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Update: The first App is live – iMTW

Just a little heads up. Over the next week or so I’ll be sending out some information re the program. This is my attempt at some laser focused iPhone apps that should be very interesting for those who think “access” is important.

Don’t mean to be too much of a tease, but I wanted you to be on the lookout.

New iPods Coming?

AppleInsider tells us that a new iPod lineup is coming very soon – 9/9/9 to be exact. Rumors they’re also “confirming” include some “social networking” features being built inside of iTunes 9.

Weren’t we “laughing” at Microsoft’s attempt to make the Zune social a few years back?

It all makes sense though – the camera and video features in the iPhone 3GS’s are screaming for an iPod Touch version (at the very least). I’m still amazed at ’em and haven’t pulled out my Flip HD since I got the new phone.

And, let’s face it, music and Podcasting is very social – despite how cool it is to laugh at Microsoft.

But speaking of Zune, although Microsoft won’t confirm anything officially at this point, Amazon is pointing to a September 15 release date for the Zune HD product – one week after Apple’s announcements.

Is this a pre-emptive strike from 1 Infinite Loop?

Actually, don’t care, … the cooler and cooler they make our devices, the better and better we are as consumers.

Regardless, I truly doubt the new iPods will have an HDMI out option.


WWDC 2009 Comments – Paul’s New Media Spin

As always, I geeked out and monitored the livebloggers during the WWDC event. Here are my comments accordingly (for the record, I monitored Geekbrief’s live stream, Engadget, TUAW, and Gizmodo):

  • Zune HD Jokes – haven’t heard yet, but you know they’re coming …
  • New Macbooks and pricing – all nice – but nothing revolutionary.
  • Snow Leopard – nice – but nothing revolutionary (don’t worry, I’ll be upgrading).
  • Quicktime – mixed emotions here. Sometimes I think they need to work on making Flash better – we just aren’t seeing the Quicktime streaming adoption I know Apple wanted. Some standards have just won …
  • Cali’s Occasional “Drops” – It takes a TON of power to livestream video – as cool as it is, I still don’t know if it is scalable yet. And, one day the cool folk at (and the others) are gonna look at their bandwidth bill and, … yeah.
  • iPhone 3.0 – The stuff that’s been reported on in the past – I won’t comment on here.
  • Rental and downloading of iTunes video content – very cool, Bout time.
  • Tethering – other countries get it – AT&T staying true to form.
  • Video streaming – cool, on a geeky level – but see note on streaming above.
  • In App Purchasing – this one is so huge. Examining the implications of this in Premiumcast something fierce. I know it has been brought up in the past – but killer.
  • Push Notification – How cool would it be to be able to push updates that a new episode of a Podcast is live?
  • So far – not so exciting. Give us something.
  • iPhone 3GS – speed, 3 megapixel camera, nice pics in low light, video (30 fps vga), voice commands, good pricing. Release 6/19.

Nice – but nothing making me run to the store. Video is great – but we’re in an HD world now …

Other thoughts? Comments?

Podcast As The Secret Weapon

And the final piece in the New Media Realities series is below. In this one I examine the Podcast As The Secret Weapon:

Let me give you the 50,000 foot overview: You can create content fast with the New Media Content Creation Model. Leverage Web 2.0 and you can achieve the ISYOT Effect. Let your content escape the computer and the Internet by leveraging the power of Podcasting.

Want more specifics? Join us for the Podcast Secrets 2009 Preview Call on Thursday night.

Would love your thoughts here – or at

ISYOT Effect – Who Else Wants This?

I love the ISYOT effect.

Forget being at the top of the results, BE THE RESULTS.

Would love your comments below:

iPhone OS 3.0 Update Thoughts

The iPhone has done amazing things for new media. They’re updating it to 3.0. Here are my thoughts as seen through the lens of Engadget and Crunchgear.

  • 13.7 million iPhones sold. Now that’s a market.
  • 25k apps and 800 million downloads from the store. Boooooyah.
  • Subscriptions coming. Told you. It is the model of the future.
  • Inside application ecommerce for the everyman. I thought it was going to be in iTunes – but even better here! You bet we’ll get that talking to Premiumcast.
  • Push notification. Dave, your Podcast is ready?
  • Hardware talks to iPhone. A true “portable” studio?
  • Cut and paste. Nice, but never was a deal killer for me.
  • MMS. About time. Always loved explaining to my friends with free phones why they can’t send pictures to my iPhone.
  • NO TETHERING. Bummer
  • Summer release. To be expected.

And, yes, we’ll be discussing these issues in Podcast Secrets 2009.

Macworld 2009 Keynote Notes

As always, I’m liveblogging the livebloggers. My favorites this year are Slashgear Live and the always well done Engadget Coverage. O.k., Gizmodo too. My thoughts below:

iLife09 – New features in iLife sound very cool (and I’ll be upgrading). iMovie looks like they’re bringing back some of the “older” features which is only good. It’s a powerful product and a good chunk of new media types don’t need the more expensive solutions (at least initially). The audio functionality and image stabilization will be welcome features indeed.

