The Lies “They” Want You To Believe

One of the scary elements of being in this business are the meetings, emails, phone calls, conference chats, etc. you have with good hearted people who have completely and totally bought a “lie” in this space. They embrace the lie completely and throw everything into it. You've met these people. You may be one of these people. Here are 7 of the most popular lies. Any of them sound familiar.

If I just knew the secret, the money would start flowing in.

Yes, I sell products with the words “Secrets” attached to them. The thing about “secrets” are that they are just pieces of information. You need to act on / do something about the “secrets” before they do anything for you. If I tell you where the treasure chest is located, you still have to dig it up.

If I just start producing content, the sponsorship dollars will start flowing in.

Nope. Nadda. Ain't gonna happen. One has NOTHING to do with the other. Now, you have to have content for people to sponsor but you'll need to a) create the content and b) find someone to sponsor it. Trust you me this, you approaching someone to sponsor you will always be smarter than waiting for them to approach you.

And, by the way, looking for sponsors is one of the HARDEST ways to make money on the Internet … period.

And, I know, you're thinking that Google Adsense is the answer to this one. It isn't.

If I just link to the right affiliate program, the checks will start flowing in.

This is one of my favorites. I actually have received phone calls from people looking for their checks on account of them linking to my affiliate program a month or two back. Money from affiliate programs only happen if BUYERS CLICK ON SAID LINKS – and lots of them.

General rule of thumb – you're going to get one purchase for every 100 buyers who clicks on an affiliate link.

The real money is made “while I sleep.”.

Again, I've heard this one a thousand times over. Nope, the “real” money is made when you make a product and put it up for sale. 99.99% of the time, the “real” money will come after you put the product up for sale.

The whole “while you sleep” thing comes from the fact that a well set up store can take orders while you, in fact, sleep – but again, I tell you, the “real money” is made when the product is created – it just takes a little time for it to be delivered accordingly.

I can Facebook/Twitter/INSERTSOCIALMEDIAPLATFORMHERE my way to riches.

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. The chance of a sale being made is exponentially increased when you actually communicate with people and these social media tools are great for communication. But, shouting your sales to an audience who not only doesn't want to hear, but who isn't listening makes no sense at all.

Oh, yeah, and it doesn't work either.

If I just came up for the right keywords in Google, the big money would finally arrive.

Also not true. Let's rephrase this one a bit to make it true:

If I just came up for the keywords that buyers are searching Google for – and had a site that made the buyers want to choose me, the big money would finally arrive.

The more training I buy, the better my chances to make the big bucks.

This is a lot like the “secrets” thing mentioned above. I actually had someone return one of my product because “it didn't work.” When he sent it back, it was still in the shrink wrap.

The more good training you act on, the better your chances on making the big bucks.

But, when push comes to shove (and remember, I sell training for a living), action will always make you more money than training ever will.

Action on good training is the “secret sauce” that brings it all together. But that is another blog post all together.


Let's have some fun with this. Post your “favorite” lies below in the comments (along with commentary like I've done here). I'll pick my 7 favorites for a follow-up blog post and link directly to you. Sound fair?

Before You Get All Excited About Facebook …

I'm very optimistic about Facebook and have placed a ton of emphasis and focus on my new Paul Colligan page over there. But, … we need to face(book) some facts.

Fan Page Updates are almost meaningless. Internet marketers love to act like these are as good as email so I decided to put things to the test. After three different tries, with three different messages, the numbers were almost exactly the same. I am 30 times more likely to get a click from an email than I am a Facebook Fan Page Update. Oh, and I might ad that where my email list is several years old, my Facebook list is less than 6 months old. Yuck.

Facebook Video is now the #3 video site on the planet – but that doesn't mean they're consuming your content at Facebook. Now, I've only experimented and test this with audio but, … Internet Marketing This Week audience members are 7 to 1 more likely to consume the show on the obscure Internet Marketing This Week iPhone App than they are Facebook with a simple click to play button for every episode (and remember, stats are that they're more likely to hear that we have a new episode on Facebook than in most places). BTW, iPhone app to Zune is 5.5 to 1 more likely (for the Zune) and iTunes to Facebook is … 621.5 to 1 more likely (for iTunes). Yes, there is certainly that simple fact that a download on Zune or iTunes doesn't mean a listen where a stream usually does – but the numbers are still pretty strong.

