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The 7 Secrets of Monetization That Big Media Hopes You Don’t Figure Out – The Recording From PMNE 2007

My presentation at Podcast and New Media Expo 2007 was called The 7 Secrets of Monetization That Big Media Hopes You Don’t Figure Out. The recording has been for sale since PNME07 but is now free at the link above.

I had a lot of fun doing that one and I think you’ll enjoy it.

And, yes, the offer for slides, etc. is still good. I designed it that way on purpose.

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On Podshow, CDNS, New Media Technology and Owning Your Own Stuff

Quick definition – CDN stands for “content delivery network.” These are the services that not only provide our customers with new media content, but get it there fast enough that you can do things like stream on your cool new Apple TV. There are some good ones and there are some bad ones.

As I said last month, “the network matters again.” One thing I didn’t emphasize has made for interesting conversation in the last few days. So, as always, I thought I’d chip in …

Adam Curry writes about the current Limelight issues that are, although certainly out there, insignificant to Podshow. He writes,

“As with any well planned media infrastructure, PodShow’s platform is completely CDN agnostic.”

Did you catch that?

Podshow needs a CDN, but Podshow doesn’t need Limelight. They’ve got a great relationship with Limelight and it looks like Curry was using his Blog to repeat that support … but … they don’t need Limelight.

I immediately thought of the new media types who weep at Revver’s demise.

I couldn’t help but wonder what wold happen if Libsyn suddenly started charging what they’re worth.

I hope none of my readers think they need any specific technology or company to succeed in this space any more.

I wouldn’t want to be in the CDN business, the hosting business, or anything else that’s a commodity.

I refuse to build a business that is based on another company’s performance. That’s a recipe for disaster.

That is the real unique difference of what we have. We can build our content, build our inventory, build our legacy, and wait for the technology to sort things out.

How can you not love this space?

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Podshow Claims a 29144% Network Increase in 2007

Adam Curry writes in his blog that Podshow has seen a 29144% “network increase” in 2007.

The Last Podcast questions these numbers but I think the logic is bad. The claim wasn’t about visitors, it was about network increase – i.e., the network is being used more and more.

And if the network is being used more and more, that means we’re gaining ground. Good news indeed.

FWIW, this stats systems are all funky but shows as having 3.7+ million people drop by in December. Alexa shows growth in 2007 as well.

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It’s Starting / Podshow Delivered

With the Writer’s Strike, traditional “Hollywood” don’t have content to deliver the ads on anymore. That’s o.k., we do.

Check out this article from Adotas re a “pretty groundbreaking” marketing campaign made up of audience impressions through the Podshow network.

Was it on NBC? CBS? FOX? Or, maybe it was on Howard Stern’s radio show. Nope. It was all online through the growing reach of podcasting. That’s right – over a 10-day period and a handful of shows on the PodShow network we delivered 2.1 million impressions. Even better, we got to target our media buy to exactly the audience we wanted.


Now, my readers know I’m not a big fan of ad insertion as the best model for Podcast monetization but if you’re gonna do it, this is the way to do it (strength in numbers). Say what you want about Podshow but in this case they delivered and … gosh darn it … they impressed the client.

I suggest you compare this to the story that NBC is actually REFUNDING advertisers because they can’t deliver the goods anymore.

Update: Confimed with Cali – nope, they weren’t part of this. I tried to confirm with Cali at Geekbrief but I don’t even think they were part of the mentioned campaign. If this is true, yes, Podshow can deliver millions of impressions – even without one of their “big name” shows. If this isn’t true, I must have missed a week of Geekbriefs somewhere.

Good show, Podshow.

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Interview By Cali Lewis of Geekbrief.TV About The Zune Release

Cali Lewis of Podshow’s Geekbrief.TV interviewed me about tomorrow’s Zune release and why I’m so thrilled with it.

I point to the Podshow Servers for this download so they can track accordingly but download this great little .MOV file – there’s some good stuff in there.

And don’t worry, much more of Cali’s face than mine in the piece.

Download the file here.

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I’m On Geekbrief #255

Geekbrief #255 is an interview with me on our platform. I guess it was a slow news day but I’m honored with the attention.

It’s especially fun to watch as Cali gets a battery about to shut down error during the end of the interview. Ahh, the fun of doing something live.

BTW, is it me, or have they figured out how to make Skype interviews actually look good I hope they teach that one day.

Cali, Neal, hint …

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We’re Sharing Our Podcast Expo Booth With Who (Or No, … You Can’t Catch Rubella THAT Way)?

If you’ve been monitoring the wackiness over at, you’ve been watching Cali Lewis and her strange bout with Rubella (something even Wikipedia thought was eliminated).

Well, that won’t keep her and Neal away from Podcast Expo. As per Geekbrief #233, they’re sending a MacBook for video interviews with as many Podcasters as they can get in our booth (#411). The details are here.

They’ll then launch a series of the interviews in a feed for folk to enjoy – at home with German Measles, or at their hotel at the end of each night.

You will need a reservation to get in. Our booth guards will be diligent at checking names to the list.

Neal and I are working feverishly to iron out the details but Cali is taking reservations now – and we’d love to see you at the booth.

Plus, a little exposure on Geekbrief is never bad, for any Podcaster.

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What Will Curry Do (WWCD?) Podcast Expo Year 3

Love him or libel him, you gotta love Curry’s ability to play the press without paying for space at Podcast Expo.

The Wired article year 1 and the classic “I’d rather the money go to Podcasters and not the man.” (paraphrased) comment on his show got him more juice than a booth ever would have. Through in a little Madge Weinstein running around promotion the “unconference” and you got yourself a publicity juggernaut.

And then we mix in year 2’s funding announcement “timing” right before the show and the “Pimpmobile” taking people to the “unconference” at a hotel so far away that you have to wonder when the thing was planned.

This year’s Tivo announcement just isn’t enough. Curry might be bragging about it (or at least the Techcrunch coverage) in his blog but his pointing at, his history, and some little birdies tell me something else is coming.

So, Podcasters, predict away … what will Curry do this year?

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Podshow On Tivo

Update: Two days later, TechCrunch picks up this story (with a link to me) and it ends up on Techmeme. Maybe by linking to the ‘Crunch, I’ll get linked on the ‘Meme. Kinda sad if you think about it.

Am I the only one that finds it ironic that I’d find out this information from an audio-only version of Geekbrief? Get better Cali, and thanks for not bringing rubella to PME.

Podshow (video) content is now available on Tivo.

Smart move. Here’s how to do it (with a Tivo, at least (from their site)).

  • Go to TiVo Central.
  • Go to “Find Programs.”
  • Go to “TiVoCast” (or “Download TV and Movies” on some systems).
  • Choose the program you’d like to receive (PodShow TV, or any of our affiliated shows).
  • Choose “Get Season Pass” from the show menu. It’s that simple!
  • Every new episode will automatically download to your TiVo box, and appear in your “Now Playing List” just like regular television recordings.

I’ve been watching all year on my television and let me tell you something, it’s simply much better on a television set.

I’m guessing since Dvorak’s Cranky Geeks show has been doing this for awhile, he introduced the right people accordingly.

I just wish Tivo had better penetration.

The more people watching video Podcasts on their television, the better.

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So, Does The iTunes Wifi Store Do Podcasts Or Not?

Geekbrief #225 and CrankyGeeks #80 both had participants (from Podshow) who claimed that the iTunes Wifi Store did Podcasts.

Everything I read says otherwise.

What do they know that I don’t?

Does anyone have access to the iTunes Wifi store yet?

Does it do Podcasts or not?

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