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Let’s Talk About The Apple Let’s Talk Keynote (iPhone 4s)

iphoneAs always, we're enjoying the Liveblogs and Livestreams of pundits chatting the Apple announcements today. FWIW – top of the pack includes the Engadget Liveblog and TechCrunch.

Over 300 million iPods sold. Don't forget everyone, this is the device that started it all.

125% year after year growth for iPhone sales. The market isn't even close to being tapped.

“Consumers don't want tablets, they want iPads.” There it is.

250 iOS Devices. That's your audience. That's my audience. That's one heck of an audience. No wonder iMessage is part of the package. It's free MMS to a larger network than some phone companies have.

$3 BILLION paid out to developers. This is an economy that didn't exist a few years back.

Twitter integration. Twitter is official 5 times as important as it was before this annoucement.

Drops October 12. Guess I'll get some work done today.

Great question from the TWiT live broadcast – “Is it that Apple does great presentations, or that Apple makes products that make for great presentations?” (paraphrased).

Backup. This is going to do more for iPhone accessories than anything else. Think about it, no more need to connect it to your computer. A nice device upstairs that syncs (and plays audio) and you got what you need.

iTunes Match. Why won't anyone admit that this is pirated music amnesty? Funny thing is, I'll be doing it just to clean up the tags, artwork, etc. on my existing collection.

iPhone 4s. Hmmmm. If it's that much better, why not just go iPhone 5? My guess, iPhone 5 coming soon.

iPhone 4s deets. Faster chips only matter if you have something to do with the faster chips. World Phone – very nice … Faster connections – not really a big deal for me (and that ATT network). Better camera (1080p video too) – nice, but no reason to upgrade. No crazy new low price. 64 gig yet this focus on the Cloud. Hmmmmm.

Siri. This is big / important. Text messaging read and respond all with iPhone – very cool. Intelligent use in voice recognition – about time. Running your iPhone/iPad/iPod with nothing but your voice gets really really interesting. Will they open that up to developers? Will it tie into Tasks? Will they release it for the other iPhones? Will this be enough to get people to upgrade. Why won't it work on the iPad 2? Lots of questions here.

And there it is …

There are a few more thoughts over at PaulsiPad.

So, your thoughts?

My Business Card

My new business card is the same shape and look as the iPhone 4. There's a picture here in the post that shows what she look like.

Cool, eh?

Everything runs through Instant Customer, text, voice, email, web, etc.

It's an automated system that brings everyone, no matter how they connect with me, into the SAME funnel.

I can text those who like text, call those who want a ring, email when it makes sense, etc.

All in one simple place.

I'd love your thoughts on this one.

Verizon iPhone Details

Like most good geeks this morning, I read the liveblogs regarding the Verizon announcements. At the top of the list was Engadget's live reporting (they always do a killer job) and Techcrunch as they, like me are always interested in the business side of it all. Of course, if that's the focus, I guess we should point all the Wall Street Journal piece as well.

Long and short of it all. iPhone launches February 10 for Verizon at pretty much the same pricing and features as the iPhone on AT&T has right now. Same phone as AT&T too, just a special antenna for their network.

I say pretty much because it's got something very cool that AT&T doesn't have, and something very silly that AT&T is glad she doesn't have: On the upside of things, you've got a “personal hotspot” option that will let you make your Verizon iPhone into, yup, a personal hotspot. Very cool – Internet tethering on steroids. On the downside of the things, the Verizon iPhone uses CDMA technology which, among other things, means you can't do data and voice at the same time.

Yup, do something with data, phone rings, data stops on the new device. How very AT&T of Verizon. Sure technically, it's a limitation of CDMA technology but it just smacks of AT&T's initial launch of the iPhone on the Edge Network.

The iPhone 5 is going to come out this year and Verizon is selling a phone that can't do voice and data at the same time. Sure, insert the AT&T still hasn't figured out how to do voice joke here but, let's be honest, it's not the coup we were looking for.

So, should an existing customer upgrade? TNW says no.

