that.  

One hour after the teleseminar, the power of the eMedia Marketplace will be demonstrated.  Only those who attend live will get to watch it happen live.

And when it happens, you’ll want to be there.

Obviously, there will be a timeshifted element to all of this but … sometimes … there is just nothing like being there live.

We’ll have the official signup forms available soon but if you have to get in now, send a blank email to

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