Twas frustrating to see no new Podcasting elements in Garageband 09 – not that I used previous versions to produce a single cast anyway.

iWork 09 makes me a little sad. Pages is what Microsoft FrontPage could have been. I guess that’s a past life though … will be interesting.

The new MBP is too big for me and travel but, wow, I love the 8 hour battery charge life.

iTunes Changes … 1) Pricing changes were inevitable. 2) More in the DRM free libraries were obvious as well. 3) Music store over 3G – very cool.

Now if they’d just lift the 10 meg limit on Podcasts over 3G.

Tony Bennet ends with “The Best Is Yet To Come.”

Somehow, I believe him.

I guess I’m off to the show floor now.

On the Apple Event Today And The Microsoft (Zune) Content Released Over The Weekend

So, the masses will be commenting (and how could I not join them?) on the Apple event throughout the day. Some of your best reports of the pure data comes, as always, from Engadget and Crunchgear. I, sadly, missed the live commentary from Cali at Geekbrief this year. Long story.

And of course, you can track the full details at Techmeme.

The buzz will, of course, push any of the Zune announcements out of the ‘Meme and further down the feed readers of many. I want to suggest that Microsoft’s third round is at least as exciting, if not more so, than anything announced by his Steveness today.

Disclosure: I spent yesterday at Microsoft (on their dime) getting briefed by the Zune team on all of the features coming out with the new Zune 3.0 software. The scheduled release is next Tuesday – but you know how these things can go. While at the Redmond Campus I took notes on my MacBook Pro and did a lot of work on my iPhone (much to the ribbing of a few in the room) during downtime. I consider myself an Apple Fanboy but absolutely prefer the best technology for the job. FWIW.

In a fun bit of synergy, the announcements from Microsoft and Apple actually have a lot in common: A) they’ve both updated their software (desktop and device) with an obvious focus on music and music discovery B) they both have some new hardware and C) they both made no announcements about Podcasting and New Media (minus the HD television show option which I consider moot as Xbox has been doing it for over a year now).

For the first time in awhile, this similarity in announcements allows for a real clean comparison between the two companies.

Lets talk about all three of these issues:

Music discovery in the software: As I flew home from Seattle today, I listened to “That Lucky Old Sun” from Brian Wilson on a first generation 8 gig Zune. Turns out I really liked it. I wouldn’t have purchased the thing normally but the Zune Pass option offered (at $14.99 a month) to Zune members allowed me to check it out, rent it, whatever you want to call it.

This isn’t a examination of the music rental or subscription model, it’s an examination of music discovery models. Yes, the new Apple iTunes will tell me what songs in my collection might sound better together (and I think) offer me a chance to buy some songs that might work as well but … I know my music collection – telling me what works together (in my collection) doesn’t matter to me at all. And in terms of, sure I can buy new stuff, a one hour playlist could be $20 that I’m not willing to spend at this point.

I guess I’m just not excited by a “Genius” that tells me what’s in my collection (I already know) and the idea of trying anything out at .99 cents a pop doesn’t do it for me either. I’ve been a huge fan of music subscriptions (even back to times when was a Spanish Website and Yahoo Music was yet considered a failure) because of this very issue. Of course, having to poke your way around Napster, Rhapsody, Zune or any of the other sites was never much fun (or that fruitful) – but the music discovery options on the Zune hardware and software make this very doable – and do I dare say exciting?

For pure music discovery or genius, I declare Zune the clear winner.

FWIW: My prediction is that you’ll be seeing a music subscription option from Apple very soon – the Genius option really doesn’t make much sense without it.

New hardware: Sorry, but the new Nanos look like someone in first year CAD class was assigned the task of “Appleing Up” the Zune 4 or 8 models. There’s really nothing exciting at all about the look – and let’s face it “Fatty Nano” was a bust. What about features?

The accelerometer in the Nano is very cool – but I don’t think the implementation is anything exciting at this point. One does have to wonder how the ‘shake to shuffle’ thing will affect joggers, but that is another story all together. That might excite me at some point – just not now.

In terms of Zune’s new hardware, there is nothing new at all (that I can tell) – just capacity upgrades. I do have a Black Zune 16 that I’ll do an unboxing of soon (we’ll put that up at but I don’t expect to see anything too exciting.

Is there a winner? I’ll give that one to Apple but only because I had to give it to someone.

New New Media / Podcasting announcements: This, obviously, is my passion, and this topic, obviously, was completely ignored by both parties. We can call it what we want and blame it on whatever we want but nobody said or did nothing.

For that category, I declare both companies losers in this one.

