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VidSummit 2017 – My iTunes Charting Presentation (And Everything Else)

To grab the slides from my VidSummit 2017 presentation, AND the bonuses I promised during the presentation, please click the button below.

And since I used the same web address for both years, my 2016 slides will also be part of the pack.

Thanks VidSummit for inviting me back !!!

I was thrilled and honored to be asked to present at VidSummit 2016 on the topic of Multicasting. I’m writing this from my room at the hotel after meeting a few great folk at the initial networking party.  This is going to be a great time.


If you click the red button above I’ll send you the slides, and the eventual video from this event, and, most importantly, the stuff that didn’t make it into the presentation.

Because trust you me this – there is a lot. 

Tacos …

How To Stream Video Live 2016 – Now Available

The big announcement was yesterday and we made it to #1 at Amazon. So thrilled and so happy that my audience is so loyal.

You can grab your copy today –

Learn how to use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to reach your audience RIGHT NOW with live streaming video.

Live internet video is easy to implement, usually free to use, and is here to stay. It is now a major player in both social media and online marketing and you don’t want to be left out.  Social networks and online publishers like YouTube and Facebook, have partnered with the likes of Periscope, Livestream, and others to bring live, interactive video to audiences in the billions.  

Expanding your reach with live Internet video is a two-step process: 1) understanding the technology that makes it possible and 2) leveraging the time-tested truths of marketing and social influence that drive real results.

This book will help you to do both.

How To Stream Video Live

I’m working on a new book – How To Stream Video Live. You can currently pre-order it at Amazon here –

The live video space is getting really interesting and potentially very powerful – far past the nerdluv element of look at me live on the Internet from my phone.

I believe Live Internet Video is going to be a key player in online media and Internet marketing.

More to come, keep watching this space.

I’ll be doing a series of Free Webinars to lead up to this and here is the first one:

Free Google Hangout On Air About Google Hangouts On Air

Free Google Hangout Training With Paul ColliganNext week we’ll be going a special Google Hangouts On Air about, get this, … Google Hangouts on Air.

If you’d like to be notified by text when we go live, please text “LIVE” to 58885.

I’ll also text you when the replay is available.

If you have one of them Smartyphones, you should be able to click right from the text to the Live Event. How cool is that?

If you have any questions you’d like to see covered, go ahead and leave them below. Can’t promise I’ll answer everything, but let’s do what we can here, eh?

Ustream Watershed As A Training Platform – Pay For Less

We’re about half way through Podcast Secrets 3.0. It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve learned a lot in the process.

One of the big things we’ve done differently this year is move from audio only training to a weekly hour of streaming video for the members. It’s a new model for me in terms of content delivery and I think, conceptually, that I like this process. I’ll be doing more of it in the future. It’s a good thing to be able to rally your crowds before you send 5 hours of content their way.

I chose the uStream Watershed platform to deliver this stuff for a number of reasons. The biggest two issues were that I love the functionality uStream gave on the free side – and I loved even more the Producer app on the free side. Price was fine with my profit margins so I went ahead with a name I trusted.

Imagine how much more one would get when one pays for it …

Uh, no …

In short, no Producer with uStream Watershed and a bunch of the interactive functions you get with the paid version is not included in this release.

Yes, with free you get more functionality.

What it does, it does fine, but it’s just kinda silly that it doesn’t do more.

I’m ready to pay you more money Ustream and I’m ready to recommend that others do the same but before I pay for services, could you at least move the services to the level of what you’re already giving away for free?

I mean, it does work, works great – I’d just like to do more.

Will you let me, Ustream?

I know freemium is still a really cool model in the valley but the part of freemium that too many forget is that, when all is said and done, you do eventually have to charge somebody at some point.

I hope my readers won’t make the same mistake.

Google TV – What It Could Mean

I finally got my mind around Google TV and what it “means.”

And it is big.

First of all, it is real competition in the “Internet video on your television” space. With Apple TV admitting being nothing but a hobby and everyone else caring about their efforts with the same passion BP seems to care about plugging the leak, it’s easy to see why we’re getting nowhere in this space. I’ve written previously about the Roku box and Boxee’s plans but what really has happened in the last 6 months, year?

With Google taking this space seriously, we’re finally going to see some passion and growth past what we’re seeing right now. And, with their war chest, this nonsense with Hulu blocking Boxee type situations will be met with a legal war chest that can make things happen. Competition is a very good thing.

But, more importantly, we’ve got another issue at play that is even more vital.

Google in this space represents a true convergence box. This is the “old and new media playing together” dream we’ve had for years but have never seen delivered. I have in my basement plenty of boxes that put obscure Internet video on my screen and I have owned / seen / been briefed on / and have beta tested an equal amount of boxes that place nice with “old media” over the intertubes. The Xbox doesn’t do YouTube (let alone a decent Podcast option) and the Apple TV is as walled as a walled garden can get (even to the point of making it too weak to stream Flash well). When we talk about Tivo or traditional cable boxes, I just have to shudder. fILS and Twitter – silly – nothing else.

Boxee is the best hope in the underdog category (and I applaud Avner’s statements that they can work in a Google TV world) but even their approach to stuff puts a line between the two worlds. A new episode of Burn Notice goes right into my queue but the latest episode of The Totally Rad show does not. It’s just not “all coming together” the way it is supposed to … Yet. Roku is nice for what it does but the channels that aren’t there don’t appear to be coming.

At CES this year I got really nervous watching boxes from the “big names” designed (I believe purposely) to squash out the new media space. Sure, they were still lousy, but they were the only element seeing growth. And they might grow into something acceptable before we get our butts in gear.

Google TV can change this. The commercials speak of a world where the Web and Desperate Housewives can live in peaceful harmony and I’m betting my future that the box that let’s them is the box I want to get behind. Google has the war chest and moxie this space needs.

And they have my full support.

Do they have yours?

Oh yeah, their ownership of YouTube is key too :-).

Weekend Roundup: New Ways To Think About Internet Marketing Edition

Are you noticing the trend of more “realistic” views on the whole Internet Marketing thing?

yeah, realism, it’s the “new black.”

iPad Pre-Order Live At Paul’s iPad

Update: iPad Pre-order Video At YouTube.

With all the excitement about the iPad Pre-Order options tomorrow, I thought I’d do something fun. As we all know, the pre-ordering starts 530a Pacific / 930a Eastern – but we don’t know …

Will there be limits on orders?

Will the Apple Servers be able to handle the traffic?

Will they throw any surprises our way?

So, we’re getting up early tomorrow at Paul’s iPad to Livestream the Pre-Order process. Join us?

Yes, I’m sure we’ll have a replay soon afterward – but there’s nothing like live …

Again, here’s the link to the Live Stream (we’ll start around 515a Pacific).

New Media Content Creation Model – Currently In “Alpha” …

I have updated my thoughts on my “New Media Content Creation Model” to 2.0 status. I’m calling it 2.0 “alpha” because I’m looking for commentary from you.

Click here for the New Media Content Creation Model video at

Please leave your thoughts accordingly.

I’ve got a Twitter Hashtag for the meme – #NMCCM and would appreciate at retweet or an embed of the video file. This is a discussion that will be very good for all of us.

My Roku Box Obsession

In recent news, Roku really wants to run other people’s content (OPC) through their $99 box.

Mark my words, when we have a $99 box that plays Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and a few others (Revision3, get on the box), people will start canceling their cable in droves and this crazy Internet Video thing will start ‘taking off.’

Does anyone reading this have any experience in the Roku API, etc.? How hard is it to get you content on this $99 box?