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On The Launch To Podcast Secrets 2009 – Taking The Show On The Road

Podcast Secrets is going to take no prisoners this year. I’m amazed at the stuff we’re prepping – and you will be too.

You’re save the date moment is here – April 9, 2009. Be available that evening, trust me …

But is there anything between now and then? Why yes there is, thanks for asking.

At the end of this month is the very cool Increase Sales With Social Media event. It’s February 26-28 in Newport Beach. Buy a ticket through my link (and send me the receipt) and I’ll buy you dinner Friday night of the event. You’ll see the first elements of the new Podcast Secrets there and, dear friends, attendees will be able to grab the class before anyone else. Did I mention I’ll be sharing the stage with Mike Koenigs, Dan Hollings, Matt Bacak and more?

March 6 and 7 I’ll be at the Teleseminar Secrets Reunion of my dear friend Alex Mandossian (co-instructor in Podcast Secrets). Alex’s alumni will be able to grab Podcast Secrets 2009 at an amazing alumni price at that event. If you’re in Teleseminar Secrets, you know all about the event by now.

On the night of the 7th, I’m red-eying out to Atlanta to hit the final day of Stomper Live 7. There I’ll be making a presentation on Podcasting’s future and rumor has it, the product might be available there as well – for a very special Stomper price. That’s just a rumor, of course. P.s., not Stomper but want to attend anyway? I can get you in, and at half price via this link (just use code SNL7-M).

March 27-29 is the very cool Internet Marketing Rockstar Event in (can you have an Internet Marketing Rockstar Event in any other place than) Vegas. Grab a “backstage pass” to the event via my link above (again, let me know you did) and I’ll bring a pre-loaded iPod with me for you to take home. Grab a “floor seat” and I’ll buy you breakfast. Other RockStars at the event include Deborah Micek, Anik Singal, Dave Lakhani, Matt Bacak, and more. What a thrill.

And then, April starts, and … Podcast Secrets 2009.

Thanks for joining me on this wild ride.

Formula 5 Launch Details – And A Few “Fast Mover Bonuses” Of My Own

Formula 5 launches today at Noon Pacific / 3p Eastern. It will be huge for Stomper – no doubts there.

Stomper is doing the “fast mover” bonus thing and offering some very cool stuff to those who act fast. My favorite is the Stomper Live 7 event – cause I’ll be there. Those will go fast.

Below is a video walk through I did of the DVD and the Private Membersite. I also hit on my biggest issue with the product and how you can fix that. It’s a follow-up video of sorts to my Formula 5 unboxing from last week. I was surprised on the numbers of views on that one – but I guess I shouldn’t be.

So anyway, I thought I’d promise some fast mover bonuses of my own. Purchase Formula 5 TODAY through this link and forward me the receipt and, …

  • I’ll buy you the iPod I recommend you place all your Formula 5 content in (watch the video).
  • I’ll buy you a copy of YouTube Secret Weapon – the other important launch this week.
  • I’ll also give you access to my exclusive RSS Leverage Bootcamp Webinar that, to this point, I’m only offering my (closed) Inner Circle program and a small group of people who bought a 4 figure package accordingly. If you can make it live, great. If you can’t, you’ll get the recording.

Anyway, enough said – the product is killer, the fast mover bonuses are that extra kick you need and, … grab mine too. Again, I only offer these today, but am thrilled to do so.

It’s a kick in the pants to work with the Stomper people. They certainly have had some hiccups in the past but I’m proud to be business partners with them and thrilled to promote this product accordingly.

A few additional links you might be interested in:

The Formula 5 Fast Mover Bonuses

The MBA In A Box And Free Webinar Links

Formula 5 From Stompernet – My First HD Unboxing

Stompernet launches their Formula 5 program on the 19th. It should do very well for them.

Part of their marketing campaign is some very cool packaging. I thought it would be fun to unbox the product as per the video below.

Now for some video funfacts …

The video you see above is actually the HD Embed. You don’t see it in all of her full glory here on the blog. To get the full Formula 5 Unboxing Video in HD, click here.

And for those who don’t like YouTube (even with the cool HD), here’s the video at Yahoo, MySpace, Metacafe, Google, Revver, DailyMotion,, Veoh, Crackle, Stupid Videos, Sclipo, Viddler and Howcast. Marketing – HD Video Teasers Straight From Hollywood – The Game Changes Again

Visit right now. You don’t need to opt-in or anything to experience most of what I’m writing about here.

First of all, check out the HD video teasers straight out of Hollywood. Notice how, like a good Hollywood teaser video, they tell you nothing about the product (or movie), just illicit emotion and get you curious. It sure sold that Dark Knight movie.

