Why A “Free” MP3 Player And A “Hookup” Is Always Worth Considering

So today Russell Brunson launched his “Micro-Continuity” program by giving away a free (he really does just charge shipping and handling of less than $10) MP3 player filled with the audios from his recently sold out event on the same topic. Brilliant model.

In the very first recording on the player he tells a story of working in an all-night diner when a friend of his came in and begged Russell to give him free coffee. In return, the friend promised to “hook him up.” The friend left Russell with a ten dollar tip and Russell paid the buck for the coffee and pocketed a tip of nine dollars. Had he not told the friend “sure,” the tip would have been a few nickels at best. We all have that kind of friend and can identify accordingly.

In this jaded world of Internet Marketing, you have to grab someone’s attention. A free MP3 player certainly does that.

Now you can probably guess the program after the free player. Russell “gives” a 14 day trial of his club and offers a few upsells and downsells. I’m sure conversion is great.

But here are the two elements of this program that I love:

I’ve been preaching the power of the pre-loaded media player for more than 3 years now. We did it with Podcast Secrets for the last three years to great success. It is a kick in the pants to see someone take it on such a significant launch. Face it, a FREE MP3 player screams “hook up” when in this New Media space the availability of free “valuable” content leaves few interested anymore.

BTW, if you do grab it, listen to the content before you erase the thing. Great stuff. Russell has an amazing mind.

The other element of a physical and virtual product offering with continuity in the back-end probably took Russell a great deal of $$ to pull off. We’ve had all that functionality in Premiumcast.com for some time now (for opportunities such as these). I have a feeling Russell’s launch will help me sell more new users into Premiumcast than I’ll ever direct his way.

I love this business.

We’re in an experience economy whether we like it or not. Whereas I’d love the value of content to stand alone, people still love a physical shell wrapped around all of it. A delicate balance of the physical and the virtual is coming soon – look for it.

If you interested in this model and further thoughts on it, I’ve got a 10 minute video over here. Don’t worry, though you don’t have to pay to watch it.

I’ll hook you up.

Why Twitter Matters (And Makes Me Money) – And Why So Many Miss It

I read with fascination a piece by old friend, mentor and (business) model Armand Morin entitled “Has Twitter Doomed Their Monetization.” Read it – great stuff.

Armand is a smart guy – a crazy smart guy. His “Big Seminar” event not only started the whole Internet Marketing “Event” business but it continues to run strong as all other simply build on it. Big Seminar XIII should be a fascinating event – but I digress.

Armand’s article, in short, claims that Twitter’s biggest problem is that it isn’t a destination site. He stresses strong the point that YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO TO TWITTER TO USE TWITTER.

He’s right.

He’s dead on.

He couldn’t be more correct.

Armand has made millions (and millions) online in destination sites – a web 1.0 model where you get people to come to your domain to do something that makes you money – it’s the nuts and bolts of all things Internet Marketing but also commerce in general. I have nothing but respect for how well Armand has done doing just that.

Twitter has given us another option – and here’s why …


I market all day long on Twitter. The different ways I do that is another book in content but in short, because YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO TO TWITTER TO USE TWITTER, I don’t have to figure out ways to get my audience to visit my site to make money – I merely have to get them the information that makes me money.

Some get that information at Twitter.com. They click on through – awesome.

Others get it on their phone. They also click on through – good too!

Others click on through using one of the 8 zillion “Twitter programs.” I think the idea is a bit crazy – but their clicks are as good as anyone else’s.

And, oh yes, I track these clicks – they’re good – all good.

Is my clickthrough rate on a Tweet higher than an email? Nope!

Do I “tweet” a lot more times per day than I send out emails? Yep!

Is that “the best” strategy? Time will tell.

I’ve seen over 300 clicks from Twitter today so far that will generate cash for me. Twould I have bought these via PPC, they would have cost me a little over $500.

Twitter matters a lot.

Now, I know Armand’s piece was about Twitter’s monetization problems.

It’s actually even easier.

Twitter connects me with thousands of people who want to see my messages at the time, place, and device of their choosing. It doesn’t get better than that. I can use those message to generate a revenue stream so the second Twitter asks me to to pay, … I will.

If they want to offer me “premium” options that help me do what I’m doing better … I’ll pay.

And so will anyone who takes Twitter seriously.

That’s why she matters.