Positioning yourself in Facebook is not as easy as it may seem. A weekly Facebook user might have 5 pages of updates to catch up on and if you're anywhere but page 1, the chance of them catching up with you (especially interacting) are pretty thin. The only way to deal with this effectively is to repeat the same message over and over again, which of course, loses fans on a regular basis. As a result, you can only really effectively use Facebook to remind people that you are around and still exist. Disagree? – leave your comments below …

The Facebook Fan Page content is indexed by Google bit is, although true, hardly as effective as a Blog entry also indexed by the gMachine. I recently developed a bit of a feeding frenzy at my site on a particular topic and rank well in Google for the keywords – but the actually entry (if they click) through appears on a long page of links and content, about 3/4ths of the way down the page. The idea that someone will find what they're looking for at your Fan Page via Google Search is a long shot a best. The idea that someone might stumble across you page is there, but you better have an effective strategy of bringing them into your fold. If someone comes into the middle of your Fan Page – do they know the benefits of becoming a fan?

Finally, the “Fan Pages Don't Require A Facebook Account” is both blessing and curse. If they can get the content on your Fan Page without doing anything, why are they going to click to fan you? If they're not a Facebook user (there are a few left out there), why would they sign up for an account just to get your stuff? I'm already extremely selective about what pages I fan in Facebook as my social stream is already too cluttered as it is. The stuff I don't fan, I don't see.

I know we're all supposed to love the Facebook to death – and I do – but it ain't the same thing as we've had before. Make sure your strategy for this thing is more than a Fan Page – on account of everyone else having one.

Not too long ago, that's why we were on MySpace …

Thoughts / comments? Leave them below …

My Problems With WordPress

Update #2 – The Teleseminar is over. Link to the WordPress notes are here. If you would like a recording of the event, send a blank email to REMEMBER – CLASS CLOSES FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH, AT 5P EASTERN.

Update #1 – The interest in this event was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. You can stream/listen to it here live on 9/16/2009 at 5p Pacific. It will go about 90 minutes I guess.

As I write this post into a WordPress Blog, I have to tell you something, … I'm really frustrated with WordPress.

Don't get me wrong, I love it for what it is. I'm even spending money this month to attend an event for the main reason of meeting Matt Mullenweg later this month.

But the frustration is this … keeping up to date with WordPress – plugins, versions, updates, security issues, databases, etc., is more work than anything else out there. It's even easier to keep a stable copy of Windows running these days.

Yes, I know it's free and open source and wonderful (again, I'm using it right now), but it takes way too much time to maintain and, let's face it, you have to be a bit of a “geek” to keep it running.

For us technical types, that's fun, but for people like my Dad (making very decent money on his Gluten Free Celiac Web Blog by the way) it's a big of a pain in the butt.

Do we have alternatives? Yes. There's Squarespace. They ain't WordPress – but they're darn close and they keep track of all of that stuff. Throw in the fact that they host in the cloud and you've got some real insurance on your content being “up” when it really counts.

Yes, less plugins, themes, etc. Certainly a cost associated with. But, friends, THEY DEAL WITH THE TECH NONSENSE and you can focus on creating content.

And, sure, you could outsource management of your WordPress blog – but that will cost far more money than a SquareSpace account would, and you get none of the uptime benefits.

And, if you've been reading this blog for any time at all, you know where I believe the real money is.

So, that's my problem.

My friend and student Christina Hills thinks it's “worth it all.” She's currently running a class on running WordPress for yourself that will be going live this weekend. She asked me if I'd offer it to my list and I agreed – but only on this condition …

Christina needs to first defend the concept that WordPress is for everyone.

So, this Wednesday night at 5p Pacific, on a LIVE STREAMING AUDIO EVENT (you can listen on your phone – or I'll give you a Web page as well), I'll have Christina “prove” her concept.

If she does, I'll let her offer the class to you.

If she doesn't, she leaves without mentioning the link.

Fair enough?

Want to attend the event live (or get a recording after the event?), send a blank email to Our automated system will handle everything else.

Don't worry, we're fully Can Spam compliant and you can unsubscribe at any time with the simple click of the mouse.

