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Update: Event is over, replay is below.

I wanted to write about a few changes at

To start, I need to stress and point out that there are no new players in nor are there any new partners (or owners). All changes are simply in paperwork and approach – and I’ll try to explain them here.

In short, the changes allow all of us to focus on what we do best while providing a little consolidation in training and support that will let everyone do even more with this amazing technology.

Billing will now come directly from (and be managed by) our technology partner, Internet Business Ideas, Inc.. They will also do all levels of tech support. This will let us focus on training for the product as we’ll no longer have to worry about the day to day support and maintenance issues.

No servers or technology has changed. Everything is where it has been before – and will continue to remain.

All current customers will be able to continue to serve their customers under the name and URL. We will be moving new customers to the server for easier tracking and support.

I continue to remain a bigger supporter and promoter of the technology. Both Podcast Secrets and The New Media Inner Circle will continue with the technology in the backend.

I continue to have a strong hand in the design and growth of the product. I dig this thing way too much to not give it my creative energies.

Any strategic alliances or technology joint ventures or licensing requests can still come through, and will still be negotiated through Same reasons as above.

This Friday at 2p Pacific / 5p Eastern, I’ll be hosting a live teleseminar where we’ll go over more details and answer any questions you might have. Access directions are below.

Feel free to ask questions during the event, or in the conversation below.

Replay: FAQ – How Can We Make It Better?

For those not interested in paid/tracked/individualized RSS, just skip this article.

Slowly but surely, the documentation and training for is coming together. The first step is to make sure that people understand what the thing actually does in the first place. Below is revision 1 of our public FAQ for I’d love your thoughts, questions, comments, additions, etc.

1. What is Premiumcast?

Premiumcast is the best ecommerce automation, affiliate management, membership site creation, podcast and rss publishing system on the planet. Literally anything you need is available at your fingertips. Feel free to browse the site and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

2 .Where can I go to see when new features are added?

You can go to the blog at to stay current on upcoming webinars and new features.

3. What are the differences between the levels?

With the free version you can create a podcast with our system as well as be an affiliate for premiumcast and the other products and podcasts in our directory. With the pro version, you can create premium podcasts and products. With the Viral version, you can create membership sites as well as everything the other 2 offer.

4. Does Premiumcast work with WordPress?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we have a plugin you can use to enhance your memberships.

Go here for all the details:

5. Does premiumcast work with Aweber, other e-mail systems, shopping carts, membership sites?

Yes it does. It is very easy to setup. Premiumcast is already listed with aweber, so check out this link to get it working with Aweber. For all the others, we have a Remote API you can work with to incorporate into premiumcast.

6. What is the premium viral feature?

The premium viral feature allows you to use your own banner, rather then our banner and to have your own domain associated with it. It allows you to use your own branding, rather than

7. What are personal broadcasts?

Personal broadcasts allow you to send a message to an individual subscriber. This changes the way you can communicate with your audience. Now you can speak to one person directly.

8. How do I get affiliates?

In order to have affiliates, you need to have our viral account. In there you will setup for affiliates and then let people know they have to sign up for a free account at, or your own personal link found in the “Affiliate Manager -> My Affiliates” tab, and then sign up to be an affiliate to promote your product.

9. Can I list my premium podcast in ITunes?

At this point ITunes does not allow for the sale of podcasts, as a result, you can’t sell your premium podcast on itunes. You can, however, list free/unpaid/regular podcasts created with the premiumcast system on ITunes.

10. Do I need to get a shopping cart?

No, but you will need a merchant account to accept credit cards. You can use 2Checkout, Paypal, or by setting them up in your account profile located at My Acount –> Profile/Preferences.

11. Do you host my files?

No. You will already need to have hosting as you will be linking to these files. If you need hosting, a good place to go would be

12. Do you take a percentage of my profits?

No. You keep everything.

13. How do I take credit cards?

Easily. Premiumcast works with, 2Checkout, and Paypal. You can set these up in the My Acount –> Profile/Preferences tab.

14. How does the physical disk option work?

You need to have an account already with konaki. You will simply set up that option beforehand, in the My Acount –> Profile/Preferences tab, then link to the product.

15. Must I use your branding?

No. If you want to have your own branding, you can do that. You can setup your banner and customize the buttons when you setup your product/membersite.

16. How can I protect my feed from those who don’t pay? is setup so that only those who pay to get your podcast/product/feed will get it. No one else can access it.

A Podcast Affiliate Program That Pays Mighty Nicely

One of the nice things about charging real scratch for your Podcast content is that you can actually pay real scratch to your affiliates.

Being able to pay real scratch to your affiliates means you got a real chance of affiliates actually trying to promote your product.

The Project Management Prepcast has an affiliate program that pays 30%.

Now, 30% of a $4.00 a month Podcast … yeah, not so much.

30% of a $1.98 a month service … you get the idea.

But 30% of a $50 product delivered by Podcast … that’s $15 for helping out a project management student get ready for the course.

Nice. About average for the Project Management industry – not Podcasting.

Great job Cornelius!

(I interviewed Cornelius for the Profitable Podasting Podcast awhile back if you are interested. He’s a smart guy doing this right on so many levels.)

