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Why Is There No Kindle Version Of The Business Podcasting Bible?

A few more observant readers have asked a great question – why is there no Kindle version of the Business Podcasting Bible?

Want the truth?

To really look at the truth, we need to look at a couple of other books in Amazon with my name on them. There is Special Edition Using Microsoft FrontPage 2003 and there is also Special Edition Using Microsoft FrontPage 2002. Let’s not forget The Business Podcasting Handbook: Turning Podcasts Into a Force-Multiplier for Your Business.

FrontPage 2003 is for a product that Microsoft killed after that release. A Kindle version would be downright silly. FrontPage 2002 doesn’t have my name on it at Amazon, but funny enough, all of the published ones out there do. Same is true for a Kindle release of this one. No use in chasing a dead topic.

Funny enough, the “other” Podcast book NEVER EXISTED and Larstan Publishing still hasn’t taken down the listing. I think the reason for lack of a Kindle version for that one should be pretty obvious. Yes, Amazon has lots of listings of products that never existed.


You should be.

FrontPage 2003 is a great book about a product that is simply in the past. I’m proud of the book but not waiting for anymore royalties. Same is true for the 2002 book (regardless of who’s name Amazon has on the front cover). There are still a box or two of them in my basement and I’ll probably send them to be recycled soon.

The Business Podcasting Bible is also a great book but it is, in short, about Podcasting 1.0.

We’ve come a long way since then. It stands alone great for her moment in time, but things have changed pretty dramatically since I wrote that thing.

Things have gotten much better, much bigger, much more exciting.

Put the book on Kindle? I’m not going to do anything to let anyone thing the world of 2006 era Podcasting is worth examining – in Kindle form or otherwise.

There is actually one book on Podcasting at Amazon that not only costs more than mine, but MAKES NO MENTION OF ITUNES – it was written that long ago. No Kindle version for that one either.

What about the money that could come with a second, updated, printing?

Oh, the stories I could tell … but I will give you a clue – that ain’t where the money is.

Fun fact: Did you know that Amazon Kindle numbers don’t make it into top seller and book chart lists? They consider the information proprietary.

Yup, that’s how few they sell in the grand scheme of things.

What about that book with my name on it that doesn’t exist, or that book that does have my name on it, but doesn’t show it that way in Amazon? Yes, the book publishing industry is that messed up.

I’m just not that worried about Amazon anymore.

I own my media future.

I suggest you do the same.

Amazon may have a part in it but … she will then become a tool that I use and not vice versa.

We give everyone who buys Podcast Secrets a copy of the Business Podcasting Bible in PDF format as part of the package. I still stand behind everything the book says – but there is just so much more to the story that I’m tired of waiting for Amazon, or any other publically traded company, to tell it correctly.

I’m entering into a new space with Podcast Secrets 3.0 and I recommend you come along for the ride.

It won’t be on Kindle.

You won’t be able to grab it at Amazon.

And when I’m done with the program, you’ll understand why.

And you’ll laugh at Amazon too.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Kindle. And my Kindle app on the iPad. I love reading books without having to kill a tree. You’ll see content from me on the Kindle soon eough.

But, sometimes, the topic is bigger than a book.

And then it doesn’t make sense in book form – dead tree edition, or Kindle, or anything else.

How big is your topic?

Free Podcast Training – Tonight Only!

UPDATE: The live event is completed/over. If you’d like to grab the recording (and we got a good one), sign up at

Tonight at 5p Pacific, 8p Eastern, I’ll be recording LIVE a new presentation called “The Seven Deadly Sins Most Podcasters Make And What You Can Do To Avoid Them.” It’s for the coming Podcast Secrets 3.0 class – but this one is a free.

The content is SOLID. It’s the summary of what I’ve learned in helping Podcasters for the last 5 years.

There will be a surprise or two along the way as well – but here is the access information:

Again, we start prompty at 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern. There is more than an hour of content in there – but we’ll get as close to 60 minutes as we can.

I reserve to the right to charge for this content at a later date but between now and then, your access is free!

Podcast Secrets has a Twitter account – it’s It is also at Facebook at Would it be silly to mention the YouTube page at

When Does A Podcast No Longer Require Her Own Website?

