Big Seminar 12 – Which “Guru” Do You Want Live?

I’m heading out to Big Seminar 12 in a few days. It will be great to catch up with old friends.

I’ll have my iPhone with me, a backup battery, and a running copy of As a result, I’m ready to stream at a moments notice.

If I could grab any of these gurus (and I will have access) and ask them any question live, what would it be … ?

  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Eben Pagan
  • Michel & Sylvie Fortin
  • Stephen Pierce
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Jose Espana
  • David Hancock
  • Joe Polish
  • Kirt Christensen
  • Alan Forrest Smith
  • Armand Morin

My live connection is below, but you can also subscribe by RSS.

So, seriously, who do you want me to “grill” and what do you want me to ask them? Leave your comments below!

What I Learned From The Stompernet Live Stream

Update: If you click over to the Stompernet STSE free launch, they’ll take your email address and notify you when all is well with the server. This won’t put you on any list – just the update notification process.

It has been a fascinating day. I started it by dropping off my youngest at Kindergarten and I end it with this Blog post. It twas, however, the stuff in the middle I want to write about.

As per my previous blog post, the plan today was to “cover” the Stomping the Search Engines 2 launch.

Yes, that was the plan … 45 minutes max I was thinking …

After 150 minutes online waiting for the launch to happen, I decided to close down shop. Actually, it was to pick up my youngest from her first day at Kindergarten as mentioned above.

Along the way though I learned a few things. I thought I’d share them here:

  • A 30 minute setup is way too much setup. Even if the site went off live without a hitch, my adlibbing for 30 minutes wasn’t needed. The Internet is a media of immediacy and we need to respect that fact.
  • Live streaming of the desktop isn’t ready for prime time yet. It’s just the nature of the beast that we’re dealing with right now. If you’re going to stream the desktop through something live Ustream, 200×240 pixels max. If you want more, use a Webinar product or service.
  • Switching your own show from your desktop while trying to provide content is probably too much for most. It sure was for me. I’ll get better at this but a traditional “producer” or “director” might be the type of thing I/we need.
  • One step ahead, you’re a visionary – two steps ahead you’re a martyr. I can’t think of a new massive launch or a stream that has worked as planned the first time around. If you’re gonna be first (and big), things are gonna go wrong and take much longer than it should. You might want to be prepared for that – and then a few hours or days to your plan.

I had a fun time today and for those who joined me online in the craziness, I thank you for keeping me company. For Andy and the team, thanks for being willing to be so different that their simply isn’t anything in the playbook to run by.

One last comment: Everything that happened today says nothing about the Stomping the Search Engines product and the Net Effect magazine. You want this product and the price is undeniably amazing.

I just hope maybe I taught you something here to hold you over until you receive your copy.

Tracking The Stompernet Launch On The New Media Matters Show

As I’m sure you’ve been hearing buzz about around the new, Stompernet is launching something very cool this Wednesday. It’s a game changer on multiple levels – and just deconstructing this launch would give anyway a serious boost in their online know how.

I, of course, am taking a different handle on this.

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 2nd) at 2PM Pacific, I’ll be detailing my plans on a special edition of the New Media Matters Show. If you’ve got questions, or want the real scoop on the Stompernet Stomping The Search Engines product, attend live. I think you’ll enjoy my “take” on the whole thing – and a little something extra I thought up ….

And then, 30 minutes before the launch on Wednesday, we’ll turn on the cameras again and watch the launch. Will the servers go down? Is the deal really worth it? What else did they throw in, etc. Enjoy the launch with a bunch of friends.

You can tune in here live at the Blog (on this post) or visit –

Important Future Trend – Video Templates

Enjoy this video embedded from YouTube:

I did the whole thing in less than 15 minutes. Used the painstakingly simple iMovie 08.

I used a template – a template from these guys. Dirt cheap.

Most of you know that I made my first round of money online in the world of Web Templates. This is the next thing – Video Templates. The smart people here have produced a set of templates for all sorts of industries (click through to see the examples) for a dirt cheap price. Just go in, add your info, and you’re good to go.

As the sample above shows.

In terms of application – don’t just think YouTube Videos here …

Think Video Podcast Intros.

Think video intros from a slide show before you come on stage.

Think video intros for live streaming programs over UStream.

The list of possibilities should boggle your mind.

They sure have mine.

Don’t Listen To Me, Listen To Vint Cert – Can You Handle His Truth?

A few months back I wrote that “You Can’t Handle The Truth” (about Podcasting). The general gist of the article was streaming isn’t our future, downloading content is. As sexy and as exciting at streaming is, dear friends, I still believe (scratch that, common sense dictates that) it “doesn’t scale.”

