New Heights For New Media – On American Airlines

In early February 2008, American Airlines will begin airing GrapeRadio on its in-flight personal entertainment media players in Business and First Class, the first such wine-specific programming on any U.S. airline. That’s right, a PODCAST is being played at 30,000 feet. You can read the Press Release here.

Easily repurposing content for different channels and audience is part of the value play new media brings. From DVDs to “in-flight personal entertainment media players,” our content needs to get in as many places as possible. But we need to remain thin in the process as it is part of what we offer. There weren’t 37 different unions and lawyers to make this deal happen, and that is why it happened.

And for those of you snickering conspiracy types who hear a pay-for-play element here, I have it on good authority that such ain’t the case in this instance. They’ve been working on this for over a year and have done this on an episode by episode basis to make sure everyone gets what they want.

What kind of quality are these shows? One episode has an interview with Margrit Mondavi, hard to come by no matter who you are in the wine space. If you know anything about wine, and even if you don’t, it is easy to tell that what these guys have done has been first class all the time.

And that, my friends, is why I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Do I dare say digital media soars to new heights?

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Next “New Media Matters” Beta Show Tonight – 7p Pacific Streaming Here Live

Update: Show Is Over – Subscribe To Get The Recording

This just added – Lee Gibbons from Podango will be joining us as well.

We’re doing another beta run of the “New Media Matters Show” tonight at 7p Pacific / 10p Eastern.

The topic – “Podcasting Trends To Watch For 2008.”

The guests – Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting, Jason Van Orden of and Tim Bourquin of the New Media Expo.

Listen to the live stream here (via our good friends at and submit any questions below.

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Teleseminar Obsession Content Available (Thanks To Parkinson’s Law)

82 minutes ago I went online with a bunch of Webinar types wanting to hear about my Teleseminar Obsession. It went well and we even raised some money for the project.

The audio is now online via a Premium (free, but Premium) Podcast over at How did I get something like that out so quickly? I was under a time limit.

The paragraph version (and some insight into my mind) of the content I gave is as follows: Parkinson’s Law dictates that if I do my content creation in front of a live audience at a scheduled time (i.e., a teleseminar) I can choose how much time it takes me to create the content (i.e., SPEED THINGS UP). I create my best New Media content in front of a teleseminar audience and just shoot it down as many channels as possible when I’m done (like that link above). The Teleseminar Secrets program I keep obsessing over is the best place to learn content creation, audience building and content monetization. Combine that with the Podcast channel and we got something very interesting (and profitable) indeed.

If you’re interested in how that all fits together, do subscribe. If the above explanation was enough, glad I could help.

The MP4 is encoding, I’ll add it to the feed a bit later tonight (after I do another bit of content creation via Webinar leveraging Parkinson’s Law to make it all happen quickly.

Yes, I’m having for fun than should be allowed. Thanks for coming on this ride with me.

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Again – People Will Pay For What They Can Get For Free

With a geeklike thrill, a lot of people bought the download of Battlestar Galatica Razor on Amazon

Kinda funny – when I bought it, it was only $1.99. I guess someone realized that there is a TOP SELLING DVD of the thing too. How well is top selling? I cut and paste this:

#1 in DVD > Animation > Science Fiction
#1 in DVD > Action & Adventure > Television > Battlestar Galactica (Remake)
#2 in DVD > Television > Made-for-TV Movies

A top selling DVD at $20, a download at $15 for SOMETHING THEY COULD HAVE WATCHED FOR FREE?

By the way, the DVD is on my Christmas list – even though I already bought the download. Am I nuts? No, just a sucker for the extras!

Speaking of extras …

Remember the Next Internet Millionaire Podcast?

I actually, I got the download numbers so I know the answer to that one ;-).

Yes, the content that you can download for free has been packaged up in the ultimate boxed set.

For me, the reality tv stuff did nothing for me – it was the content of all these marketing hotshots trying to out teach the other ones that caught my attention.

3 minutes of Marlon Sanders was a treat.

The DVD set has 2 hours of my favorite Marketing Ninja (see, I work Day of the Ninja in again).

2 hours of Brad Fallon – 2 hours of Perry Marshall – etc.

