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Let’s Talk About The Apple Let’s Talk Keynote (iPhone 4s)

iphoneAs always, we're enjoying the Liveblogs and Livestreams of pundits chatting the Apple announcements today. FWIW – top of the pack includes the Engadget Liveblog and TechCrunch.

Over 300 million iPods sold. Don't forget everyone, this is the device that started it all.

125% year after year growth for iPhone sales. The market isn't even close to being tapped.

“Consumers don't want tablets, they want iPads.” There it is.

250 iOS Devices. That's your audience. That's my audience. That's one heck of an audience. No wonder iMessage is part of the package. It's free MMS to a larger network than some phone companies have.

$3 BILLION paid out to developers. This is an economy that didn't exist a few years back.

Twitter integration. Twitter is official 5 times as important as it was before this annoucement.

Drops October 12. Guess I'll get some work done today.

Great question from the TWiT live broadcast – “Is it that Apple does great presentations, or that Apple makes products that make for great presentations?” (paraphrased).

Backup. This is going to do more for iPhone accessories than anything else. Think about it, no more need to connect it to your computer. A nice device upstairs that syncs (and plays audio) and you got what you need.

iTunes Match. Why won't anyone admit that this is pirated music amnesty? Funny thing is, I'll be doing it just to clean up the tags, artwork, etc. on my existing collection.

iPhone 4s. Hmmmm. If it's that much better, why not just go iPhone 5? My guess, iPhone 5 coming soon.

iPhone 4s deets. Faster chips only matter if you have something to do with the faster chips. World Phone – very nice … Faster connections – not really a big deal for me (and that ATT network). Better camera (1080p video too) – nice, but no reason to upgrade. No crazy new low price. 64 gig yet this focus on the Cloud. Hmmmmm.

Siri. This is big / important. Text messaging read and respond all with iPhone – very cool. Intelligent use in voice recognition – about time. Running your iPhone/iPad/iPod with nothing but your voice gets really really interesting. Will they open that up to developers? Will it tie into Tasks? Will they release it for the other iPhones? Will this be enough to get people to upgrade. Why won't it work on the iPad 2? Lots of questions here.

And there it is …

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So, your thoughts?