And, obviously, he’s become the poster child for

Delta Park Goes Premium – And Actually Charging More Than A Few Bucks

Long time Podcasters and fellow Rosarians, the Delta Park Project have added some Premium options to their mix. Nope, they didn’t use to pull it off – but we like ’em anyway.

It’s called “Delta Park Prime” and they have $3.50, $7.00 and $10.00 a month options.

Yes, someone is actually giving you the chance to pay $120 a year for Premium Content via Podcast. I can’t support that concept enough!

Take a look at what they’re offering and you’ll notice something simple – but elegant – as the price goes up, they’re offering a number of non-Podcast elements – the live streams, the physical mailings, the store discount.

This is the kind of thing you’re going to be seeing more and more of.

Anyone who can expand what they’re doing past the Podcast can charge accordingly.

Anyone who can’t, will be stuck giving PayPal a considerably higher percentage than makes business sense.

To your success DPP!

Friday February 15th Is Sell Your Podcast Day – A Free Webcast And Webinar About Selling Your Premium Podcast Content

Can you feel the Premium Podcast Content buzz?  With the recent launch of the Premium Pill, people are asking all sorts of questions about launching a premium podcast.  

How can I not help answer some of these questions?  And, no, I couldn’t be more thrilled 😉

This Friday, we’re going to do two things – 1) a live streaming audio webcast where I answer questions about selling Podcast content and 2) a live webinar where we set up the affiliate program for Dan’s Bitterest Pill Premium Cast.

The listen to the live streaming audio webcast, submit a question here.  That will both give you access to the webcast and make sure I answer the questions that people actually have.  I’ve been doing this so long, so much comes second nature to me. 

Hopefully I’ll answer your question.  BTW, all questions answered on the live cast get 3 free months of the viral version of to do the very thing so many of you want to do.  The event is Friday afternoon at 1p Pacific.

Earlier that day I’m offering a live webinar where I’m going to help Dan setup the affiliate program for his Podcast.  You are invited to attend that as well.  We’ll be using the system, so we can let in a thousand of our closest friends if they’re interested.  I’ll record the thing for anyone who can’t attend live and will shoot out a copy to anyone who RSVPs online.

Here’s the link to RSVP.

So, … in summary.

We’re going to answer any questions you might have about premium podcasting for free – you just need to submit a question.

We’re inviting you to a behind the scenes look as we set up an affiliate program for Dan’s premium podcast – you just need to rsvp.

Yeah, Friday should be fun … and hopefully profitable for you too.

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Premium Bitter At Just $4 A Month

Dan Klass’ The Bitterest Pill has been a staple in the Podcast space for quite some time.  If you haven’t subscribed in the past, you’ve been missing out.

He announced in his first show of the year that he needed to make a few bucks on the show if he wanted to keep doing the show.  This, of course, caught the attention of his audience.

He mentioned the option of going paid-Podcast.  Of course, this caught my attention as well.

The Bitterest Pill is now a Premium Podcast.  Here’s the information at the Bitterest Pill site and here it is in’s Directory.  He can do this, I know he can.

A month of Bitter for less than the price of a pitcher of bitters at the local pub.  A great deal. 

Who will be next to go premium?

This Podcasting Teacher Will Make More Than My Teacher Friends This Year

You have to love teachers. It stinks how poorly they are paid.

Cornelius Fichtner is a teacher as well. He teaches folk how to prep for their Project Management Exam (no, I didn’t know there was such a thing either). He does it by Podcast, and he charges for it.

I met the guy because of the PremiumCast beta I did a little over 6 months ago. He wanted to give our system a try.

He “got” it and is doing very well. $40 for his Podcast and the sales keep coming in. More than 553 in the last 6 months and no sign of stopping.

Yes, go ahead, do the math.

If Cornelius keeps on these numbers, and I have no reason to think he won’t (I’ve seen the stats), he’ll make more from this Podcast this year than any of my teacher friends will make.

Way to go Cornelius (oh, and yeah, this ain’t his day job)!

Full interview with Cornelius over at Profitable Podcasting #12.

Subscribe On Your iPod

Subscribe On Your Zune

Just The RSS Please …

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I’m On Geekbrief #255

Geekbrief #255 is an interview with me on our platform. I guess it was a slow news day but I’m honored with the attention.

It’s especially fun to watch as Cali gets a battery about to shut down error during the end of the interview. Ahh, the fun of doing something live.

BTW, is it me, or have they figured out how to make Skype interviews actually look good I hope they teach that one day.

Cali, Neal, hint …

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Free Webinar

This Thursday at 3p Pacific / 6p Eastern, I’ll be hosting a free Webinar where I’ll put a Podcast up for sale using the system. After I do that (you’ll be surprised how little time it takes), I’ll answer questions from anybody on the live Webinar.

Don’t worry, Webinar works on both PCs and Macs.

If you’re already a member (Free, Pro, or Viral), you already have your invitation.

If you aren’t, sign up for a free account at Premiumcast and we’ll send one your way.

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Video is YouTube Embedded above for those reading this via RSS. View at YouTube here.

Or MySpace.

Or Blip.

Or Daily Motion.

As you can tell by the title, this is the “one for the Podcasters.”

Which do you like better?

(#1 is here for those who missed it).

I’d love your thoughts/comments/suggestions.

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