Notice, too, that they’re in HD. The days of Internet Marketers who attempt to sell with nothing more than a Webcam are pretty much over.

Secondly, check out the packaging tease at the top of the page. I got Stomper to send me one (as soon as I get, I’ll do an HD unboxing) and it promises to be in the same vein as an iPhone unboxing – not the typical shrinkwrap and peanuts one normally gets.

Nice to see them kicking that issue up a notch as well.

You’ll need to opt-in to Formula5 to get the third thing worth noting but they’re offering everyone a free recording of the original Formula5 speech that kicked off this whole project. Powerful powerful stuff that, if implemented, will have some powerful impact on any business that acts accordingly. The “free line” has given long videos before – but this one is the most valuable piece of free content I’ve seen given away yet.

We’ve been talking a long time about the maturing of this space. Formula5 sets the standard very high.


A Summary Of The Stompernet Bonus Package

A few of you have emailed me saying you don’t have the patience to wade through the 25+ minute Stomper Video and want the facts. Here they are.

Personally, I’d beg you to watch all of the videos on the page, they are an amazing training piece all by themselves about the power of direct sales in new media – I’m not promoting this because of my affiliate commission on a free with shipping and handling product (heck, do the math) – I’m promoting it because it is some important to this space. So, please, watch the videos

For shipping and handling only ($9.95 for most), you get:

Stomping the Search Engines 2excellent.

First month of “The Net Effect” Journal. I wrote the piece on Twitter.

And this bonus pack …

  • Jeff Johnson: Over 7 hours of SEO video training from the “Underground Training Lab”. Some people people paid as much as $5,000 to get this training live. People have paid $997 for the DVDs – you get the BEST 7 hours, 54 minutes, and 54 seconds FREE.
  • Eben Pagan: Get “Advanced Persuasion and Copywriting Training” from one of the most successful sales copywriters and info marketers teaching today. To get this same information, people have had to pay from $1,500 to $5,000 or MORE with Eben’s company. You get it FREE.
  • Ed Dale: Get 1 FREE month of membership to the “Immediate Edge” membership program . Learn advanced NEW marketing strategies AS THEY ARE DISCOVERED – before ANYONE else. A $97 value, yours FREE
  • Brad Callen: The creator of many of the most widely used traffic generation tools ever used offers you his “Article Submitter Gold” Software. Publish your unique articles instantly to hundreds of websites and get tons of one-way backlinks to your site. (Google LOVES it) – Sold elsewhere from $67 to $97 – yours FREE.
  • Trey Smith: Get your copy of this Never-sold-before launch automation software! Auto-Launcher 2: Create automated
    launches using your existing email list. Create automatic countdown and sales pages that run completely on autopilot. Unavailable ANYWHERE – yours FREE.
  • Shawn Casey: Learn the Secret Affiliate Story – super-affiliate strategies Shawn Casey and Tellman Knudson used to win a Ferrari AND make the most sales for a recent mega-launch (and how you can leave other affiliate marketers in the dust, too). Even learn how to attract super-affiliates to promote your OWN products. Valued from $697 to $2000 – yours FREE.
  • Yanik Silver: Get TWO Special Private Reports from Yanik’s “Underground Secret Society” Newsletter, PLUS an additional unannounced SECRET bonus. These back-issues are not available ANYWHERE. Over $250 in Value – yours FREE.
  • Mike Filsaime: Another bonus not for sale ANYWHERE – Get the presentation of the “7 Figure Code” Launch Case Study – The Step by step blueprint used to generate $1 Million in sales in just a week! Get the “making of” a Million Dollar Launch – Unavailable ANYWHERE else – Yours FREE.
  • FROM YOURS TRULY: You get the “New Media UberPack” Webinar Series – 6 pre-recorded webinars from a StomperNet faculty member on how to use the power of Web 2.0 to gain an exponentially growing source of leads + one LIVE webinar “The New Media Mindset” with Paul IN PERSON. These webinars have never been offered before in a single package – ALL Yours – FREE.
  • Jeff Mulligan: Gives you FOUR “Best of” Quickie Profit Lessons – implement these conversion boosting tricks (they take less than an hour) and start making more money from your website TODAY. Jeff has shared these previously with our $800 a month members at a LIVE Event – Yours FREE!
  • Jeff Walker: The guy behind the “Product Launch” concept – has never sold ANYTHING of his for less than $999. You get a teleseminar series on how to execute launches successfully in your niche markets PLUS, learn how to become the “guru” of your own niche – it’s EASY with Jeff’s secret methods. Unavailable ANYWHERE else – Yours FREE.
  • Rich Schefren: “Guru to the Gurus” – Rich wants you to have Exclusive Trial Membership to his “Business Growth System” for only $1 – AND StomperNet will REBATE your $1! So you get to try the same business growth coaching program that Brad Fallon, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm and MORE have taken and revolutionized their businesses – yours FREE.