I'd love your thoughts below – but if you want to attend the event, I need to you send that blank email to to get your access directions.

Why A “Free” MP3 Player And A “Hookup” Is Always Worth Considering

So today Russell Brunson launched his “Micro-Continuity” program by giving away a free (he really does just charge shipping and handling of less than $10) MP3 player filled with the audios from his recently sold out event on the same topic. Brilliant model.

In the very first recording on the player he tells a story of working in an all-night diner when a friend of his came in and begged Russell to give him free coffee. In return, the friend promised to “hook him up.” The friend left Russell with a ten dollar tip and Russell paid the buck for the coffee and pocketed a tip of nine dollars. Had he not told the friend “sure,” the tip would have been a few nickels at best. We all have that kind of friend and can identify accordingly.

In this jaded world of Internet Marketing, you have to grab someone's attention. A free MP3 player certainly does that.

Now you can probably guess the program after the free player. Russell “gives” a 14 day trial of his club and offers a few upsells and downsells. I'm sure conversion is great.

But here are the two elements of this program that I love:

I've been preaching the power of the pre-loaded media player for more than 3 years now. We did it with Podcast Secrets for the last three years to great success. It is a kick in the pants to see someone take it on such a significant launch. Face it, a FREE MP3 player screams “hook up” when in this New Media space the availability of free “valuable” content leaves few interested anymore.

BTW, if you do grab it, listen to the content before you erase the thing. Great stuff. Russell has an amazing mind.

The other element of a physical and virtual product offering with continuity in the back-end probably took Russell a great deal of $$ to pull off. We've had all that functionality in for some time now (for opportunities such as these). I have a feeling Russell's launch will help me sell more new users into Premiumcast than I'll ever direct his way.

I love this business.

We're in an experience economy whether we like it or not. Whereas I'd love the value of content to stand alone, people still love a physical shell wrapped around all of it. A delicate balance of the physical and the virtual is coming soon – look for it.

If you interested in this model and further thoughts on it, I've got a 10 minute video over here. Don't worry, though you don't have to pay to watch it.

I'll hook you up.

Why Twitter Matters (And Makes Me Money) – And Why So Many Miss It

I read with fascination a piece by old friend, mentor and (business) model Armand Morin entitled “Has Twitter Doomed Their Monetization.” Read it – great stuff.

Armand is a smart guy – a crazy smart guy. His “Big Seminar” event not only started the whole Internet Marketing “Event” business but it continues to run strong as all other simply build on it. Big Seminar XIII should be a fascinating event – but I digress.

Armand's article, in short, claims that Twitter's biggest problem is that it isn't a destination site. He stresses strong the point that YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO TWITTER TO USE TWITTER.

He's right.

He's dead on.

He couldn't be more correct.

Armand has made millions (and millions) online in destination sites – a web 1.0 model where you get people to come to your domain to do something that makes you money – it's the nuts and bolts of all things Internet Marketing but also commerce in general. I have nothing but respect for how well Armand has done doing just that.

Twitter has given us another option – and here's why …


I market all day long on Twitter. The different ways I do that is another book in content but in short, because YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO TWITTER TO USE TWITTER, I don't have to figure out ways to get my audience to visit my site to make money – I merely have to get them the information that makes me money.

Some get that information at They click on through – awesome.

Others get it on their phone. They also click on through – good too!

Others click on through using one of the 8 zillion “Twitter programs.” I think the idea is a bit crazy – but their clicks are as good as anyone else's.

And, oh yes, I track these clicks – they're good – all good.

Is my clickthrough rate on a Tweet higher than an email? Nope!

Do I “tweet” a lot more times per day than I send out emails? Yep!

Is that “the best” strategy? Time will tell.

I've seen over 300 clicks from Twitter today so far that will generate cash for me. Twould I have bought these via PPC, they would have cost me a little over $500.

Twitter matters a lot.

Now, I know Armand's piece was about Twitter's monetization problems.

It's actually even easier.

Twitter connects me with thousands of people who want to see my messages at the time, place, and device of their choosing. It doesn't get better than that. I can use those message to generate a revenue stream so the second Twitter asks me to to pay, … I will.

If they want to offer me “premium” options that help me do what I'm doing better … I'll pay.

And so will anyone who takes Twitter seriously.

