Live Event Success

Next week I take off for the Blogworld and New Media Expo 2009. Despite who shows up and/or what is taught in the sessions, this will be a wildly successful event for me. I hope it is the same for you. Here are 5 things/truths/etc. I insist on for every live event I attend. I recommend you do the same:

Live Events Aren’t About Content, They’re About People. Yes, bring a notebook and be prepared to get edumacated, but realize that if the content is in any way important, there will be other ways to catch it. The person sitting (or standing) next to you …, no such guarantee.

The Big Distractions Are The Big Distractions. In Vegas, the distraction is, well, Vegas. In other towns it might be Disneyland, the nightlife, or even the hotel bar. You didn’t come for these things and if these things ever get in the way of what you did come for, you’re ripping yourself off. I have no doubt in my mind that BILLIONS have been lost at events because of distractions at the event.

Make A Top 3, 5 and 10 List. If you don’t know what you want to accomplish, it won’t happen. Make a top 3, a top 5, and a top 10 list of things you want to accomplish. Keep on an index card in your pocket and double check that you’re doing what’s important – and not chasing the shiny item in the booth that’s making a lot of noise.

Buy. You’re already paying for the hotel, flight, entry fees and more. It’s part of doing business and will make you money in the long term if you “do it right.” With that said, consider a budget for “buying” coffee, a meal, or drinks for the people you meet along the way. Anyone who accepts will be instantly in your debt and the relationship that comes from such will always do more for you than a fancy brochure ever will.

Push Dialogue, Not Agenda. Agendas are plenty at events. Dialogues are rare, and will often get you considerably more time to examine agendas later. I can’t tell you the times I’ve gone in with a goal of “x” and walked out with something 10x because we dialogued first.

What are your tips for live events?

7 iPhone Apps That Make Me Money

I love my iPhone, but let me tell you something else … I can write this thing off on my taxes a dozen times over. A few of the apps on this bad boy make me money time after time and I thought I’d share them with you here. The links will open up iTunes if you have it on your computer.

Omnifocus. This is the ultimate GTD (“Getting Things Done”) App for the iPhone. It syncs with OmniFocus for Mac so I’m not sure how powerful it would be for a PC user. You make money by getting things done. This app helps me do just that.

Tweetie. Twitter apps are a waste of time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you don’t need a Twitter strategy, you need a microblogging strategy. Tweetie integrates with so I can UberSyndicate and UberPublish according to my profitable networks according to plan.

Facebook. I actually can’t confirm that this makes me money yet, but with my focus on Facebook Fan Pages, I’m sure it will. Here’s a Webinar I did on the topic if you are interested.

Analytics. If you know what’s happening at your sites you can make the decisions that make you the money. Google Analytics is the default site tracking system (I remember when we had to pay for this stuff) and Analytics has a better interface to read GA’s content than Google has ever provided. I can make decisions that make money because of this app.

iTalk Recorder. I’ve created Podcast (free and Premium) and product content on this thing time and time again. I know there are other recorders out there but for some reason, this one does it for me.

WordPress. I didn’t write this article on the iPhone, but I have written a number of these posts on my iPhone.

Slydial. Sometimes, the worst possible thing you could do is get involved in a 2 hour phone call when you just need to leave some basic information for the person on the other end. Every time a make a Slydial, I get the job done.

What about you? One day I’ll do a post on the cool iPhone apps but, right now, what’s on your phone that helps you generate revenue?

For Those Who Liked The YouTube Series – Want The Entire Recording (For Free)?

Well this experiment has been fascinating. The response to the New Media Realities series has done so well that suddenly, YouTube isn’t counting new views anymore. I’m sure they’ll catch up soon, but this has been fun to watch.

Anyway, a number of you have asked if you can get the entire recording.

On one hand – great idea! The full presentation and tonight’s preview call mix together perfectly to make a strong case for Podcast Secrets 2009. That’s why I did them.

On the other hand – I need to be careful. I want you to see/hear what we have tonight as well. It’s vital stuff. The first 15 minutes alone will change the way you think about syndication.

So, if you want the entire recording (iPod ready), just pick up the Podcast Secrets Preview Call. Use the “PC916” coupon to get it for dirt cheap.

During the call we explain how to get the video recording.

You need to be Podcasting. I hope these two programs convince you accordingly.

Podcast As The Secret Weapon

And the final piece in the New Media Realities series is below. In this one I examine the Podcast As The Secret Weapon:

Let me give you the 50,000 foot overview: You can create content fast with the New Media Content Creation Model. Leverage Web 2.0 and you can achieve the ISYOT Effect. Let your content escape the computer and the Internet by leveraging the power of Podcasting.

Want more specifics? Join us for the Podcast Secrets 2009 Preview Call on Thursday night.

Would love your thoughts here – or at

The New Media Content Creation Model

One of the things we’ll be examining in Podcast Secrets this year is the New Media Content Creation Model. It’s an empowering little concept that makes it much easier to create New Media content than ever before.

Enjoy this YouTube Video below – yes, … created utilizing the New Media Content Creation Model.

Make sense? Think you can do this? I’d love your thoughts on this concept.

eMarketing 2009 Podcasting Report – “Podcasting Goes Mainstream”

Back in 2006, I seriously questioned the eMarketer findings in the Podcast Space. Three years later (and amazingly close to Podcast Secrets 2009), I couldn’t be more thrilled with their most recent report.

I have it, I’ve read it, and I can tell you that “Podcasting Goes Mainstream” not only paints an extremely rosy picture of this space, but it does so without the hype we saw back in the early days.

One hot nugget: As you can tell from the free selection of the report, the Podcast audience continues to rise and the demographic of buyers is very near 1 in 4.