I'm curious what you think …

Firesheep And Protecting Your Wifi Connection – A Few Thoughts And Best Practices

You probably already knew that wireless network security isn't perfect. If you travel anywhere and use wifi anyplace other than your own home network (with all of the proper security elements in place), you need to take a look at this Wikipedia Article on the topic.

What does this mean to the non geek? Enter Firesheep, a FREE Firefox plugin that will allow anyone on an open wifi network to do some damage to anyone else on the same network silly enough to be surfing without some form of protection. Does Firesheep do anything new? No, it just proves how stinking easy it is to do some real damage on an open wifi connection.

What do I do about the whole issue? I use and their Personal VPN service. It's just $40 a year and works on my laptop, iPad and iPhone.

A cheaper (free) option is Hotspot Shield. It's a free (and reported Spyware/Adware free) program that works on both the Mac and PC. It's provides a VPN without cost, but you do “pay” for it with a series of ads that they embed over your browser, etc. It could be worse, and you can't beat the price – but the big issue is the face that it doesn't provide an iPad, iPhone, or other portable device option.

Below is a video called “Firesheep And Wifi Security – What To Do And How To Protect Yourself” that I put together for eMarketing Vids. It puts pictures to the concepts. Click through if you can't see the embed below.

What are you doing about Firesheep and/or Wifi security? I'd love your thoughts below.

Using Pogoplug To Stream Music From Home To My iPhone 4OS Phone

I figured out something very cool today that works on my current iPhone 3GS and my Pogoplug.

As you can see in this video, I've got my iPhone running IOS 4 streaming music from home using my Pogoplug. Yes, I know we can do that with Pandora, but sometimes I like listening to my own music.

What's even cooler (watch until the end of the video), the music controls in IOS 4 – which you normally use to control the iPod player – can control the music on your Pogoplug.

P.s., you can also stream (in the background) on an iPad without having to switch to IO 4. Yes, you can't use the player buttons but it still works great. Article on that over at

P.p.s., I wrote this article on 6/23/2010. On that day, Woot was having a sale on a Pogoplug device that made the thing only $20. If you can get in on that deal, do so.

iOS4 (iPhone OS 4) Thoughts

I have to admit the following – I spent the morning putting off the errands I needed to run because I knew the IOS update was coming. Yes, I'm that kinda geek. P.s., running errands with Pandora streaming in the background the whole time – priceless.

So, the new version of the iPhone OS is live. ARS has a great comprehensive review and RWW has a great piece on what runs on the different phones.

As fate would have it, I spent a great deal of time playing with this bad boy while in line at the AT&T store (on a billing matter). Kind of surreal, the whole process. Favorite moment was organizing my apps into folders while overhearing the AT&T sales dude explain that the new phones had “some folder thing in them.” … But I digress.

Here are the big deals for me.

Multitasking. Yes, I understand that this is only as good as the apps that support it, but even as a simple task switcher, this is really nice and elegant. As mentioned, running errands with Pandora streaming in the background is fun but the speed at which I now go back and forth between programs is awesome. And, there are a few more apps that I think make much more sense with this option. A world where Evernote, Simplenote and Skype are all there for me and are all running is an awesome world indeed. If/when 1Password is running, boooyaaahhh!

Folders. I have lots of apps. If you've read things this far, you do too. It's nice to have them in folders that make sense. Minor in the functionality sense but pretty major for me in focus and organization.

Mail. Running a few different accounts through the same interface is extremely powerful. I probably will be redoing my mail strategy based on what I have now at my fingertips. Of course, it really becomes cool when my iPad is at IOS4, but that's another post all together.

GPS in Multitasking. I don't use GPS much on the iPhone because the single tasking stuff was just plain annoying. Folks would always call at the key times I needed to make the right turn at the right place. I can't tell you that this changes much as I don't know for sure, but I see that phone give me directions a lot more now …

Do you have it yet? What do you think?

Weekend Roundup: Fun Edition

This weekend is Father's Day … Next Thursday I stand in line to get my new iPhone 4 and then get on a plane for San Diego to present at a Traffic Geyser event. I fly home Friday night for the big Festival of Balloons in my neck of the woods. Fun.