Anyway, it should be obvious by now, grab the package today …

And pay close attention of what they do every step of the way.

Vote For The Topic Of Wednesday’s Show – Stompernet Launch or iPod/Zune Announcements

Live Broadcasting by Ustream

We have two great topics of content for tomorrow’s (Wednesday 9/10) New Media Matters Show: A) The Launch and B) the recent iPod/Zune announcements.

So, if you’d like to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of the Stompernet launch (wait till you see what they do tomorrow), let us know in the comments below. If you’d rather chat about Zunes and iPods – we can do that as well.

Just fill out the comments accordingly.


What I Learned From The Stompernet Live Stream

Update: If you click over to the Stompernet STSE free launch, they’ll take your email address and notify you when all is well with the server. This won’t put you on any list – just the update notification process.

It has been a fascinating day. I started it by dropping off my youngest at Kindergarten and I end it with this Blog post. It twas, however, the stuff in the middle I want to write about.

As per my previous blog post, the plan today was to “cover” the Stomping the Search Engines 2 launch.

Yes, that was the plan … 45 minutes max I was thinking …

After 150 minutes online waiting for the launch to happen, I decided to close down shop. Actually, it was to pick up my youngest from her first day at Kindergarten as mentioned above.

Along the way though I learned a few things. I thought I’d share them here:

  • A 30 minute setup is way too much setup. Even if the site went off live without a hitch, my adlibbing for 30 minutes wasn’t needed. The Internet is a media of immediacy and we need to respect that fact.
  • Live streaming of the desktop isn’t ready for prime time yet. It’s just the nature of the beast that we’re dealing with right now. If you’re going to stream the desktop through something live Ustream, 200×240 pixels max. If you want more, use a Webinar product or service.
  • Switching your own show from your desktop while trying to provide content is probably too much for most. It sure was for me. I’ll get better at this but a traditional “producer” or “director” might be the type of thing I/we need.
  • One step ahead, you’re a visionary – two steps ahead you’re a martyr. I can’t think of a new massive launch or a stream that has worked as planned the first time around. If you’re gonna be first (and big), things are gonna go wrong and take much longer than it should. You might want to be prepared for that – and then a few hours or days to your plan.

I had a fun time today and for those who joined me online in the craziness, I thank you for keeping me company. For Andy and the team, thanks for being willing to be so different that their simply isn’t anything in the playbook to run by.

One last comment: Everything that happened today says nothing about the Stomping the Search Engines product and the Net Effect magazine. You want this product and the price is undeniably amazing.

I just hope maybe I taught you something here to hold you over until you receive your copy.

Stomping The Search Engines 2 For Free – “Moving The Free Line” Multiple Times – Too Much?

Today at 11a Pacific / 2p Eastern, something amazing happens … Stompernet gives away their $497 product (Stomping the Search Engines 2) for a shipping and handling fee of $9.95.

And this is the full product dear friends. They could have done a major 7 figure launch (which I would have examined as well) but instead are attempting to “move the free line” in some mighty ways. That’s what I want to talk about here.

The cat’s out of the bag now – they’re giving away the Stomping the Search Engines 2 product for trying out their ‘Internet Marketing Journal’ The Net Effect. The first month of that one is free too – the goal is to bring people into a (very reasonable) monthly subscription model.

Below is a video from a Ustream broadcast I did yesterday on the topic if you want to get ‘deeper’ into the details:

The $800 a month Stompernet membership is worth it’s weight in gold but this solution (and the journal will go at $40 a month) brings in a considerably larger audience.

It’s a bold move. They’ll either rise to the top with this or … it won’t be pretty.

How do you think it will end? Did they “move the free line” too far?

P.s., I’ll be on live today starting about 1030a watching/monitoring the whole launch and listening to what you think about it. Should be fun. Join us?

Tracking The Stompernet Launch On The New Media Matters Show

As I’m sure you’ve been hearing buzz about around the new, Stompernet is launching something very cool this Wednesday. It’s a game changer on multiple levels – and just deconstructing this launch would give anyway a serious boost in their online know how.

I, of course, am taking a different handle on this.

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 2nd) at 2PM Pacific, I’ll be detailing my plans on a special edition of the New Media Matters Show. If you’ve got questions, or want the real scoop on the Stompernet Stomping The Search Engines product, attend live. I think you’ll enjoy my “take” on the whole thing – and a little something extra I thought up ….

And then, 30 minutes before the launch on Wednesday, we’ll turn on the cameras again and watch the launch. Will the servers go down? Is the deal really worth it? What else did they throw in, etc. Enjoy the launch with a bunch of friends.

