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Changes At

Update: Event is over, replay is below.

I wanted to write about a few changes at

To start, I need to stress and point out that there are no new players in nor are there any new partners (or owners). All changes are simply in paperwork and approach – and I’ll try to explain them here.

In short, the changes allow all of us to focus on what we do best while providing a little consolidation in training and support that will let everyone do even more with this amazing technology.

Billing will now come directly from (and be managed by) our technology partner, Internet Business Ideas, Inc.. They will also do all levels of tech support. This will let us focus on training for the product as we’ll no longer have to worry about the day to day support and maintenance issues.

No servers or technology has changed. Everything is where it has been before – and will continue to remain.

All current customers will be able to continue to serve their customers under the name and URL. We will be moving new customers to the server for easier tracking and support.

I continue to remain a bigger supporter and promoter of the technology. Both Podcast Secrets and The New Media Inner Circle will continue with the technology in the backend.

I continue to have a strong hand in the design and growth of the product. I dig this thing way too much to not give it my creative energies.

Any strategic alliances or technology joint ventures or licensing requests can still come through, and will still be negotiated through Same reasons as above.

This Friday at 2p Pacific / 5p Eastern, I’ll be hosting a live teleseminar where we’ll go over more details and answer any questions you might have. Access directions are below.

Feel free to ask questions during the event, or in the conversation below.


The 21st Century In 20th Century Terms

I’ve recently been a bit obsessed by the book Socialnomics (affiliate link). Lynn Terry introduced it to me last time we recorded Internet Marketing This Week and, wow, very very cool stuff. I can’t recommend it enough. I’m changing some things around here based on the simple truths contained within – and I’ll be you do the same if you pick it up. P.s., there is something very right about reading this one on your Kindle.

(BTW – @Equalman (the author) has agreed to come on a taping of the show soon and I promise to update you when he does.)

One of the big themes in the book is the fact that social media is changing “the way we live and do business.

Paul, that’s a bit extreme

If Twitter and Facebook were just some program, I’d agree. They’re not programs, they’re, for lack of a better term, operating systems, that let us do things we were never able to do before. It’s not what Twitter or Facebook does – it’s what we do with Twitter or Facebook that really matter.

Let’s look at some examples of this in history … the Web changed the very way we consumed content on the computer (it was never about the browser), email changed the way we communicated with each other (it was never about Outlook or Eudora), the cell phone changed the way people got a hold of us (it was never about the device that made it possible), and the list goes on (feel free to add some examples below) …

The last time I flew cross-country I was watching CNN on the plane for the 4 hours I was in the air. The big story of the moment was that Twitter was down. Yup, we’re at war, the economy is in some very sticky places, banks are failing and the big story of the day was … Twitter was down.

The skeptic watching the story would note that Twitter isn’t even in the top ten websites (at the time I write this, Alexa rates her at number 15).

It’s not about the site. It’s never been about the site.

Twitter “happens” via web, via sms, via desktop, via cell phone, via assistant, via email, via gaming console and more. Twitter is more than just a program. Her being down was at least as newsworthy as anything else CNN had to offer.

When I made my Facebook changes earlier this year, I never thought I’d enjoy the results the way I have been. What I thought was just a simple house-cleaning project has let me communicate better not just with my audience, but with my friends and family as well. How do I use Facebook? I Facebook via web, via sms, via desktop, via cell phone, via assistant, via email, via gaming console and more. Facebook is more than just a program – it’s a communications platform for me.

The people who “get” Twitter and Facebook are the ones who realize they are “more than just a program.”

This, of course, made me wonder if there are other examples of terms limiting the impact of the technologies we’re embracing like crazy. I came up with a few …

Podcasting is so much more than a program made by Apple – but to this day, my Mom still thinks she can’t consume Podcasts because her and Dad don’t have an Apple.