The report makes assumptions of the growing Podcast audience that are entirely plausible (and I’d dare say obvious). This is a far cry from previous equating of corporate Podcasting experiments with “Podcast advertising budgets.” At the same time they show some fascinating numbers in foreign growth that have already hit my whiteboard for future growth possibilities (anyone want to translate my stuff into Chinese?).

One of the conclusions in the report talks of the “availability” and “specificity” of the content as being some of the most attractive reasons for interacting with this space.

I couldn’t agree more.

If you’re serious about Podcasting and need some numbers to “prove” things internally, pick up the report.

Formula 5 Launch Details – And A Few “Fast Mover Bonuses” Of My Own

Formula 5 launches today at Noon Pacific / 3p Eastern. It will be huge for Stomper – no doubts there.

Stomper is doing the “fast mover” bonus thing and offering some very cool stuff to those who act fast. My favorite is the Stomper Live 7 event – cause I’ll be there. Those will go fast.

Below is a video walk through I did of the DVD and the Private Membersite. I also hit on my biggest issue with the product and how you can fix that. It’s a follow-up video of sorts to my Formula 5 unboxing from last week. I was surprised on the numbers of views on that one – but I guess I shouldn’t be.

So anyway, I thought I’d promise some fast mover bonuses of my own. Purchase Formula 5 TODAY through this link and forward me the receipt and, …

  • I’ll buy you the iPod I recommend you place all your Formula 5 content in (watch the video).
  • I’ll buy you a copy of YouTube Secret Weapon – the other important launch this week.
  • I’ll also give you access to my exclusive RSS Leverage Bootcamp Webinar that, to this point, I’m only offering my (closed) Inner Circle program and a small group of people who bought a 4 figure package accordingly. If you can make it live, great. If you can’t, you’ll get the recording.

Anyway, enough said – the product is killer, the fast mover bonuses are that extra kick you need and, … grab mine too. Again, I only offer these today, but am thrilled to do so.

It’s a kick in the pants to work with the Stomper people. They certainly have had some hiccups in the past but I’m proud to be business partners with them and thrilled to promote this product accordingly.

A few additional links you might be interested in:

The Formula 5 Fast Mover Bonuses

The MBA In A Box And Free Webinar Links Marketing – HD Video Teasers Straight From Hollywood – The Game Changes Again

Visit right now. You don’t need to opt-in or anything to experience most of what I’m writing about here.

First of all, check out the HD video teasers straight out of Hollywood. Notice how, like a good Hollywood teaser video, they tell you nothing about the product (or movie), just illicit emotion and get you curious. It sure sold that Dark Knight movie.

Notice, too, that they’re in HD. The days of Internet Marketers who attempt to sell with nothing more than a Webcam are pretty much over.

Secondly, check out the packaging tease at the top of the page. I got Stomper to send me one (as soon as I get, I’ll do an HD unboxing) and it promises to be in the same vein as an iPhone unboxing – not the typical shrinkwrap and peanuts one normally gets.

Nice to see them kicking that issue up a notch as well.

You’ll need to opt-in to Formula5 to get the third thing worth noting but they’re offering everyone a free recording of the original Formula5 speech that kicked off this whole project. Powerful powerful stuff that, if implemented, will have some powerful impact on any business that acts accordingly. The “free line” has given long videos before – but this one is the most valuable piece of free content I’ve seen given away yet.

We’ve been talking a long time about the maturing of this space. Formula5 sets the standard very high.


(Free) Minisites Webinar Next Week

Wednesday, December 3, 4p Pacific / 7p Eastern
Mini Sites With Paul Colligan And Jim Edwards

For the details, send a blank email to

If you know anything about me, you know I came from the world of Microsoft FrontPage (you remember it, it was that simple WYSIWYG program for making Web sites). That world has gone away as the “powers that be” have tried to make Web Design harder and harder (and much harder than it needs to be). Yes, Microsoft actually killed the FrontPage product for another product that, well, I’m not impressed.

There have been three trends in the marketplace to respond to this simple fact.

  • Many have chosen to Blog instead of create HTML pages. I understand this response and am somewhat guilty of it myself.
  • Some have picked the product XSite Professional as a replacement for FrontPage. I don’t blame others for this and certainly own a copy too.
  • Some have embraced the “Mini Site” teachings of my old friend Jim Edwards. Jim is KING of getting stuff done the fastest and easiest way possible.

Last time I chatted with Jim, I found out that he’s “updated” his whole Mini Site philosophy to what he calls “Mini Sites 2.0.” I, personally, think it deserves a 3.0 or even 4.0 upgrade myself – but that is another story all together …

Next Wednesday, Jim and I will be doing a (Free) Webinar where we’ll be chatting his new take on things. I made him give me an outline of what he wants to cover and here is what he’s promised …

First of all, we’re going to use a new tool to create a REAL mini-site LIVE on the webinar in 4 1/2 minutes. That should be fun!

Also promised (you know Jim likes to teach …)

  • Specifically how “real” multi-million and multi-BILLION dollar companies use mini-sites to promote products (and you’ll even see a “sneaky trick” one multi-million dollar company is using to test which version of their mini-site is getting the best results so you can cash in too!)…
  • The one-and-only “magic” formula (Jim’s phrase – not mine) for cashing in online (he claims everything else is just a more complicated version of this simple, POWERFUL formula you MUST know and understand).
  • The “online funnel” business model that made Jim a millionaire — and why he’s ABANDONED that model forever! (You read that right… he took the business model that made him a millionaire and threw it in the trash! Find out WHY you should too!)
  • The NEW “wagon wheel” business model and why it’s easier and faster than the old model (and a lot more fun too)!

Want access directions?

Send a blank email to and we’ll get you the details and access information (it’s so you know you can unsubscribe at any time and it will be honored accordingly).

I love doing Webinars with Jim – it should be a great time for all!