You can tune in here live at the Blog (on this post) or visit –

Will Orbitz Rise To The Occasion? Is This A Great Twitter Success Story?

Update #6: The rest went so bad, it gets a special blog post accordingly.

Update #5: First half of flight completed. Only one of the two seats was in position promised (although both were certainly in the up front / window/aisle category). In a totally unrelated issue, missed connection in Pheonix and had to be rebooked on later flight. Orbitz did that automatically. Here at hotel, gift card for local steak house (and it looks like a good one) was waiting for me. Thanks Carly. Next report, the flight home …

Update #4: Finished call with Carly At Orbitz. I’m still on the US Airways flight but they promise seats near front with window or aisle. Not reflected at site yet but we know how reservation systems are. I will arrive at airport tomorrow expecting good seat. They also promised a $100 credit with Orbitz (I don’t see that in the system either – but, again, computers). They seems a bit surprised that I was already booked on this flight (did I note make that clear in the blog post below) but the better seats and $100 credit is a good thing. Think they did enough? I’d love to hear in the comments below. For the record, I got #2, not #1, and #3 – do you think they made it right? I would love to hear you thoughts?

Update #3: Carly At Orbitz promises to call at 3p with the details for the fix. Will report here.

Update #2: Carly At Orbitz has contacted me via direct Twitter message. We’ll see what happens here. 40 minutes before I was going to do web check and see about paying for a better seat too. Will this end well?

Update #1: John Jaworski suggests we follow Carly At Orbitz to see how this ends up. Great idea. Carly, make this great please.

Read this one all the way through – it is going to get interesting.

I fly to Atlanta Wednesday for Stomper 6. I’m looking forward to it on multiple levels.

I booked this flight on Orbitz for some reason. The reservation was Santa Barbara to Vegas to Atlanta. Not bad. Delta too for the biggest part. I’ve got miles with them and my relationship with Stomper has had me slowly moving from a United Premier flyer to whatever they call the Delta guys.

I checked my flight this morning with Orbitz to make sure all was well.

This is what I got:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 Flight #1
US Airways #2922
Depart: 9:40am
morning Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara Municipal (SBA)
Arrive: 11:15am
morning Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (PHX)


Wednesday, August 20, 2008 Flight #2
US Airways #4
Depart: 1:34pm
afternoon Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (PHX)
Arrive: 2:43pm
afternoon Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Mccarran Intl (LAS)


Delta Air Lines #1080
Depart: 9:44am
morning Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Mccarran Intl (LAS)
Arrive: 4:54pm
afternoon Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL (ATL)


The flight back …

Sunday, August 24, 2008 Flight #3
Delta Air Lines #1091
Depart: 6:50pm
evening Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL (ATL)
Arrive: 8:08pm
evening Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Mccarran Intl (LAS)


Sunday, August 24, 2008 Flight #4
US Airways #605
Depart: 6:10pm
evening Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Mccarran Intl (LAS)
Arrive: 7:23pm
evening Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (PHX)


Sunday, August 24, 2008 Flight #5
US Airways #2725
Depart: 8:00pm
evening Phoenix, AZ


Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (PHX)
Arrive: 10:17pm
evening Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara Municipal (SBA)



So, I get on the phone with Orbitz.

While the gal on the phone is trying to make things right, I tweeted the following:

Tweet #1 –

Tweet #2 –

And more … you can read them all here.

After a long chunk of time on the phone I was rebooked with lousy seats on a US Airways Flight, (yes, the airline who charges you $2 for a soda and threw out the inflight entertainment machines because they weigh too much) I tweeted the following:

So, one more time, Orbitz, you lost this customer – and my thousands of blog readers, Twitter followers and online friends will know why.

Yes, I was trolling for someone at Orbitz to respond. You bet I did. The gal on the phone I think did the best she could (and got me to Atlanta on time) but this kind of customer service is simply unacceptable.

This came back in the Twittosphere

@colligan I read your tweets about Orbitz and I’m listening. How can I help make this right?

So now this gets good.

I tweeted three simple requests, you can read them here, here and here. I asked for decent seats on an airline I trust and something for my time. Reasonable I think …

I also Tweeted

@CarlyAtOrbitz Finally, please do something. I want this story to end well for Orbitz. Right now, … not a chance. You have the power.

It’s funny, I’ve already had one run-in with a Twittered customer support rep who promised me the world and delivered squat.

There is something about the embracing of New Media by some companies that says this is a two step process – A) use New Media to promise and B) DELIVER.

So, I’ve put this online hoping Orbitz will deliver.

I’ll will report everything – you know me …

And I’m taking bets on the final outcome in the comments. Please predict how you think this will end.

This should be fun.