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Social Media Telesummit – Keynote Decision Made

The Social Media Telesummit is next week. As mentioned in a previous post, I’m keynoting and I figured, what the heck – let’s use social media to figure out the keynote topic.

There were some incredible suggestions and, to be so cliche, it was hard to pick just one.

But, I had to so … Tom Webster’s comment is what helped me choose my title:

Social Media Marketing In Just 15 Minutes A Day

Tom, Leesa will be contacting you soon with your pass information.

New Media Inner Circle members, you of course get access as part of you membership.

Everyone else, … I hope to see you at the Social Media Telesummit.

Social Media Telesummit – Pick The Keynote Topic And Get Full Access Free

The 2009 Social Media Telesummit starts next week with the free predictions call program and I wanted to give you a heads up accordingly. I’d also like to give you a chance at a free ticket. Sound good?

It was a great event last year and this year looks to be even more important. The content is solid and the presenters are perfect. I’ll be listening in with everyone else.

This year I’m Keynoting the Social Media Telesummit and, at this point, have no idea what I’m going to talk about.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

Add via comments below your ideal Keynote topic for the event.

I’ll pick one from the list.

And I’ll buy a ticket to the event for the one who submits it.

Sound fair?

I look forward to reading (and presenting on) what you come up with.

Now that, dear friends, is social media.

Video – Paul’s New Media Creation Model

I thought I’d try my first hand at a Widescreen Screencast. With Alex Mandossian’s Teleseminar Secrets 2009 Preview Call happening tonight, I thought I’d explain my take on “new media” creation and how the “smart” model is in creating your content at a live event. The first 5 minutes is me working through a mindmap that should be very powerful for any content creator – period.

I say a few words about why I think you should attend Alex’s TSS Preview Call and how it fits into the grand scheme of things. The link again is, …

(Free) Minisites Webinar Next Week

Wednesday, December 3, 4p Pacific / 7p Eastern
Mini Sites With Paul Colligan And Jim Edwards

For the details, send a blank email to

If you know anything about me, you know I came from the world of Microsoft FrontPage (you remember it, it was that simple WYSIWYG program for making Web sites). That world has gone away as the “powers that be” have tried to make Web Design harder and harder (and much harder than it needs to be). Yes, Microsoft actually killed the FrontPage product for another product that, well, I’m not impressed.

There have been three trends in the marketplace to respond to this simple fact.

  • Many have chosen to Blog instead of create HTML pages. I understand this response and am somewhat guilty of it myself.
  • Some have picked the product XSite Professional as a replacement for FrontPage. I don’t blame others for this and certainly own a copy too.
  • Some have embraced the “Mini Site” teachings of my old friend Jim Edwards. Jim is KING of getting stuff done the fastest and easiest way possible.

Last time I chatted with Jim, I found out that he’s “updated” his whole Mini Site philosophy to what he calls “Mini Sites 2.0.” I, personally, think it deserves a 3.0 or even 4.0 upgrade myself – but that is another story all together …

Next Wednesday, Jim and I will be doing a (Free) Webinar where we’ll be chatting his new take on things. I made him give me an outline of what he wants to cover and here is what he’s promised …

First of all, we’re going to use a new tool to create a REAL mini-site LIVE on the webinar in 4 1/2 minutes. That should be fun!

Also promised (you know Jim likes to teach …)

  • Specifically how “real” multi-million and multi-BILLION dollar companies use mini-sites to promote products (and you’ll even see a “sneaky trick” one multi-million dollar company is using to test which version of their mini-site is getting the best results so you can cash in too!)…
  • The one-and-only “magic” formula (Jim’s phrase – not mine) for cashing in online (he claims everything else is just a more complicated version of this simple, POWERFUL formula you MUST know and understand).
  • The “online funnel” business model that made Jim a millionaire — and why he’s ABANDONED that model forever! (You read that right… he took the business model that made him a millionaire and threw it in the trash! Find out WHY you should too!)
  • The NEW “wagon wheel” business model and why it’s easier and faster than the old model (and a lot more fun too)!

Want access directions?

Send a blank email to and we’ll get you the details and access information (it’s so you know you can unsubscribe at any time and it will be honored accordingly).

I love doing Webinars with Jim – it should be a great time for all!

A Podcast Secrets Strategy Session

Update: This just in, we’re doing three more strategy sessions before we close the class for the year.

Obviously, we’re in full promotion for Podcast Secrets around here. Here’s another marketing model that you might want to examine – or even participate in.

So consider this if you’re considering Podcast Secrets – or consider this if you’re looking for ways to sell your own training or bigger ticket items … (I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t so effective – and didn’t produce great content too)

See, our first goal is not to get you to “buy-in” to our 6-module course (yet). But I do want you to register for our 2+ hour Tele-Training for $20.

The content for this call is unconditionally guaranteed for 365 days after the live date, so there’s no reason not to get registered now.

To sweeten the pot, and to get you to consider our program, Alex and I want to “ethically bribe” you to pay $20 and listen to us live on April 2nd (or via Podcast).

Here’s the ethical bribe: A *live* Strategy Session!

So, if you register for the $20 call, I’m offering a live 24-on-1 Strategy Session this Saturday (4/28) at 3pm Pacific standard time.

Why do this?

I’m doing this because last year we changed the lives of many Entrepreneurs with our Podcast Secrets course.

This year, we plan to have 4X as many marketers taking our 6-module course.

The first step is the $20 call. The live (*free*) Strategy Sessions for Podcast Secrets just help sweeten the pot.