That's why she matters.

Podcast As The Secret Weapon

And the final piece in the New Media Realities series is below. In this one I examine the Podcast As The Secret Weapon:

Let me give you the 50,000 foot overview: You can create content fast with the New Media Content Creation Model. Leverage Web 2.0 and you can achieve the ISYOT Effect. Let your content escape the computer and the Internet by leveraging the power of Podcasting.

Want more specifics? Join us for the Podcast Secrets 2009 Preview Call on Thursday night.

Would love your thoughts here – or at

Social Proof In 140 Characters Or Less – About The Podcast Secrets Twitter Contest (Free iPod Anyone?)

We're running a little contest at Podcast Secrets. In short, we're looking for a good old-fashioned social proof campaign via Twitter.

Funny thing was, I had on my to-do list, the need to come up with a top-ten list for Podcast Secrets. This way I kill two birds with one stone.

I'm pretty proud of this one.

Submit your Tweet, chances are still good – and everyone who makes the top ten gets a link to their Twitter ID in a lot of different postings.

I'll let you know the results when we're done. Not just the “who won” bit – but was it worth the $500 in iPod purchases.

Would love your thoughts below …

Podcast Secrets 2009 – Want To Be An Affiliate?

I'm getting a number of emails and DMs on the topic of being an affiliate for Podcast Secrets 2009.

In short, we'd love to have you on board.

However, there is one caveat. We want out affiliates to know what they are talking about with this product. We want them to be students of the class.

As a result, you can only be an affiliate if you are a student of the class. Them's the rules!

Paul, can I buy Podcast Secrets 2009 now and be an affiliate through this launch process? You bet you can. Leave a comment below accordingly and I'll have someone contact you.

The Offer I Made On Twitter – And What It Means To You

At 910pm last Tuesday night, I made the following Tweet

“Check this out – – enter “friendofpaul” in the coupon code box.”

It took me 13 seconds to write.

Did it “work?”

There were clicks, we know that. There are always clicks. More than a thousand? Nope. More than a hundred? You bet.

And yes, I checked, these were clicks from unique ips that weren't know robots. Real people clicks.

O.k., so there were clicks? Who cares. Were there conversions?


So, Paul, you're saying nearly one out of every 10 people who clicked bought from a Tweet you wrote in 13 seconds?

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

The experts are completely and totally right, you can't sell anything via Twitter. Don't even try it. Please let me continue to fall flat on my face with this one. There is no money in it. Enter cool person social media cliche phrase here.

P.s., what is means to you … a) you might want to consider the offer – it's a good one b) you can make sales by Twitter. it won't happen if you just sling deals at people but if you build a rapport with people who know, like, and trust you … 9% conversion on 13 seconds of effort.

p.p.s., 'nuff said. Or is it? Would love your thoughts …

PPC Classroom For Free … Fascinating … Here’s My Take

In about 20 minutes, they're giving away PPC Classroom for free. That's the DVD, the 9-module course, even a ticket to the event in Vegas.

If you grab a history search here at the Blog, you'll see I grabbed the course when it was a) at version 1 and b) a $1,200 program. Here's one posting on the topic. Heck, here's the PPC Classroom review I did at YouTube that has been viewed some 1600+ times.

But today he gives it away for free. You know how I feel about people giving away the farm. You know what I think about people undervaluing their content.

Is that what Anik is doing?

Or, … is it bigger than that?

The business reason given for this launch strategy – there is more money for Anik in the back-end of the monthly continuity program. It's plain and simple: give the razor away for free friends, and charge for the blades.

But, and this is important, the razor/blades thing only works if the razor/blades are something that people are looking for, want, and will continue to consume.

This is round 3 for Anik and the gang at PPC Classroom. They know what they're doing, they know what works, and they have a pretty good idea of what is going to work in the future.

This is going to be so much fun to watch.

Personally, in about 13 minutes, I'll be walking through the process myself to examine this model for myself – for the third time. Learning from masters, should always be this easy. Will I buy any of the additional offerings? We'll see what's in there.

In addition, I'm going to have to spend some time pondering a model where the original product is free – and all the money is made in the back-end. Anik isn't the only one who's been doing it / had success with it. He's just the one launching today.

Your take? I'd love to hear it.