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iPad 3 Announcements And Tracking At Google Plus

So, it’s the big iPad 3 announcement day.

I’ve decided to get a little wacky here (and stay true to my no blogging concept) and put everything up at the (just created today) Paul’s iPad Page at Google+.

So, if you want to keep up to date with the iPad 3 content and information as it comes out, go ahead and head on over to the Google+ Page. Might as well circle that bad boy too.

Facebook Influence And The Best iPad Case Ever

First things first, I’m a big fan of Amy Porterfield’s FB Influence product. She knocked it out of the park with this one and I give it my highest recommendation.

Full disclosure – that was an affiliate link – but I think you’ll like what I’m doing with that link.

If you haven’t read my post yet on what I consider to be the best iPad Case ever yet, please take a look at that posting. Case For A Cause is a project near and dear to my heart.

So, in short, what I’ve done is this … if you pick up Amy’s FB Influence product through my affiliate link and send me your information (full details are on this page), I’ll send you one of the iPad cases with my affiliate commission payout.

Don’t have an iPad to put a case on? Get FB Influence anyway – it’s that good … but … as I suggest here, let me know and I’ll send a case to an influencer with an note saying it came from you.

How about them apples?

I hope you can buy a case and help us really launch this project. If my commission on Amy’s program is that way to make that happen, I couldn’t be more thrilled …

Best iPad Case – A Case For A Cause

Best iPad CaseIf you’ve seen me at an event in the last few months, chances are good you mentioned my iPad Case. I told you an announcement was coming. Here it is.

I’m thrilled to announce The first picture in this post will make sense in a minute.

When Joel came to me with the very iPad case he describes in the video below, I knew instantly we were on to something big. Now I have a bunch of boxes from Kyrgyzstan in my basement filled with artistry. “Small world” doesn’t even come close.

The iPad Case was hand made by artisans from the Tian-Shan mountains of central Asia and are hand-stitched by indigenous artisans. The iPad Case displays traditional Kyrgyz embroidery. All artisans are paid a fair wage to make each case, and the Issyk Kul Development Center is provided valuable funds to help their work of intervention, counseling, job training, and other programs to help these women gain hope and the possibility of a better future for themselves and their children.

What are some of these women facing? Try domestic abuse, human trafficking and forced prostitution. Every dime made from every iPad case sold goes right back to them.

The story of these iPad cases has everything I hold dear – entrepreneurship, beauty, tech, artistry, cause, intent, service, and gosh darn it, iPads …

So, first things first, I going to ask you right out to purchase a Case for Cause iPad Case. If you’re reading this, chances are good you have one.

Secondly, I’d love your help in promoting this. We’re not spending a dime on advertising so we need the social love to make these things happen. The Get Social page over at the site as all you need there.

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving here in North America. Friday many of us will go out and buy a lot of plastic crap.

Thousands and thousands of iPad cases will be purchased as well.

Consider purchasing one of ours instead.

If you can’t see the embed above, visit the project’s YouTube Channel for the full story of these wonderful iPad cases.

It’s been said in the video and all over the site – but I do want to stress that I’m not making a penny from this project. All time is donated and EVERY PENNY taken in minus shipping costs (no handling, that’s me and my kids ;-)) goes right back to this magnificent cause.

Amazon Kindle Fire Review

Facebook Marketing All In One For DummiesSo I got my Amazon Kindle Fire in the mail yesterday. While teardowns and the like report general unremarkable results, I’m going to argue with them and say that, for many, this is the Kindle we’ve been looking for.

First, in short, it does everything Amazon says it does – and it does it well. The bookstore is perfect, the video is crisp, the app store integration FINALLY GIVES ITUNES A REAL COMPETITOR, the web browser is fast enough (my iPad still beats it, even without Amazon Silk), the audio sounds great, it’s the whole package.

When the iPad first came out everyone said it was more of a consumption device than it was a productivity device. While in some ways I agreed (it was an issue of software, not design at launch), I can’t find a better term for the Kindle Fire than a media consumption device. If you’re looking to do any productive tasks on this device, a) it’s gonna be slow, and b) you’re missing the point of the device.

Kindle is all about consumption. Kindle is all about consumption. Kindle is all about consumption.

Amazon sells things that people consume. Their move to the digital realm of consumption not only makes sense financially but also kicks some serious butt in the delivery speed arena the whole green thing (lot less dead trees shipped by airplane in my Kindle copy of Facebook Marketing All-In-One For Dummies) In the digital realm, they sell books, video, apps, and music through a Web interface. The Kindle Fire delivers all of these perfectly.

As I shared in my initial thoughts about the Kindle Fire, my kids originally approached the concept with great interest. For them devices are for consumption and the laptop for creation. Both of them love the thing because “it does everything” – and they’re right, in the consumption realm at least.

