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Weekend Roundup – Having Too Much Fun With YouTube Edition

Some YouTube fun for you:

1 – I've put together a Panel for BlogWorld and New Media Expo on YouTube. The working title is “YouTube: Personality, Process and Profits.” I honestly picked my top three choices for the panel and asked them first and, dear friends, they all said yes. I'm suddenly a lot more excited about the BlogWorld and New Media Expo than I've been in a long time and I invite you to attend as well. “Epic” is a good word as is “Killer.”

That second word might be too much of a hint. Anybody want to guess before the big announcement?

2 – I wanted to do a demo /case study of fun engaging video content using nothing more than the video camera on my Mac and came out with this video embedded below. If you want to participate in the massive giveaway (props to Leslie for putting up with my madness), you'll need to visit the SEO Training With Leslie Rohde video directly and make your comments there.

P.s., you want a better chance of winning, do vote early and often and tell your friends. Leslie saw the power of viral in what we did here and he's into this and will deliver.

3 – Sure, Google Instant is cool, but have you seen YouTube Instant?

4 – Been playing with lately and finally “get it” (or at least part of it). I put the Leslie Rohde free giveaway video over there as well and am enjoying the stats an functionality Mag.Ma gives me. Still haven't totally grasped the possibilities of what this site has to offer but am very intrigued. Here's a direct link to the explanation video embedded below. I'd love your thoughts on this one as well.

5 – Have you heard of this whole “Literal Music Videos” meme on YouTube? I haven't laughed this hard in a LONG time. I've embedded a play list of a few of my favorite below. You'll get the idea pretty quickly – just do me a favor and wait for the wrenches.

Have a great weekend.

Amazing Video Makes Important Point

Mike Koenigs just launched the final video for his Mainstreet Marketing Machines campaign (yes, that was an affiliate link, if you'd like to visit without my cookie, click here). Watch it.

40% of the top ten in Google in 48 hours.

Yes, you can do this without Mike's program. It's a training system / business in a box over there but what I want to examine today is the reality of what this video MEANS.

I had dinner a few days back with a friend who was telling me how much money his company had spent on SEO.

Imagine what he could have done with a well placed video or two.

Mike's teaching others how to place a video or two online so that their customers will pay them some of that consulting money.

All for a well placed video or two.

Think about this – it isn't hard – a page of results and one of them is a video. Which one would you (do you) click on?

What could your company do with a well placed video or two?

What could you do with a well placed video or two?

When will you place this videos? What is stopping you?

You saw the results Mike got. When will you see the same for yourself?

Does Anik Have The Right Idea With This Free PPC Classroom Version 2 “Gimmick?” Will You Make A Video For Him?

So my buddy Anik Singal is launching his PPC Classroom v2 product in a few weeks and is certainly getting a lot of attention. He deserves it – it's a killer course.

I've seen this done a couple of times with other products but never really thought or commented on it before. If you check out this link you'll see that Anik is giving away multiple VIP Memberships to PPC Classroom v2 to those who participate in a little contest.

In short, you create a video explaining how much you want the product.

Anik picks his favorite and gives them access to the course for free.

Anik gets a ton of social proof and some penetration in the video sites for far less than he could have ever spent on any other angle.

Is this the ultimate in profiting from UGC (user generated content), or just a cheap ploy?

I'd love your thoughts below.

StomperNet Ranker – Powerful Free Tool For Search Engine Ranking

Embedded above is a video that I recommend you click the full screen icon (looks like a computer monitor) to watch in, get this, full screen. If you're reading this via some mechanism that doesn't embed, you can click through to the video here.

The team at StomperNet have put together a very cool tool called “StomperNet Ranker.” As you can see in the video it is a quick and easy way to see where certain terms rank for top positions in the big three search engines.

Quick and easy, very visual, no need to opt-in to download the product.

Speaking of which, you can download StomperNet Ranker here.

And, yes, it works with FireFox 3.

As always, if you aren't a big Blip.TV fan, I offer links to the video at: YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, AOL Video, DailyMotion,, Veoh, Crackle, Stupid Videos, Sclipo, Viddler and Howcast.

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StomperNet – Link Roundup

Warning: these videos will take a few hours of your life. They're worth their weight in gold, but they will take you away from everything you're doing right now.

I'm StomperNet Faculty now and couldn't be more thrilled. They've got their big launch tomorrow and I wanted to give you all of the links that matter:

Adwords Triangulation Method: If you've ever spend a dime in Adwords advertising – take a look at this video. It's long, but filled with amazing content. No opt-in required.

Stomper Site Seer Intro: To do well in the search engines, you need to know how the search engines “see you.” This tool does just that – for free.

Stomper Site Seer – How To: If you use the Site Seer product, you'll want to watch this deconstruction video.

The Truth about StomperNet: What these guys are all about and what they're trying to accomplish. You'll be impressed.

Member Case Studies: Brad and Andy aren't the only ones who have benefited from Stomper. Here's video of real people doing really amazing things with the stuff these guys teach.

Join Stomper through my affiliate link and I'll give you free access to my New Media Inner Circle program for as long as you are a member. That's $107 a month if you want buy it straight out.

Glad I could help.

Enjoy the videos.

Which one did you like the most?

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Free Software Does What The SEO Experts Won’t

Wish you had more search engine traffic?

The latest (free) video from Stompernet is a walk through of their “Stomper Site Seer” product – a free tool that shows you what's wrong and what's missing from your Website pages – at least in terms of from the point of view of the search engines.

Give the search engines what they want, and they'll bring you more traffic.

They're giving away the Stomper Site Seer product as a promotion for their coming Stompernet launch.

Fine, let them, that's what they do.

It's a free product and it's a free video.

If you're at all serious about natural (free) traffic from the search engines, watch this video – it will blow you away.

And, in all seriousness, I predict some “SEO Experts” will grab this software and make a killing writing reports for clients on what this software reports to them.

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