Podcast As The Secret Weapon

And the final piece in the New Media Realities series is below. In this one I examine the Podcast As The Secret Weapon:

Let me give you the 50,000 foot overview: You can create content fast with the New Media Content Creation Model. Leverage Web 2.0 and you can achieve the ISYOT Effect. Let your content escape the computer and the Internet by leveraging the power of Podcasting.

Want more specifics? Join us for the Podcast Secrets 2009 Preview Call on Thursday night.

Would love your thoughts here – or at YouTube.com.

The New Media Content Creation Model

One of the things we’ll be examining in Podcast Secrets this year is the New Media Content Creation Model. It’s an empowering little concept that makes it much easier to create New Media content than ever before.

Enjoy this YouTube Video below – yes, … created utilizing the New Media Content Creation Model.

Make sense? Think you can do this? I’d love your thoughts on this concept.

Marketing Online Live 2.0 …

It’s been a long time coming but Marketing Online Live is back – and this time she as at the “2.0” phase. I couldn’t be more thrilled. iTunes reflects the new look (we’ll see how long the other sites take to catch up). What’s “different” in this 2.0 release?

  • We’ll be doing some dynamic ad insertion. Not really for the cash, but to give our students in Podcast Secrets a lesson in how that part of the story works (and show what kind of stats are possible). Our platform? Libsyn Pro.
  • Show is now 10-minutes long. If we go over, we chop into multiple parts.
  • Show will be delivered every Wednesday at 8a Pacific. Hold us to that one.
  • New Website. This one ain’t live yet, but you’ll see her soon.
  • Premium Option. Yes, we’re introducing a low-price Premium Option for the show.
  • Oh yeah, EVERY WEEK. 52 shows a year.

Episode 1 (and 2) were taped via a phone bridgeline – but that won’t be the standard. Of course, keeping with the 52 shows a year schedule, we might just have to do that every once in awhile.

Formula5Now.com Marketing – HD Video Teasers Straight From Hollywood – The Game Changes Again

Visit Formula5Now.com right now. You don’t need to opt-in or anything to experience most of what I’m writing about here.

First of all, check out the HD video teasers straight out of Hollywood. Notice how, like a good Hollywood teaser video, they tell you nothing about the product (or movie), just illicit emotion and get you curious. It sure sold that Dark Knight movie.

Notice, too, that they’re in HD. The days of Internet Marketers who attempt to sell with nothing more than a Webcam are pretty much over.

Secondly, check out the packaging tease at the top of the page. I got Stomper to send me one (as soon as I get, I’ll do an HD unboxing) and it promises to be in the same vein as an iPhone unboxing – not the typical shrinkwrap and peanuts one normally gets.

Nice to see them kicking that issue up a notch as well.

You’ll need to opt-in to Formula5 to get the third thing worth noting but they’re offering everyone a free recording of the original Formula5 speech that kicked off this whole project. Powerful powerful stuff that, if implemented, will have some powerful impact on any business that acts accordingly. The “free line” has given long videos before – but this one is the most valuable piece of free content I’ve seen given away yet.

We’ve been talking a long time about the maturing of this space. Formula5 sets the standard very high.


Video – Paul’s New Media Creation Model

I thought I’d try my first hand at a YouTube.com Widescreen Screencast. With Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets 2009 Preview Call happening tonight, I thought I’d explain my take on “new media” creation and how the “smart” model is in creating your content at a live event. The first 5 minutes is me working through a mindmap that should be very powerful for any content creator – period.

I say a few words about why I think you should attend Alex’s TSS Preview Call and how it fits into the grand scheme of things. The link again is, …


BudUrl.com – Why You Should Keep Your Eye On These Guys

I wanted to give you a heads up to a very cool program/product BudURL.com. At a quick glance, they might seem like your “average” URL shortener but … watch the embedded video below:

For those who can’t see the embedded video in their RSS feeds, here is the BUDURL.com video on YouTube, Yahoo, MySpace, Metacafe, Google, Revver, AOL Video, DailyMotion, Blip.tv, Veoh, Crackle, Stupid Videos, Sclipo, Viddler, Howcast and 5min – take your pick on how you want to view it.

in short, the program let’s you “shorten” a long URL (in the video, the example was the Blog post previous to this one) and get tracking on where that URL is being clicked.

These kind of metrics are a goldmine to anyone paying attention online. As one of my readers, I know you are salivating at this point.

The team assures me that deeper and more advanced metrics are coming and that a new paid version will make us very happy.