8 out of every 9 people who read content don’t read it at – yet most people think of a Blog as a really easy means to put content online – not an engine to syndicate your content to an exponentially bigger audience. I’ve got EXACTLY the platform I want in my Blog – it hasn’t never been about not having to do HTML.

Despite the reality that the iPhone is an amazing device, it has changed the cell phone and applications industry forever and that will impact the future of content delivery 100 fold compared to how it has changed the device we use to talk to Mom on.

Coming a little closer to home, I’m about ready to strangle the next person who limits our Premiumcast engine to be nothing more than “a way to charge for Podcasts” or says “video is better than audio” without examining audience and delivery.

I think this issue is a simple one: we’re trying to come to terms with the 21st century in terms we coined when gas passing a buck a gallon was “too much” and the Russians were the bad guys secretly hoping to kill us all. It’s akin to trying to describe the Star Wars films in Egyptian hieroglyphics or attempting to mime the social ramifications of Paris Hilton.

We need to start developing 21st century terms for these important issues.

Any idea how to start?

Or am I nuts?

Powered By Premiumcast – Want To Be The Voice?

In the next week or so, you’ll be noticing something. All my Podcasts and training will all start with a quick 2 second piece that will say

“Powered By Premiumcast”

It’s a new marketing/buzz campaign I’m working on for Premiumcast that will include a number of very cool elements. This includes, but is not limited to, a blog that highlights projects “Powered By Premiumcast.” The idea is to stop making this about what I’m doing with Premiumcast – and start making this about what our customers are doing with Premiumcast.

Because they are doing some pretty amazing things.

So, everything I produce will have this audio. You know, a quick identifier – like the NBC “chimes” or the “Netcasts You Luv” bit that they do over at TWiT.

I could outsource this for a few bucks but I figured, let’s really go with this theme – and let’s really show how others are “Powered By Premiumcast.”

Send me a high quality recording of you saying “Powered By Premiumcast” in your best jingle/identifier voice. Use special effects or a quick bit of music if you can / think you should.

Post it online (comment here so we know) with a statement that we’re free to use and you have legal permission to the recordings contained within and …

We’ll highlight you at the new Blog (and at this one)

And in all my recordings.

And more …

And yes, there will be a prize coming your way too

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

How To Make An Audio CD Webinar Recording – Replay Here

The site Mike keeps referring to is “Make An Audio CD” –

Be sure to click the button to watch this FULL SCREEN – lots to see.

For those reading via the feed, you might want to click through, we’ve got a replay option for the how to make an Audio CD Webinar embedded right on the Webpage.

Free Live Webinar On Audio CD Production

Thursday, February 19, at 6p Pacific / 9p Eastern, I’ll be hosting a live free Webinar with Mike Stewart on the topic of “How To Make An Audio CD.”

We’ll cover the basics and a few advanced topics as well. We’ll talk royalty-free music, working with and for the printing and sales.

And we’ll answer questions – as many as you can send our way.

No charge, just register here. FAQ – How Can We Make It Better?

For those not interested in paid/tracked/individualized RSS, just skip this article.

Slowly but surely, the documentation and training for is coming together. The first step is to make sure that people understand what the thing actually does in the first place. Below is revision 1 of our public FAQ for I’d love your thoughts, questions, comments, additions, etc.

1. What is Premiumcast?

Premiumcast is the best ecommerce automation, affiliate management, membership site creation, podcast and rss publishing system on the planet. Literally anything you need is available at your fingertips. Feel free to browse the site and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

2 .Where can I go to see when new features are added?

You can go to the blog at to stay current on upcoming webinars and new features.

3. What are the differences between the levels?

With the free version you can create a podcast with our system as well as be an affiliate for premiumcast and the other products and podcasts in our directory. With the pro version, you can create premium podcasts and products. With the Viral version, you can create membership sites as well as everything the other 2 offer.

4. Does Premiumcast work with WordPress?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we have a plugin you can use to enhance your memberships.