Secondly, it’s solid. It “feels” great while not attempting to hope people won’t notice it’s not an iPad. I’ll be reading more books on this than anything else and can see dropping it in my go bag as I go on trips.

Finally, it’s a Generation 1 product. I can already list improvements (man, the Android world needs their version of AirPlay) that will probably be made in the future, but they’re, simply, improvements. Amazon got it right, on their first attempt. Great job.

Is it an “iPad Killer?” Nope. They’re not the same device. For people who bought the iPad only to play Angry Birds, read a few books and watch a few videos – this is the device for them.

If Apple plays to their strengths, they’ll continue to focus on the iPad as the tablet that it is. At $499 they better make sure it also enables media consumption (same is true of their desk/laptops), but that shouldn’t be the focus.

If Amazon plays to their strengths, they’ll continue to focus on the Kindle Fire as the media consumption device that it is. Try to make it something other than that and a) they’ll lose their profit center and b) they’ll lose their focus.

I’m thrilled with it. You?

For fun, here’s a quick embed of my Amazon Kindle Fire Unboxing. If you can’t see it below, the link will take you right to the YouTube video.

BlogWorld And New Media Expo East And West (Was Leaving Las Vegas)

If you haven’t heard the news, 2011 brings us TWO BlogWorld and New Media Expos – one in New York City and one in Los Angeles.

New York City is in conjunction with Book Expo America, the default/defacto ‘old school’ book publishing event for the world. The Los Angeles event is in Hollywood – the default/defacto center of ‘old school’ (Western) media.

We’ve come a long way from us all fitting in the Ontario Marriott Hotel Bar, haven’t we?

As can be expected with any event dedicated to Blogging and New Media (oh, wait a minute, this is the ONLY event dedicated to Blogging and New Media), there are some Blogger and New Media “experts” with complaints. They focus on the splintering of the audience and the expense of New York City.

Let’s hit these first.

Re the splintering of the event – not hard – come to both. If your New Media business is made on the connections you make at events like these (mine sure is), these events mean twice the connections. If you’re in this for the face to face time with the people that matter, come to both.

By the way, if you’re into this only for the training, rumor is they’re going to have some very cool options in that option as well. As much as I’d like to see you there, if you’re only attending for the presos, there are always much cheaper ways.

Re the expense of New York City – also not hard – Yup, she’s expensive. Maybe you should attend a few more sessions of the monetization track. My 72 year old Father not only had his first thousand dollar month last month from his blog but also DOMINATES several keywords in Google related to his topic and New York (especially after the Google changes last month). He’s seriously considering attending and writing the whole thing off. If my Dad can figure this out …

Here’s a great piece by Wade Kwon on deciding if you should attend.

The Book Expo America connection is amazing. The world of dead tree printing is watching our space like a hawk. Imagine how awesome this event will be. As I write this, Brendon Burchard’s Millionaire Messenger is currently #1 in Amazon. By the way, that number is just the after affects of a buzz campaign he started a few weeks back (the Amazon campaign actually doesn’t start until Thursday). Also charting is Vaynerchuck’s The Thank You Economy (currently in the top 200 in books) – and it doesn’t release until tomorrow. Yes, the Amazon links are affiliate links.

Yes, our two worlds are colliding.

Now, let’s talk Hollywood.

BlogWorld and New Media Expo Hollywood … things get really interesting there. When Apple releases their $500 HD video editing machine this Friday (iPad 2 with iMovie), it will only go further to prove what Hollywood already knows – they don’t hold the keys anymore.

Right now the stories that make the press are New Media types who get their big Old Media “break.” I predict very soon, we’ll be hearing stories of Old Media types getting their New Media “break.”

Adam Corolla misses his radio days, right? Poor poor Felicia Day can’t get work since Buffy so she’s slumming it on a Web Series (insert grin here). I could tell story after story after story.

As I’m sure could you.

As Kwon puts it, “the conference has grown up.” As much as I still look back at my high school days with fond memories (and more pictures than I’d care to admit exist thanks to Facebook), I like being an adult.

And I like the direction BlogWorld and New Media Expo is going.

How about you?

iPad 2 Details Over At

If you’re the type who enjoys announcement LiveBlogs and LiveStreams, we’ve got a list of our favorites at PaulsiPad. Should be fun to see what iPad 2 details are announced and released today.

In addition, I’m doing my own LiveBlogging of sorts at this article at PaulsiPad.

There are also, always, the usual favorites at Engadget and MacWorld.

Other than this, expect no specific iPad commentary here. We’ll, of course, chat about her impact on our industry but the tech stuff, if you will, is over at

Firesheep And Protecting Your Wifi Connection – A Few Thoughts And Best Practices

You probably already knew that wireless network security isn’t perfect. If you travel anywhere and use wifi anyplace other than your own home network (with all of the proper security elements in place), you need to take a look at this Wikipedia Article on the topic.

