Who In This List Of Thought Leaders Do You Want To Hear Most And Why? Win Free Access To The Social Media Telesummit!

This started as a Tweet, but I decided to kick it up a notch.

I’ve written a few times about The Social Media Telesummit. I’ve already written that the model is killer but, I can’t stress enough the smart people associated with this group.

I want to know who in The Social Media Telesummit that you would want to hear the most and why. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

I’ll pick one posting at random and buy them “A” level access to the event.

P.s. Entries that pretend I’m the one they’re looking forward to the most will be disqualified.

Let the comments begin …

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Some Very Interesting Numbers From MetaCafe In Our First Video Posting Experiment

A few days ago I posted the first (of two) commercials for Premiumcast.com. The second one is uploading right now.

I purposely embedded the YouTube.com upload. Having the best numbers in their little 800 lb gorilla can never be a bad thing.

Most traffic for any video website plus my embeds should give them the most downloads, right?


I also uploaded the video to all of the major systems. I linked to most of them in the previous piece.

MetaCafe right now has about 20% more views than YouTube.

I search Premiumcast.com in Google in Metacafe pops up as number 5 and 6.

Youtube comes in at #16.

Anybody else seeing interesting numbers from companies other than YouTube.com?

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Nice Numbers From The Podcast Network

Grabbed via a Tweet from CC Chapman.

Very nice numbers coming from The Podcast Network. Here is what stands out to me:

  • Growth every month.”
  • The quote “One FTE. Don’t even have a full-time IT department yet. We’ve been running two and a half years. Yes, we’re making money. Yes, we’re profitable.
  • 6.5 million pageviews (in one month). They have to be able to monetize those too.

Great job guys!

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Pickle’s Review For Riches Contest

I’ve written in the past of Podcast Pickle. Despite the name, they are, every day, becoming more and more of a powerhouse in this space.

They have a new program that intrigued me called “Reviews For Riches” that is offering a cash prize each week for reviews in the Podcast Pickle system. You can read more about it here.

Podcasts you might want to consider reviewing include Marketing Online Live, Podcast Tools Weekly Update and Profitable Podcasting.

I think this is something we can put a value on. The number I’ve very curious about is the number of additional reviews week 1 versus the week before that his $100 purchased. I wonder if Gary will share that with us.

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First Two Portable Media Expo Keynotes Announced – Things Get More And More Interesting

Updated: Per the recommendation of a reader, I listened to the Net@Nite Episode referenced in the Blog article linked below. I believe that the “spirit” of Leo’s comments were definitely in the “I’m having too much fun with TWiT” vein than anything else. I heard no “frustration” in his voice and can definitively state that if it was there, is wasn’t “evident.” I still am, however, still curious about Leo’s Pownces regarding PME versus BlogWorld. Those did sound, or at least “read,” as frustrated.

The first two keynotes for Podcast and New Media Expo 2007 have been announced.

Friday we’ve got Howard Lindzon – who sold Wallstrip.com to CBS earlier this year for some really good money. He should have a few things to teach all of us. I’m gonna pound him for an interview on Profitable Podcasting.

Believe it or not, some people thought the sale (initially) was a bad thing for us – and that everything wasn’t as it seemed. You can go ahead and read a little history here at PaulColligan.com on that note. Howard has made a few people angry in the past, but then again, so have a lot of great people. I hope he stirs up a hornet’s nest.

Cool thing is, for Howard (and the other keynotes), Tim Bourquin promises to not do the “traditional” keynote route of handing the guy a microphone. Tim’s going to do Q and A, and promises they’ll be hard-hitting questions. I’m looking forward to it.

For Saturday, Tim announced Jim Louderback (formally of PC Magazine, now the CEO of Revision 3). Yes, there are other tech Podcasters who can keynote. I’ve seen Jim before – he’s on sharp cookie. And, is it me, or is Revision 3 slowly taking over?

We’ll have to trust Tim to ask the deep questions here as well. I don’t think Jim will upset a soul, but it still could go very interesting if the right topics are covered.

This ain’t without controversy either. With the current TWiT versus Revision 3 comments, one has to wonder what’s really going on.

If the Podcast space is anything right now, it’s not holding hands and singing “we shall overcome” for a single common goal. Anybody know the count on industry organizations today? We at a dozen yet?

I’m sure Tim already has someone else planned but any dream keynotes you’d like to see for day 3? Here are a few I can think of:

  • Anyone From Zune To Take Real Q&A From The Audience.
  • Audible on the Death of Wordcast – What Did We Learn?
  • Ninja On Brand Building.
  • A Live DiggNation On The Top Stories From PME.
  • Anyone From NPR On Their Numbers.
  • Any Podcast That Claims More Than 100k Downloads And An Accounting Firm.
  • Keith and Curry Cagematch.
  • Panel Of Podcasters Who Pay The Bills Podcasting.