Go here for all the details:

5. Does premiumcast work with Aweber, other e-mail systems, shopping carts, membership sites?

Yes it does. It is very easy to setup. Premiumcast is already listed with aweber, so check out this link to get it working with Aweber. For all the others, we have a Remote API you can work with to incorporate into premiumcast.

6. What is the premium viral feature?

The premium viral feature allows you to use your own banner, rather then our banner and to have your own domain associated with it. It allows you to use your own branding, rather than

7. What are personal broadcasts?

Personal broadcasts allow you to send a message to an individual subscriber. This changes the way you can communicate with your audience. Now you can speak to one person directly.

8. How do I get affiliates?

In order to have affiliates, you need to have our viral account. In there you will setup for affiliates and then let people know they have to sign up for a free account at, or your own personal link found in the “Affiliate Manager -> My Affiliates” tab, and then sign up to be an affiliate to promote your product.

9. Can I list my premium podcast in ITunes?

At this point ITunes does not allow for the sale of podcasts, as a result, you can’t sell your premium podcast on itunes. You can, however, list free/unpaid/regular podcasts created with the premiumcast system on ITunes.

10. Do I need to get a shopping cart?

No, but you will need a merchant account to accept credit cards. You can use 2Checkout, Paypal, or by setting them up in your account profile located at My Acount –> Profile/Preferences.

11. Do you host my files?

No. You will already need to have hosting as you will be linking to these files. If you need hosting, a good place to go would be

12. Do you take a percentage of my profits?

No. You keep everything.

13. How do I take credit cards?

Easily. Premiumcast works with, 2Checkout, and Paypal. You can set these up in the My Acount –> Profile/Preferences tab.

14. How does the physical disk option work?

You need to have an account already with konaki. You will simply set up that option beforehand, in the My Acount –> Profile/Preferences tab, then link to the product.

15. Must I use your branding?

No. If you want to have your own branding, you can do that. You can setup your banner and customize the buttons when you setup your product/membersite.

16. How can I protect my feed from those who don’t pay? is setup so that only those who pay to get your podcast/product/feed will get it. No one else can access it.

2 Weeks Of My New Media Inner Circle For FREE! – Help Me Test The Membersite Software

Update (10/9/2008) – The Coupon Is Now Only Good For 7 Days And Is The Regular 2008 Pricing After That. I have to stay true to my word.

Updated: I have to close this offer on October 8.

Note: If you just want to offer, skip to the bottom of this post.

Of the different products and resources I produce, my favorite by far is my “New Media Inner Circle.” The best and most honest way to describe it is simply this: it’s a direct feed into everything I’m doing and a glimpse of how it all fits together. New Media Inner Circle (of which we’ll call the NMIC from this point on) members get private membersite access and a premium RSS feed to EVERYTHING I produce, be it a paid teleseminar for another marketer or the product/series I’m putting together at any given time. I also throw in monthly office hours and special NMIC only recordings to makes sure the “full story” is told.

It’s full access to everything I’m doing and, many times, it’s actually cheaper than some of the other options out there.

Note: To be fair to partners, there are times when access to the NMIC is closed. For instance, in the months leading up to Podcast Secrets 2009, nobody new gets in.

Thank goodness, the next 3 weeks is not one of those times.

So, here’s the rub: We’ve added some cool new features to (and the private membersite engine) that I’d like to give a real good test to. I’m giving away 2 weeks to the NMIC during a very crucial time (check out the schedule for the new two weeks). You can get full access to the my YouTube Training and the first week of the very cool Membersite Magic program – ALL FOR FREE.

All I ask is for you to tell me what you think about the membersite system and how we can make it better.


The Offer: If you visit the purchase page for the New Media Inner Circle and use the coupon code “membersitemagicfree“, you get a 14 day free trial of the New Media Inner Circle. If you act early enough this will get you both access to the exclusive YouTube “Secret Weapon” training and the first week of Membersite Magic listed above. You can cancel anytime during the 14 days (either via PayPal or in the private member site directly) without paying a thing and enjoy this content. All I ask is for your comments on how the system all fits together.

