Diggnation Isn’t A Podcast (And That’s A Good Thing)

Witness the embedded (and seldom safe for work) video below:

This is a quick clip from the Diggnation “Podcast.”

But, dear friends, this ain't a Podcast. It's at Hulu.

Hulu – the same place that serves Saturday Night Live clips and full episodes of Fringe. The same Hulu I watch on my Xbox with everything else. Don't have / don't want / don't need cable.

Something else kinda fun – take a look at Hulu and you'll note that they're sending “full episode” traffic of Diggnation right to Revision3. Keep watching that one. That's a partnership worth watching.

Gary Vaynerchuck is over there as well (been there for awhile). I don't know if this is a Revision3 thing or just Gary on his own … but that's the point.

It's all starting to blend/blur together.

We knew this was going to happen, and it is happening quickly.

There will be a time when Diggnation by RSS has less numbers than Diggnation by everything else.

The very cool thing is that when this delta happens, it won't be an issue of RSS subscribes doing down, it will be an issues of Diggnation penetration going up.

Or Gary.

Or Ninja.

Or EpicFu.

Or any of the others.

You know I've been a fan of Revision3 since day one but this ability to be bigger than the Podcast is something we all need to learn from. We need to be bigger than the Podcast.

The Podcast is but a SINGLE channel for your content delivery. Only allowing the Podcast is as insane as Hollywood only allowing their content by broadcast/cable.

Let's learn from their mistakes, shall we?

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My Roku Box Obsession

In recent news, Roku really wants to run other people's content (OPC) through their $99 box.

Mark my words, when we have a $99 box that plays Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and a few others (Revision3, get on the box), people will start canceling their cable in droves and this crazy Internet Video thing will start ‘taking off.'

Does anyone reading this have any experience in the Roku API, etc.? How hard is it to get you content on this $99 box?

Hulu on the Xbox – Here’s How

The video below is a Qik.com file from my 3g iPhone – not the best video in the world – until you consider it streamed live from a phone.

As you can see in the video, I'm streaming not just Hulu, but CBS and YouTube straight to me Xbox.

Some fancy new Vista thingee from Microsoft with a monthly fee attached to it? Nope, a product called “Playon” – currently in free beta.

I've got my install of Playon running on a Windows XP box – install was a breeze, interface is easy to use and set up.

I can stream Hulu, CBS and YouTube out of the box (including programs longer than 10 minutes – which aren't on the AppleTV YouTube option). They promise Netflix soon.

Let's hit a few highlights here:

  • Despite being more than a year old, there is still no compelling reason to upgrade to Vista. Products like this can quickly, in fact, prevent people from upgrading because they have options that make sense.
  • The “coming” service that streams Netflix to the Xbox in the Fall dashboard update will require a $50 yearly gold account. Rumor is, once they start charging for it, Playon will cost $30.
  • If you check out the Playon site, you'll notice that they support a number of other set top devices as well. This isn't just an Xbox play. They even promise Wii support soon.

There is the obvious cool geek factor in this post but this product also has some very important implications for our industry.

The jump of television from the computer screen to the television screen is going to get easier and easier. Whereas this doesn't have the brain dead ease-of-use elements of the Apple TV, this has the potential audience of all game console players – a very big number indeed. The price of the software (if it is in fact $30) is a no brainer to anyone with a box it can run on and install was as simple as this kind of approach could possibly be. By not requiring Vista, they have everyone with a PC in their market.

And they might even help sell a few more game consoles in the process.

Getting your content to your audience is getting easier and easier.

You can focus on the getting the content there, or being the content.

I'd suggest the latter – there's much more money in it.