But I digress.

Good show Tim, I’m looking forward to it.

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Quick PremiumCast.com Walkthrough And Some Thoughts On What Changes When RSS Goes Personal

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the PremiumCast.com interface. We’re working on some more specific tutorials for specific tasks but enough people have asked “what’s inside” that I figured we should respond. Embedded below – some RSS readers might require a click through:

In Podcast Tools #66, we examine 7 things that change when RSS goes personal. These things are true PremiumCast.com or not – but I thought they might be of interest to you.

  • 1 – you can now really track your audience.
  • 2 – you can let your audience start a series when they want to.
  • 3 – you can tie your content to an email address.
  • 4 – you can integrate your content into a private member site.
  • 5 – you can sell your content.
  • 6 – you can personalize rss messages to google/msn/yahoo/ etc. home pages.
  • 7 – you can communicate directly through the channel and get around spam issues.

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Feedburner’s TotalStats and YourBrand Are Now Free! A Few Thoughts …

I’m sure I’ll get certain fruit flavored comments about the nature of this being proof that Google wants to own my first born but I this point, I’m thrilled that Google/Feedburner (Feedoogle?) has made their TotalStats and YourBrand product free for all. You can follow all of the hubbub and whatnot over at Techmeme if you so desire.

Bottom line for me is that it’s nearly $50 a month that I get back. No complaints there.

Bottom line for the Podcaster is that these services should no longer be debated. The more stats the better and, gosh darn it, owning the domain name of your feed is always a good thing.

We hit the topic lightly over at PodcastTools.com if you are interested. As always, we offer the ad and fluffless version of the show over at PodcastToolsDirect.com.

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How Many Listeners Will Give Your Their Email Address?

Last week, we introduced the concept of Podcast Tools Direct. The idea was, you could either get the “traditional” Podcast Tools show with the standard opening, explanation about the show, commercial insertion, etc.

Or, you could sign up at Podcast Tools Direct to get the “no fluff” version that was just the content.

But, I get your name and email address in the exchange.

The trade-off will thrill some and scare others. The question is a simple one, how many opted into this process?

Since we only have 1 show right now (about to publish the next one – after I write this), we have a decent take on our conversion (after 1 week only).


Yes, multiple access to this offer will increase the take, but we’ll have a lot more downloads – so this will be harder to track.

Am I happy with 3.4%? No. But I don’t know if this is the right audience to measure this kind of thing up against. This is an audience of people looking for Podcast help. They’re the converted. They know the power of anonymous subscription.

What we’ll do next is a A/B split test and see if (requiring) a name and email for the Podcast feed does anything to conversion.

Additional Thought: We aren’t requiring the opt-in at Marketing Online Live so this isn’t a perfect comparison. But, … I divided downloads of most recent episode by amount of people on the list. That’s at a 12.8%. Much nicer.

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Let The PremiumCasting Begin!

Over at Podcast Tools Direct, you now have the option of grabbing the “regular” feed – complete with the ads, “about this show” content, and all the other things you associate with a Podcast.

Or you can give me your email and you’ll get a custom feed without all the “extra” stuff.

And we even shoot an audio, video, or PDF bonus down the channel as well.

Who says you can’t have it all?

Give it a try to see how it works. We got versions for the non iPod subscribers as well. You can unsubscribe from the email series at any time with a click at the bottom of any email. We use third party mailer and validator Aweber if you want to do your homework there as well.

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Probably Too Early For This Kind Of Thinking

I’m sitting at the airport ready to head to Notre Dame for a little presentation on “The 7 Ways the iPod Changed Marketing.”

Don’t worry, you’ll have your chance to hear the recording ;-).

I’ve been frustrated with traditional CPM models in Podcast monetization and advertising because I think forcing this “old” model for advertising into our new media is like stuffing my frame into my 7 year old’s princess bike.

So let’s take that a little further shall we, …?

Is forcing our Podcast content into a “show” mentality “good or bad” for what we have here?

Let me explain.

Obviously, we call our content a “show” because it is what people can wrap their arms around.

Seinfeld had a show. Cosby had a show. Rather had a show. Etc.

But, the question is this.

Is this “show” mentality doing more damage than good?

Ever listened to an episode of some Podcast thinking to yourself “did they really have to put that one out?”

Well, if you need to publish a weekly show you do.

If you have a daily show you do.

If you publish when warranted you don’t.

But if you do that, it ain’t a “show.”

It’s more like an update.

Hard to market on “updates.”

But as an advertiser, I’d love to advertise on something that’s only need to know information – not filler space.

Am I making any sense here? Any thoughts on this one?

Or should I just board the plane for O’hare?

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