I say keep your eye on these guys for 2 reasons: 1) This is a killer product and 2) They’re actually going to charge for this thing so it has a chance of actually making it.

They even Twittered this one:

New features are coming this week. Lots of updates before month-end. Official “trials” begin Nov 1. Paid accounts mid-Nov. Thx!!!

Actually guys, thank you.

Is PPC Classroom (Or Any Other Product) Worth The Money – A Must Read …

Update – Friday (10/17) Noon Eastern to Saturday (10/18) Noon Eastern Anik has a crazy little bonus scheme attached to the product. Take a second look.
Follow me all the way through on this one – even if you would rather die than buy a training product online.

The story so far – I’ve been promoting Anik Singal’s PPC Classroom Version 2 over the last few days. I think it’s a great product and am thrilled to put my name behind it.

I got an email yesterday that asked the following:

why has it gone from 4 figures to 4 pizzas?

what is google now doing that’s countering this strategy but hasn’t taken affect yet?

if Amit sells 2M of these at $77 how does that affect what the market does?

I loved this email because I know it represented what a LOT of people were thinking or wondering. If you don’t eat/sleep/breath this stuff like I do, I can’t expect you to do anything but ask a question like that.

I tried a bit to answer (and explain) that question about PPC Classroom during the first part of today’s New Media Matters show. The video is embedded below:

But the more and more I think about it, the more and more I want to say a few more things because these issues are important – no matter if you’re buying a college education at Yale or attempting to copy something you learned at a free Podcamp somewhere – these simple rules apply.

If you try to copy someone completely, you will fail. In this particular case, PPC Classroom is just that, a classroom that teaches you a specific skill – or how to do something. The way to “win” is to learn that skill – not copy the results.

Let’s take an example from the New Media space and our dear friend, the Ninja. In plane and simple English, attempt to copy what the Ninja does, and you will get killed. Learn everything the Ninja has to teach you about New Media and, my friends, have you achieved a great education. If Doug or Kent ever attempted to sell a “big ticket” how to videocast product or seminar – I’d attend in a heartbeat cause they know what they’re talking about. It would be well worth the money.

It isn’t about learning a “trick” – it is about getting an education that allows you to do great things.

Google likes “tricks” that make it money. Google loves pay per click and they love programs that purchase clicked traffic. Not only have they built a multi-gazillion dollar company but they’ve built one that prevents crappy clicks (part of the course training I might add) as part of the engine. This is not training that will ever result in Google changing a darn thing.

Love ’em or hate ’em, Google is an incredibly strong force on the net – if not the strongest. You need to understand to the depth of your soul what “they’re in this for” if you want to get anywhere.

Strategic pricing is the best kind of pricing. Anik isn’t selling PPC Classroom 2 at seventy bucks plus change because he invented that price. He’s done some fabulous testing across the marketplace and is achieving his goals with this model. This isn’t fire, aim, ready – it’s the exact opposite. There is a very clear strategy behind all this. P.s., you don’t become a household name with a 4-figure product.

I’m still surprised with the amount of pricing and purchasing that is done with nothing more than a “gut” feeling of how the market might react. Anik isn’t the only one to test his way to the best pricing models and I’d dare say that if we saw more of that around, we’d all be in a better place.

Although this question was specifically about Anik’s product, it was really a question much closer to the heart of what many are thinking and saying. I hope I might have shed some light on these issues – be they related to some Internet Marketing product or deep rooted questions on why “that other guy’s Podcast” is doing so much better.

I’ll leave you with a thought from my friend Armand Morin …

Success leaves tracks.

Are you following the right tracks?

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GotoMeeting / GotoWebinar Mac Support

I love the GotoMeeting and GotoWebinar products. The one thing they were missing was that they didn’t have Mac (or had very limited) support.

That all changed today.

GotoMeeting and GotoWebinar not only now run on the Mac platform but they also have a very cool VOIP option for both presenters and participants.

Tomorrow’s New Media Mindset Webinar will be done from a Mac. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Give it a try, here are a few cool links:

GoToMeeting: Free Trial

GotoWebinar Free Trial

If you’ve been following me for anytime, you’ll know of my fondness for creating training live in front of an audience and then distributing the recording by Podcast (that’s the plan for tomorrow’s event too). I used to have to keep a PC around (and have VMWare Fusion installed on this Macbook) as it was truly the last application I needed on my work machine every day. That has changed.

I’ll be reporting more in the future, but I thought I’d keep you in the loop.