Yeah, he gave away the highlights for free in a very compelling show.

Twas almost as if the show was an infomercial for “The Secret Classroom.


This ain’t a scifi/boyz game either.

Happy Slip is now on DVD as well.

I love this stuff.

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Getting Ready For Zune Week – Now Has 1-Click Zune Podcasting

We’re thrilled to get this out a few days before the Zunes hit the stores but 1-click Zune Podcasting options in the create button wizard.

More details at

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Andrew Baron Talks About The Blip.TV Deal

What a thrill today. Got to interview Andrew Baron of Rocketboom on his recent collaboration with Learned a lot and got a fascinating glimpse into what Rocketboom has in front of them right now. Good stuff.

It’s over at Profitable Podcasting.

iTunes Subscribe Link

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Podango Acquires Gigavox Audio Light – Week Of Podcast Expo Announcements #2

In one of the few “didn’t see that comin” announcements of Podcast Expo week goes a little something like this: Podango has acquired the Gigavox Audio Light system for integration into their offerings.

I’ve been using the Gigavox Audio Light system since they day they asked for alpha testers (and pretty much called them daily until they asked for alpha testers) across all of our projects and am a huge fan of the project. I’ve also been part of Podango since last PME so this feels a bit like two good friends getting married.

Actually, come to think of it, I think I had a little something to do with those two meeting each other. Regardless, should be very fun to see how these two live together after the honeymoon.

The Gigavox system is a far-more powerful system than I think most people realize. It allows the rapid and professional Podcast production with systemoc ad-integration on the back end. Simply said, it lets content producers focus on being content producers, not audio engineers. Sadly, it never seemed to gather the momentum it should have at Gigavox. So here’s to the marriage …

Will there be cake?

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Podcasting “A Way Of Life” Inside Microsoft?

You gotta watch this video:

Got this from a posting at the Podcast Expo forum:

I work at Microsoft on a new Corporate podcasting platform called Academy Mobile. I’d like to informally meet other companies, consultants or podcasters who have an interest in enterprise podcasting. We just launched our platform internally and I’ll be happy to share our experience so far and exchange ideas.

Will wonders never cease.

Paolo Tosolini, I’d love to meet with you. Got a few ideas I do.

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Podcast Books

First a quick shout-out to Hendrix and/or BSG Fans

There must be some kind of way out of here
Said the joker to the thief
Theres too much confusion
I cant get no relief
Businessman they drink my wine
Plow men dig my earth
None will level on the line
Nobody of it is worth

When we first grabbed an ISBN number for The Business Podcasting Bible, there was nothing else on the landscape. Trust you me this, brand confusion is never good. That was 2005, a few weeks before the first PME.

Twas fun to scramble to get that thing out in time for last year’s PME. I actually didn’t even seen the first printing of the book until I checked into the hotel the day before. I could tell you stories of publishers, printing presses, etc. Twas a thrill to have the book signing last year.

BTW, an excerpt from the book (and an interview) is in this month’s Blogger and Podcaster Magazine (page 36). What a trip to hear their voice guy read the words we wrote. Nice thing is, a year later, it still stands up. Tricky tricky we were making no mention of specific technologies in the book.

In February of 2007 (at least that’s when Amazon says it came out) we saw the “Podcasting Bible” from Wiley and co-authors Mitch Ratcliffe and Steve Mack. I had met Mitch once at an event and he seems a nice enough guy. Haven’t seen the book yet – but it did get an endorsement from Scoble.

So, what do you do when there is a “Business Podcasting Bible” and a “Podcasting Bible?”

You come out with a “Business Podcasting Book” of course. Yes, the official title is considerably longer (as is ours) but go ahead and look at the front cover, those are the words that get the big print – the word’s they’ll see in the bookstore. The author list for this one if very impressive as well (and it is under the Podcast Academy brand) and I, personally, can’t wait to pick me up a copy. It’s on pre-order, but something tells me that this one will be at PME as well.

BTW, not crying foul or anything here. There are places for each of these books in the landscape and I’m thrilled that so many dead trees are making it to Amazon so that we can revolutionize the media by making everything digital. I just find it kind of humorous, … I think you might as well.

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