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Oman Bound

In a few days, I'm heading to the country of Oman on behalf of the U.S. Embassy and the State Department as part of their public diplomacy program. I'll be doing a few workshops for audiences ranging from tech incubators to university students with topics as broad-reaching as “From Passion To Payday” to “Using Social Media To Build Relationships.” I also have a number of consulting sessions scheduled and hope to have some time to see the country. Should be an incredible trip.

From the research I've done, Oman looks like an amazing country. Their history is deep and rich and the people look to be as progressive thinking as anyone else I might have had the privilege to present in front of, or consult with. As excited as I am to explore this new region of the world (for me), I'm perhaps even more excited of what might come from this trip. Somehow, I don't see this ending when I head home on the plane.

The Internet has made it possible for the entire world to be linked in ways that seem almost science fiction just a few years past. This planet of ours is now connected in ways we couldn't have dreamed possible when we first started our businesses.

It would be crazy not to take advantage of this new reality.

If you have a few minutes, check your web, YouTube, or Podcast stats. Is there a country, or a batch of them, that you couldn't locate on a world map today? Maybe you want to change that.

Wondering where your future customers or partners will be coming from?

Think globally. It's kind of how this Internet thing works.

Oman, I can't wait to meet you. See you soon!

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I bought a Chromebook.

I bought a Chromebook.

I bought my first Chromebook this week and am pretty impressed with it. I'll send some more tests next week, but, this is an interesting place.

My thought was – how do I get to the Internet as quickly as is possible and as easily as possible? What am I putting in the way?

Right now, the promise of the Chromebook is click the button, on the Internet in full / traditional desktop, keyboard, trackpad glory. I've found it to be surprisingly nice.

Any thoughts on the whole approach? Do you really need Apple or Microsoft and spinning hard drives and viruses and operating systems to access the web?

Oh, yeah, it was $139 as a refurb – does that price change your mind?


So, I’m narrowing my career goals (life statement, mission statement, whatever you want to call it) a bit – and I like the direction I’m going.

So, I'm narrowing my career goals (life statement, mission statement, whatever you want to call it) a bit – and I like the direction I'm going. The working statement is:

“Paul Colligan helps others expand their reach by leveraging tech and eliminating dramas.”

In 6 words, it's

“Expand reach, leverage tech, eliminate dramas.”

I'm not satisfied with the “no drama” phrase – but this link does a better job of explaining what I'm thinking

What do Kindle, Podcasting, YouTube, etc. all have in common – EXPANDING REACH

What do I think the best way to do it is? – BY LEVERAGING TECH

What do I find most consultants do? Add drama. LET'S ELIMINATED DRAMAS in the process.

So, that's what I'm thinking. What do you think? Better ways to phrase this? Am I off?


About YouTube Strategies 2014.

About YouTube Strategies 2014.

So, I clicked all the buttons to remove YouTube Strategies from distribution. Kindle, Amazon, Barnes And Noble, … all gone. Everything should be gone in an hour or so.

YouTube Strategies 2014 is coming soon. And, when we release initially, it will be just 99 cents for a very short period of time – i.e., until we climb the charts to #1 in that position.

And, for everyone who picks up the Kindle Book at 99 cent, on that very special day, will get a coupon for my $97 YouTube Udemy Course when they register the book.

Wouldn't it be great if you were updated when we do that? Wouldn't it just stink if you missed out on it?

Text your name and email (or call and leave a voice mail message) to (503) 444-9821 and I'll make sure you're updated.

You can also just send a blank email to – It's your call.

I'm so thrilled with YouTube Strategies 2014. I know you will be to.




I work from home, because I can. I had breakfast with my kids and will have lunch (and dinner) with them as well. But it's not about working at home.

Today at 2pm I'm part of Social Media Examiner's Social Media Success Summit where I'll be running a panel of video experts from Revision3 (Discovery Networks) and Sales Force. Some 3,000 will either attend live – or watch that recording eventually.

After dinner (with my kids), I jump on a plane for San Diego for Instant Customer's #Rocktoberfest event. I'll be sharing the latest on Multicasting with a great crowd.

On the plane I'll be editing some content that will go out on YouTube and reach even more. I'll also be posting a Podcast. WIFI ON A PLANE PEOPLE!

Today I touch thousands of people, create the content I love and have all three meals with my family.

What has the Internet allowed you to do?


Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think

Full disclosure – This is one of the weirdest disclosures I've ever had to write. I've gotten to know Peter and have become part of a large (everyone in it because they love the message / not because we're making a dime) marketing campaign to promote the book. If that affects your view of my review, so be it. I'd rather see the book get out there. However, read the review anyway 😉

Let's start with the elephant in the room – no, “Abundance” has NOTHING to do with any “law of attraction” nonsense. This is a book about facts.

So, the future. Is it scary? It is something we should be looking forward to? As a lover of gadgets and tech, I've always been one with an optimistic view towards what is ahead – but it's been really nice to get some solid logic behind it.

Peter Diamandis (look him up) has a long list of accomplishments under his belt. The thing that impressed me most about the guy was/is the fact that he pretty launched the commercial spaceflight industry. No, it wasn't the government, or NASA, or anyone else. Look up the Xprize if you have a few minutes. Throw in a little Singularity University and a side business that got Stephen Hawking (again, look it up) to experience Zero G weightlessness and he's an intriguing character.

But back to the book …

It's clear a guy like this will obviously be looking to the future with some excitement and expectations of good things to come. This book, however, shows not only why he's got a reason to be excited – but why we do as well.

In short, he examines four forces (exponential technologies, the DIY innovator, the Technophilanthropist, and the “Rising Billion”) that give us cause for hope and explores how they affect the hotbed issues of water, food, energy, healthcare, education, and freedom. These aren't only passion points for him – but with the people he's been able to surround himself with in life, he's experienced/touched a bunch of this.

It's personal reflection, scientific proof and some wrappers around these concepts that help you come to term with it all. It's not just a book of facts – it's a big story of, gosh darn it, why the future is better than we might have thought.

I won't go into why the book cover was designed to look like it was wrapped in aluminum but … it's all part of the big picture.

It isn't just happy juice in written form. The book is filled with a ton of supporting material for all his claims and, gosh darn it, it all seems to come together nicely.

As I wrote at the beginning of this, I'm pretty personally involved in this project right now, so consider accordingly. But after you've done that, get yourself a copy.

Cross Channel Social Media Marketing Book And Video Training For Less Than A Dollar

For a very limited time, my first Kindle Book, “Cross Channel Social Media Marketing,” is available on Amazon for 99 cents.

When you follow the directions in the book and send in your receipt, you get immediate access to the original presentation that inspired the book.

The book and the video – for less than a buck.

The funny thing is, the book is probably more important today than it was when it first came out. Pay special attention to the part about working in certain walled gardens.

Grab The Book Here.

Can I Handle The Truth?

Can I Handle The Truth?

So here at the Author 101 University event there is this guy that I can't look at without thinking Jack Nicholson.

Looks like Jack, walks like Jack, has Jack's shades.

Felt guilty about it. I'm sure he is his own person and has a story bigger than just looking like Jack. Was trying to wrap my mind around trying to understand his story, his humanity, etc.

Turns out he's a Jack Nicholson impersonator.


A Content Timeline Test.

A Content Timeline Test.

Today I will be doing my biggest Content Timeline test ever, using nothing but a Google Tablet during, yes, the Apple iPhone announcement's today.

If this goes well, I'm completely done with blogging.

This this doesn't go well, I have a few things left to fix.

This is going to be a very interesting day for me. I hope you'll play along with.