Time for a weekend edition of fun:

Having fun yet?

The Rumors Of Podcasting’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated – But Her Maturity Is Sadly Ignored

Wizzard Media did 1.4 billion Podcast downloads in 2009 – up from 1.2 in 2008.

Video Podcast Network pioneers Revison3 did 1.5 billion minutes of video in 2009, up from less than 1 billion in 2008.

And the numbers keep going up.

Yes, there are some who prognosticate the death of Podcasting who say the numbers are going down or have reached their max. But, if you read the real numbers … the facts don't lie.

But, we need to be honest here.

These new numbers aren't from people getting that Podcasting religion. These are coming from iPads and televisions, apps and fan pages, streaming video embeds and on demand buttons. Many of our best audience members have never visited the iTunes Podcast Directory.

In short, people have no more of an idea that they're getting Podcasting content than they are aware of the codec that delivered them. They got the content the wanted they way they wanted the content.

Oh, and it just worked …

It just worked.

I had lunch today with someone who used to spend 5 figures a month to deliver a small percentage of the media content he's delivering today with S3. His bill last month was a “few hundred bucks.”

YouTube is now doing 2 billion view days as the standard.

I could go on and on – but I won't.

If you view Podcasting as anything other than a single part of a multiple-part wonder, your future is bleak.

If you understand just how much we have matured and what you can do about it, you are going to do very well.


Is Your Next Book An App?

I've been saying for a few years now that the real definition of Web 2.0 is “your content on your customer's terms.” Everything really comes down to that as far as I'm concerned.

Techcrunch recently published a piece that says that authors need to publish their “next book” as an App (instead of an iBook). Great read – do it now.

While I like the concept, I'm not sure if that's the direction. Perhaps the article should have asked if your next book should also be released as an App.

Yes, our content on your customer's terms means a book isn't enough.

But just an app isn't enough either.

Your stuff needs to be available on a dead tree edition, an instant streaming edition, a phone edition, a pad edition, a plastic disk edition, an audio edition, a video edition, etc.

If you've watched the whole Vook thing, you might be thinking it's the future. I'm calling it a gimmick. Show me any real content ONLY available on the VOOK format and I'll change my mind.

So, content creators, I'm gonna suggest this simple fact: your future requires that you create your content on as many formats and platforms as possible.

Your thoughts?

7 iPhone Apps That Make Me Money

I love my iPhone, but let me tell you something else … I can write this thing off on my taxes a dozen times over. A few of the apps on this bad boy make me money time after time and I thought I'd share them with you here. The links will open up iTunes if you have it on your computer.

Omnifocus. This is the ultimate GTD (“Getting Things Done”) App for the iPhone. It syncs with OmniFocus for Mac so I'm not sure how powerful it would be for a PC user. You make money by getting things done. This app helps me do just that.

Tweetie. Twitter apps are a waste of time. I've said it before and I'll say it again: you don't need a Twitter strategy, you need a microblogging strategy. Tweetie integrates with so I can UberSyndicate and UberPublish according to my profitable networks according to plan.

Facebook. I actually can't confirm that this makes me money yet, but with my focus on Facebook Fan Pages, I'm sure it will. Here's a Webinar I did on the topic if you are interested.

Analytics. If you know what's happening at your sites you can make the decisions that make you the money. Google Analytics is the default site tracking system (I remember when we had to pay for this stuff) and Analytics has a better interface to read GA's content than Google has ever provided. I can make decisions that make money because of this app.

iTalk Recorder. I've created Podcast (free and Premium) and product content on this thing time and time again. I know there are other recorders out there but for some reason, this one does it for me.

WordPress. I didn't write this article on the iPhone, but I have written a number of these posts on my iPhone.

Slydial. Sometimes, the worst possible thing you could do is get involved in a 2 hour phone call when you just need to leave some basic information for the person on the other end. Every time a make a Slydial, I get the job done.

What about you? One day I'll do a post on the cool iPhone apps but, right now, what's on your phone that helps you generate revenue?