At the big Ed Dale “Coming Home 3” event this weekend, we got a chance to record a very special live version of Internet Marketing This Week as well as talk over some changes and ideas we have for future versions of the show. A plan for season 2, if you will. More on the specifics of that later.

One of the big questions we asked … Does the show actually need a website anymore? The Facebook Fan Page for the site does pretty much everything we do at the site – and it always feels pretty silly duplicating our content efforts.

We could easily make forward to the Facebook page and lose very little – while gaining back some time in the process.

Obviously, if we were an entity that sold ads at the site, we wouldn’t be asking this question. Since the monetization of the Podcast comes from building an audience that knows, likes and trusts us, what point is there in having the site?

And, if needed, we could always put ads and the like into the copy of the content at Facebook – disclosing accordingly of course.

I thought I’d pass this question on to you and see what you have to say.

When does a Podcast no longer need her own Website?

Weekend Roundup: Podcast Secret’s Season Edition

Finally, Podcast Secrets season is here. We are now at version 3 and slowly bringing it all together. The new site isn’t live (at the time I write this) but we got a few things worth mentioning for the weekend:

  • The Podcast Secrets Facebook Page will be home to a ton of news as we go through the launch process. In a move to get as many likes as possible, there will be some free content we are only going to send to people who “like” the page. You just have to love the Facebook update feature.
  • Podcast Secrets on Twitter doesn’t just follow what we’re doing, but she follows the tweets of some of our favorite Podcast Secrets Faculty and just plain Podcasters that we like.
  • Hot Podcast Tip: Did you know that Facebook is becoming a very powerful place to store Podcast “show notes?”. To get the cool play buttons like you see at the Internet Marketing This Week Podcast at Facebook Page, you only need to add the URL of an MP3 file to your post. Go ahead and try it,

Make yourself a better person this weekend. Listen to a Podcast.

Mediafly On Roku – Most Important Podcasting News Of The Year

This huge. First the deets for the geeks – then I’ll spill it out.

MediaFly is coming to Roku.
Ten “other” channels coming to Roku by the end of the year.

Here’s what this means:

  • 1 – Video Podcast Support (for the television) on a box that costs less than one hundred bucks. Remember, there are a LOT of people paying $120 a year for a year of Xbox Gold Access, just to get Netflix on demand (on top of Netflix fees). This box does that – and everything else (with no monthly fees). The $100 pricepoint is HUGE.
  • 2 – Video Podcast Support (for the television) on a box that doesn’t “only” do Video Podcasting. A $99 box that does Netflix on Demand, Amazon on Demand, and now YOUR PODCAST ON DEMAND is tremendous. Getting a one-trick-pony to be embraced was silly. This ain’t that anymore.
  • 3 – There are 10 other channels coming to Roku by the end of the year. I truly doubt we’ll see Hulu like some are asking for (my bets include Blip, Mevio and Vimeo – but I have no knowledge) but the 10 other channels are going to make the product even more attractive.
  • 4 – In plain English, this is the box you can put on your Mom’s television – and she’ll easily be able to watch/find your stuff. It’s what we needed.
  • And we got it.

ACTION ITEM NUMBER 1: Make sure your show is at MediaFly.

ACTION ITEM NUMBER 2: To get an idea of where MediaFly is going, download their free iPhone App.

ACTION ITEM NUMBER 3: Buy a Roku box today so you’re ready when things launch.

Listen In As We Record An Episode Of Internet Marketing This Week – LIVE

5p Pacific / 8p Eastern – Internet Marketing This Week Episode #15 – Recorded LIVE

Things can (and will) go wrong in this test – to get real time updates about what is going on, follow Internet Marketing This Week in Twitter.

The Experiment Is Over – And It Went Pretty Well. Subscribe to Internet Marketing This Week On iTunes Today And You’ll Get The Episode The Second It Is Ready.

ISYOT Effect – Who Else Wants This?

I love the ISYOT effect.

Forget being at the top of the results, BE THE RESULTS.

Would love your comments below:

1 Week To The Podcast Secrets Preview Call … Where Does Time Go?

I can’t believe it is only 1 week away … I can’t believe it is our 3rd time …

Next Thursday night (April 9) at 6p Pacific is our annual Podcast Secrets Preview Call. I hope you can join us.