What does this mean to the non geek? Enter Firesheep, a FREE Firefox plugin that will allow anyone on an open wifi network to do some damage to anyone else on the same network silly enough to be surfing without some form of protection. Does Firesheep do anything new? No, it just proves how stinking easy it is to do some real damage on an open wifi connection.

What do I do about the whole issue? I use and their Personal VPN service. It’s just $40 a year and works on my laptop, iPad and iPhone.

A cheaper (free) option is Hotspot Shield. It’s a free (and reported Spyware/Adware free) program that works on both the Mac and PC. It’s provides a VPN without cost, but you do “pay” for it with a series of ads that they embed over your browser, etc. It could be worse, and you can’t beat the price – but the big issue is the face that it doesn’t provide an iPad, iPhone, or other portable device option.

Below is a video called “Firesheep And Wifi Security – What To Do And How To Protect Yourself” that I put together for eMarketing Vids. It puts pictures to the concepts. Click through if you can’t see the embed below.

What are you doing about Firesheep and/or Wifi security? I’d love your thoughts below.

Dead In 2010

I tweeted last week that “Acer Chairman says iPad impact not serious … then offers Easter Bunny job as Chief Strategy Director.” Apologies to the Easter Bunny in suggesting he’d take such a demotion but, … let’s face it, with the iPad, the Netbook is dead in 2010.

Today I sit in front of my new MacBook Air typing this in – and I realized something. She’s got no CD/DVD drive, no drives at all. The spinning disk is dead in 2010.

With announcements of “App Store” for Windows, Mac, Windows Phone 7 and more, I felt a bit sad as I put my iLife 11 DVD in my iMac (the Air came with it preloaded (w a USB Restore Key). I’ll never do that again. Shrinkwrap software distribution is dead in 2010.

This morning I sat on the exercise bike and chose from more shows than I could possibly want on my iPad through Hulu Plus and Netflix (delivered over ATT 3G none the less). I love the new show “The Good Guys” but couldn’t even tell you what night it is on (and I remain a TV junkie). Sure, I canceled Cable TV in 2007 but the family simply doesn’t miss it anymore. Yes, Comcast delivers the Webernet to my home but I got Clear and Verizon as options too. No, everybody doesn’t have as many choices, but we do have choices. The Cable Company as monopoly is dead in 2010.

Cali Lewis is at Revision3 and even Adam Curry has taken a “soft exit” from the company formally known as Podshow. Mevio, the company who first sold Podcasters of the dream of quitting the day job, is dead in 2010.

What else is dead in 2010?

What are you going to change in 2011 as a result?

iOS4 (iPhone OS 4) Thoughts

I have to admit the following – I spent the morning putting off the errands I needed to run because I knew the IOS update was coming. Yes, I’m that kinda geek. P.s., running errands with Pandora streaming in the background the whole time – priceless.

So, the new version of the iPhone OS is live. ARS has a great comprehensive review and RWW has a great piece on what runs on the different phones.

As fate would have it, I spent a great deal of time playing with this bad boy while in line at the AT&T store (on a billing matter). Kind of surreal, the whole process. Favorite moment was organizing my apps into folders while overhearing the AT&T sales dude explain that the new phones had “some folder thing in them.” … But I digress.

Here are the big deals for me.

Multitasking. Yes, I understand that this is only as good as the apps that support it, but even as a simple task switcher, this is really nice and elegant. As mentioned, running errands with Pandora streaming in the background is fun but the speed at which I now go back and forth between programs is awesome. And, there are a few more apps that I think make much more sense with this option. A world where Evernote, Simplenote and Skype are all there for me and are all running is an awesome world indeed. If/when 1Password is running, boooyaaahhh!

Folders. I have lots of apps. If you’ve read things this far, you do too. It’s nice to have them in folders that make sense. Minor in the functionality sense but pretty major for me in focus and organization.

Mail. Running a few different accounts through the same interface is extremely powerful. I probably will be redoing my mail strategy based on what I have now at my fingertips. Of course, it really becomes cool when my iPad is at IOS4, but that’s another post all together.

GPS in Multitasking. I don’t use GPS much on the iPhone because the single tasking stuff was just plain annoying. Folks would always call at the key times I needed to make the right turn at the right place. I can’t tell you that this changes much as I don’t know for sure, but I see that phone give me directions a lot more now …

Do you have it yet? What do you think?

Weekend Roundup: Unlimited Edition

This weekend I’m at Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy event. Unlimited potential in this room. I thought that would be my theme for this update.

I hope you have a weekend of unlimited potential – without the unlimited headaches.