The world is changing. Even within the music space, the monoculture of “look, a new album by the Beach Boys guy” has it’s place but is quickly being replaced by the excitement that comes from getting a remix over the RSS feed from the latest Geoff Smith album. I understand the need to grab the low hanging fruit of Jack Johnson but the future of music and media (of which both companies are trying to dominate) is the non-traditional music and media.

And the one who dominates that …

Remember how Steve pointed out with a smirk that Zune is #4 in the player space and #2 is “other” … that other is a huge number and doesn’t just apply to device makers – it applies to content sources as well. The numbers are there and growing every day.

Apple has done a good job of corporate embracing and Microsoft’s support of the Podcast format (despite it’s sounding like an Apple trademark) is a great step in the right direction but both companies would do very well with a “one more thing” dedicated to their future.

And between now and then, make sure that the Zune Engine and Apple Genius Cloud recommend “That Lucky Old Sun” – it’s one of the better things “big music” has come out with in awhile.

Of course, that’s after they recommend Mr. Smith.

Regarding Apple And The Money “Lost” To ATT

Oh the buzz, the discussion, the “conversation” about Apple losing their revshare with ATT in order to get the iPhones out cheap.

Oh the buzz, the discussion, the “conversation” that ain’t happening about Apple about …

… an AppStore where Apple takes 30% of all sales. Some have projected a Billion dollars in a year. I wouldn’t go that far, but it is going to be very good for Apple.

(oh, and there is the whole AppStore revenue is worldwide for Apple – not just the U.S.A. with ATT)

… an estimated 30% of the songs, television shows and movies sold (can you say 5 billion songs so far and 50,000 movies a day?). Yes, I’d enjoy a slice of that pie.

So, Apple got someone else to pay the premium on a device that will make them much more money than the people paying the premium will ever see from the device.

Mix in with that a $199 iPhone and, wow … things are only looking up for Cupertino.

If you aren’t selling inside of that engine, one would have to ask “why?”

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WWDC 2008 – Covering The Livebloggers With A New Media Take

I love a good Jobs Keynote as much as anyone else does. I’m as big of a fanboy as the next guy and do plan one day to go to one of these events live.

And, yes, I’m following the livebloggers but … I’m trying to do the whole angle of a “new media” take on what’s happening – as the gear’s real “fun” is in the revenue it can help bring us new media types.

Here’s what I’m following:
Cali and Neal on Ustream. Just too much fun.

Engadget’s “live” Keynote Reporting. They always seem to get the good stuff.

Ars at WWDC ’08. The content from Ars Technica seems to be getting better and better. Note: First blog to go down.

Techcrunch’s “Let The Games Begin.” Their live coverage hasn’t been much so far – but they always have great content. We’ll see what they come up with.

And of course, as a good geek, I have to follow what’s happening up over at Twitter. I just can’t believe they’re gonna stay up through this.

But now … the content …

Actually, I have to start with my first statement.

Yes, in the grand scheme of things this is “big” but … it ain’t big in any “real world” numbers. The streaming, the blogging, the twitters, etc. – they can’t (infrastructure / not content) handle a Steve Keynote – how can we expect them to handle “real” media events. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Web isn’t for streaming … time shifted content is our future.

O.k., now the real content …

Three parts to Apple: Mac, Music/iPod/iTunes, and iPhone. This is good. Distinguishing Music/iPod/iTunes as a “part” of Apple means we can not have to worry about the whole Mac v PC thing. That’s good for all involved.

API stuff. The more they open to the world (not always the Apple way of doing things), the more us new media types can get in there.

The pirate audio feed from the WWDC. Without sounding too geeky, Nothing Can Stop The Signal. In short, you can’t beat ’em, you have to join ’em.

eBay applications on the iPhone. The site for the democratization of commerce is working with the iPhone. Important.

TypePad application for the iPhone. We all know what blogs have done for Podcasting. If TypePad has one, we’ll see one for WordPress before the end of the day?

The gazillion game demos. iPod is platform. I’ve been saying that for a long time. Actually, iTunes is the OS, iPod is the clients / iPhone is the client / Apple TV is the client.

Apple push notification service. Smart solution.

New iPhone features. The iWork and Office documents support makes a lot of sense.

Parental controls. We needed that. My kids play with my iPhone too much not to have this.

Personal iPhone application distribution. Sure, it’s being promoted as an “Enterprise Solution” but this will be leveraged for businesses. I can see some very cool new media applications here.

Mobile Me. Push email, contacts and calendars. Cloud computing is very cool – but part of Podcasting’s future – no doubt at all.

3G iPhone. Much faster new media delivery. Battery life very impressive too – 7 hours of video / 24 hours of audio / 5-6 hours of 3G browsing. Nice portable media player. iTunes is the OS / iPhone is a client people. $199 to $399 for price points. Availability for a good chunk of the world. Rollout July 11.

There is. I’m sure I’ll have some more commentary later – but let’s get this out.