Hint: Use Discount Code “PC916” To Save $79 Off Tuition.

Specific items we’ll be covering on the call …

  • Exactly 8 reasons why Podcasting brings us, and can bring you, a critical business (and profit) advantage.
  • 7 secrets to producing profitable Podcasting content in the fastest possible time.
  • 9 marketing channels for the Podcasters … and how to leverage each one.
  • The 6-Step Podcast Monetization Roadmap.
  • How to part-the-curtain on the listening habits of your audience, and leverage that knowledge to produce profitable audience action.
  • At least 5 things, you can implement today that will integrate your Podcast content into your business structure … and how to see results almost instantly.
  • 7 steps to getting your Podcast audience to take the very actions you want them to take.

There are obviously some additional surprises for that night and I’ll be sharing the “realities” of Web 2.0 and what they mean to ALL content producers – not just the Podcaster.

I’d be thrilled to see you there.

What Is Your Strength (And What Does That Have To Do With New Media Production)?

Today is teacher conference day with my 2nd grade daughter’s teacher.

At the advice on my friend and con-instructor in Podcast Secrets (Alex Mandossian), I’m going to approach the entire conference differently than I ever have before.

I think I’ll even knock the teacher for a loop.

My question won’t be “What does she need improvement on?” or “What can we better focus on at home?” or anything like that.

I’m going to ask her, point blank, “What is Lindsey’s biggest strength?

We’re then going to celebrate that strength in this household and do what we can to make it better.

Sure, we’ll fix any problems, but that isn’t going to be the focus.

Heidi and I are going to do everything we can to strengthen our daughter’s strengths. How much fun is that kind of parenting?

So, what do this have to do with Podcasting and New Media production?

What are you really good at? What are your strengths?

Is it content creation?

Is it editing?

Is it SEO?

Is it video?

Is it audio?

Can I dare suggest that you need to focus on doing what you do well and then handing off the “not so well” stuff to someone else?

This isn’t the “Podcast your passion and the profits will follow” nonsense we got a few years ago (yes, I said nonsense). This is a “do what you do best and you got the best chance of success” reality check that most of us need now and then.

Tuesday we hit Ease Casting in Podcast Secrets. This is the part where we attempt to explain and demonstrate content production as quickly and easily as possible.

For some that will be handing things over to someone else who does these things much better. Yes, “help” like that costs money (and if they’re good, they’re worth every dime) but is the difference we all should be looking for.

For others it will be doing it themselves, but in as little time as possible, so they can focus on what they do best.

For the hundreds of students in Podcast Secrets, please spend your time doing what you do best.

For the thousands of readers of this Blog, consider doing the same thing.

If there is a piece of tech, a training program, a hosting partner, a technology option that lets you focus on what you’re doing best instead of draining your life supporting some silly element that you can’t stand, get rid of it.

Play to your strength.

Your audience will thank you for it.

And grow.

And bring you more profits.

Apple TV Take 2 – This Podcaster’s Perspective

As per Engadget (and TUAW and few zillion other gadget blog sites already), the "Take 2" update for Apple TV is loose and available for download.  As I type these first sentences, my system is in the process of downloading and upgrading. 

As always, I’ll try to give the Podcasting / New Media angle on my initial thoughts re this reboot.

The "promise" of Apple TV (Take 2) is an interesting one – we don’t need to hook this thing up to a computer to get some real power.  What we have now is a machine that connects to the Internet without a computer somewhere acting as our person inbetween.  I like the theory – how well does it work?

First thing of note – Subscriptions in YouTube.  This could and will be amazingly powerful if we get enough of these boxes (or any box that allows for YouTube subscriptions) in front of people.

Second thing of note – Entering in anything (logins/passwords) via the remote is really annoying.  I can only imagine entering a Podcast RSS URL (haven’t done it yet).

Number 3 – The movie rental process is incredible.  Nice and clean.  Gorgeous.  I will be renting movies this way.

Number 4 – Podcasts.  Wow.  Yes, you can subscribe, etc., but there is also a play on demand kind of option in here.  You pick what you want to watch and can either watch or subscribe as you wish.  Nice. 

Your Podcast Perspective is this … this changes EVERYTHING.  I’ll be writing more here as soon as I soak it all in.

Color me very impressed.