One more thing … OFFER CLOSES 10/8/2008.

And, yes, you’re right, the monthly coupon cost is less than the monthly cost at the site. That monthly coupon cost is good for as long as you stay a member.

Purchase the NMIC Membership here.

Use coupon code “membersitemagicfree

Leave your comments / questions below:

Podcasting And Affiliate Marketing (With A Side Of

A lot of you know that I came from the world of affiliate marketing. The term means a lot of things to a lot of people (and some of them not good), but to me, simply, it means online commissioned sales. It’s a smart way to leverage what we have in front of us.

You think Amazon got all those people to put links back to their site cause they loved the company?

And, obviously, affiliate marketing has been much better to Amazon than it has any of their affiliates – but that is another post all together.

Nancy Hults is putting together a training program for those interested in affiliate marketing called “Instant Affiliate Secrets.” I’ll be honest with you, it is a very “old school” training approach but, if you look at the lineup she’s put together – Tellman Knudson, Ken McArthur, Willie Crawford, Tracy Repchuk, Frank Sousa, Corey Lewis, and myself – this starts to get interesting.

In short, give her your name and email – and she’ll give you access to all of the calls.

I’ll be chatting about affiliate marketing within the world of Podcasting and how it all fits together. I’ll also be offering some behind the scenes looks at and how the affiliate engine for that is, in my never to be humble opinion, fixed to changed the Podcasting space dramatically.

If this is of interest to you, I really recommend that you sign up. Nancy will honor all unsubscribe requests, etc. if you decide to send them in.

Sidebar: Make sure you listen to the Podcast Brother’s show next week. They’ll be announcing the affiliate program for the New Media Expo 2008 recordings. Yes, there is a grand scheme at play here. Update

Update: full recording of the Webinar here.

It was such a blast at the New Media Expo to share the model for and what we’re doing with it. A few things have come from the event so I wanted to keep you all in the loop.

Lots of questions – let’s answer them live. I’m hosting a live Webinar this Friday where I’ll be answering as many questions as I can about the system. You can register for free here. No cost to get in but you need to subscribe to get a seat.

The New Media Expo recordings are now available via As you can see here, the complete recordings from New Media Expo 2008 are available for purchase using the engine. Very cool process, once you purchase you have complete access by RSS – i.e., you can click the good old “GET ALL” button in iTunes and it all comes to the iPod – forget these lame download it all, sync it all nonsense.

The Blog is back and in good form. I won’t be updating this Blog about issue (unless they’re really big) – so if you want to be kept up to date on all things, take a look at the Blog. And, obviously, you can always subscribe to the RSS feed for the Blog.

Physical products are now possible. Perhaps saving the best for last, I wanted to make sure everyone knew that we now have complete integration with What does this mean? Well, now, you can offer a physical version of your product in addition to all of these virtual options. Hint: Mom doesn’t get the whole download thing yet and is a lot more likely to buy with that physical option.

Piqued your interest? Got questions? Isn’t it a great thing that we’ve got that Webinar on Friday?

A Podcast Affiliate Program That Pays Mighty Nicely

One of the nice things about charging real scratch for your Podcast content is that you can actually pay real scratch to your affiliates.

Being able to pay real scratch to your affiliates means you got a real chance of affiliates actually trying to promote your product.

The Project Management Prepcast has an affiliate program that pays 30%.

Now, 30% of a $4.00 a month Podcast … yeah, not so much.

30% of a $1.98 a month service … you get the idea.

But 30% of a $50 product delivered by Podcast … that’s $15 for helping out a project management student get ready for the course.

Nice. About average for the Project Management industry – not Podcasting.

Great job Cornelius!

(I interviewed Cornelius for the Profitable Podasting Podcast awhile back if you are interested. He’s a smart guy doing this right on so many levels.)

And, obviously, he’s become the poster child for