Vint Cert, “Father of the Internet” (of whom I’ve dug for a long time) and “Chief Internet Evangelist” over at Google says pretty much the same thing (with a bit more wisdom) in a video piece over at In a very logical discussion of where the Internet is going, he explains why he feels most video content will be downloaded in the future.

Great stuff, take a look.

This is a very important issue that New Media types need to pay attention to. Developing for a streaming world is very different than developing for a downloading world. There are concerns for each and as we plot out this future, let’s do it in such a way that it, well, actually matches our future.

And our future – the media you want, when you want it, on the device you want it on.

No, you can’t control every aspect of that process – but that kind of complete control simply isn’t in our future.

We need to get over it.

If you don’t want to listen to me, listen to Vint Cerf.

Who In This List Of Thought Leaders Do You Want To Hear Most And Why? Win Free Access To The Social Media Telesummit!

This started as a Tweet, but I decided to kick it up a notch.

I’ve written a few times about The Social Media Telesummit. I’ve already written that the model is killer but, I can’t stress enough the smart people associated with this group.

I want to know who in The Social Media Telesummit that you would want to hear the most and why. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

I’ll pick one posting at random and buy them “A” level access to the event.

P.s. Entries that pretend I’m the one they’re looking forward to the most will be disqualified.

Let the comments begin …

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Next (Live) New Media Matters Show – Wednesday, January 9th – Topic Is: Podcasting and CES Roundup

The next (live) New Media Matters Show is scheduled for January 9 at 7p Pacific, 10p Eastern. As always, the recording will be available soon after the event and delivered to subscribers via Podcast but I wanted to give you some opportunity to interact with the show.

First of all, you can listen live (no registration required, just click the flash play button) here:

You’ll notice there are several streaming options. We’re using for this process and are pretty thrilled with it.

You can submit questions for the show at the New Media Matters site. We also have the option of calling in voice mail with questions about the topic at hand at 206-350-2449.

We’ll play some of the comments and questions on the show if appropriate.

The topic for next week’s show – CES and Podcasting 2008 Roundup.

I’ll be talking about CES from the point of view of the Podcaster and answering some questions that have come in lately about Podcasting in general. We are getting near Podcast Secrets season again, you know.

If you have questions about CES or Podcasting, feel free to contribute through the options listed above.

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Next “New Media Matters” Beta Show Tonight – 7p Pacific Streaming Here Live

Update: Show Is Over – Subscribe To Get The Recording

This just added – Lee Gibbons from Podango will be joining us as well.

We’re doing another beta run of the “New Media Matters Show” tonight at 7p Pacific / 10p Eastern.

The topic – “Podcasting Trends To Watch For 2008.”

The guests – Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting, Jason Van Orden of and Tim Bourquin of the New Media Expo.

Listen to the live stream here (via our good friends at and submit any questions below.

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Teleseminar Obsession Content Available (Thanks To Parkinson’s Law)

82 minutes ago I went online with a bunch of Webinar types wanting to hear about my Teleseminar Obsession. It went well and we even raised some money for the project.

The audio is now online via a Premium (free, but Premium) Podcast over at How did I get something like that out so quickly? I was under a time limit.

The paragraph version (and some insight into my mind) of the content I gave is as follows: Parkinson’s Law dictates that if I do my content creation in front of a live audience at a scheduled time (i.e., a teleseminar) I can choose how much time it takes me to create the content (i.e., SPEED THINGS UP). I create my best New Media content in front of a teleseminar audience and just shoot it down as many channels as possible when I’m done (like that link above). The Teleseminar Secrets program I keep obsessing over is the best place to learn content creation, audience building and content monetization. Combine that with the Podcast channel and we got something very interesting (and profitable) indeed.

If you’re interested in how that all fits together, do subscribe. If the above explanation was enough, glad I could help.

The MP4 is encoding, I’ll add it to the feed a bit later tonight (after I do another bit of content creation via Webinar leveraging Parkinson’s Law to make it all happen quickly.

Yes, I’m having for fun than should be allowed. Thanks for coming on this ride with me.

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New Media Matters Show Tonight – Podcasting And The Zune

Tonight (11/14/2007) @ 7p Pacific / 10p Eastern, it’s another beta run of the New Media Matters Show.

The Topic: Zune and Podcasting.

The guests: Rob Greenlee (Podcast Programming & Marketing Lead for the Microsoft Zune), Stefan Shipman of and Jacket Black of the Zune Brothers.

Please join us live to ask Q&A during the call.

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