Worst case: Pay the $20 now; attend the Strategy Session, then listen to live $20 Podcast Secrets preview call on April 2nd at 6pm PST…

… if you don’t want to join us for the 6-module course and don’t feel the content was was worth $20, just ask for a cash refund. It’s that easy!

And the live strategy session comes with our compliments.

If you’re even considering Podcast Secrets, consider joining me tomorrow for the live strategy session. If you’ve ever considered a higher ticket training program like Podcast Secrets, consider doing something like this of your own.

It works very well – and everybody wins.

Grab your ticket to the Podcast Secrets Preview call and join me for the live strategy session tomorrow.

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Who In This List Of Thought Leaders Do You Want To Hear Most And Why? Win Free Access To The Social Media Telesummit!

This started as a Tweet, but I decided to kick it up a notch.

I’ve written a few times about The Social Media Telesummit. I’ve already written that the model is killer but, I can’t stress enough the smart people associated with this group.

I want to know who in The Social Media Telesummit that you would want to hear the most and why. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

I’ll pick one posting at random and buy them “A” level access to the event.

P.s. Entries that pretend I’m the one they’re looking forward to the most will be disqualified.

Let the comments begin …

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Teleseminar Secrets – The Definitive Post

* Updated 12/7 – 11:38 AM – Notice the strategy session information added under Preview Content.
* Updated 12/7 – 11:02 AM – Notice the updates to the Preview Call paragraph.

One last post with all of the Teleseminar Secrets 2008 information in one place. I believe with everything I got that there isn’t a better place for any content producer to learn excellence in content production, audience building and revenue generation from than this class. I’m taking it for the 4th time (once you’re in, you’re an alumni for life) and am thrilled. I’d love you to join me and have done all I can to convince you accordingly. The last details are below.


Note – you can still purchase the preview call. The thank you page will take you directly to the recording. It’s 4.5 hours long – so get on it asap! Thursday, December 6, 6p Pacific / 9p Eastern: Teleseminar Secrets 2008 Preview Call. This is a direct (and inexpensive) sample from the firehose that is Teleseminar Secrets from Alex Mandossian direct. This link will get you in for $20 if you use the $79-off coupon attached. If you click after the call takes place, it will be too late. I will be on the call talking about taking a Teleseminar and making it a Podcast – listen for me!

Saturday, December 8, 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern: Deadline To Purchase Teleseminar Secrets 2008. Try to order at 5:01 pm and you go on the list for next year.

Preview Content

No strings attached Teleseminar-related content options.

If you still haven’t decided, consider attending one of Alex’s live Strategy Sessions on the phone. Dates are as follows – SS1: Dec. 7th: 9:55am (PST) 12:55pm (EST), SS2: Dec. 7th: 11:55am (PST) 2:55pm (EST), and SS3: Dec. 8th: 8:55am (PST) 11:55am (EST).

My Teleseminar Obsession Webcast is available as a Podcast at Get a better understanding of how I think this whole teleseminar thing fits into my bigger picture of new media. Also learn about the killer bonus pack I offer if your purchase Teleseminar Secrets through my affiliate link.

The Teleseminar Secrets Podcast will also give you a great taste of what’ ahead. That was me and Alex, last year, creating podcast content through a teleseminar. It’s sort of a “hey, this stuff actually works” proof-of-concept kinda thing.

My Bonus Package

It has always been a tradition in bigger ticket items such as Teleseminar Secrets for the affiliates to offer a “bonus pack” to anyone who purchases the product through their affiliate link. This lets the big ticket guys not focus on marketing and actually let them reward a sales staff for, well, sales, instead of throwing thousands at an add campaign and hoping it works. I’m thrilled to be representing this product and offer what I think is a very cool bonus package for those who sign up through me.

  • 2007-2008 New Media Inner Circle Membership – next year the price goes up to $107 a month. Everything I do or teach is shot down the exclusive New Media Inner Circle RSS feed. $107 for 13 months is $1391.
  • Podcast Secrets 2008 – Because you’ll be in my New Media Inner Circle, you’ll have access to all of the Podcast Secrets 2008 content (and will be invited to the reunion). This will retail for at least $1497.
  • My Teleseminar Secrets 2008 Commentary Series. I’ve been asked by a few members of the New Media Inner Circle to provide some commentary on how TSS 2008 “translates” into this New Media world. After each class I’ll shoot my commentary down the NMIC channel. If you aren’t in the channel, you’ll need to pay $497 to get that content.

Yes, that’s a total of $3385 – much more than the actual price of Teleseminar Secrets 2008.


This is sort of the like the final pledge drive at the end of a great week of content. This helps me pay the bills and lets me do everything else I do. Thanks for playing along.

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Teleseminar Obsession Content Available (Thanks To Parkinson’s Law)

82 minutes ago I went online with a bunch of Webinar types wanting to hear about my Teleseminar Obsession. It went well and we even raised some money for the project.

The audio is now online via a Premium (free, but Premium) Podcast over at How did I get something like that out so quickly? I was under a time limit.

The paragraph version (and some insight into my mind) of the content I gave is as follows: Parkinson’s Law dictates that if I do my content creation in front of a live audience at a scheduled time (i.e., a teleseminar) I can choose how much time it takes me to create the content (i.e., SPEED THINGS UP). I create my best New Media content in front of a teleseminar audience and just shoot it down as many channels as possible when I’m done (like that link above). The Teleseminar Secrets program I keep obsessing over is the best place to learn content creation, audience building and content monetization. Combine that with the Podcast channel and we got something very interesting (and profitable) indeed.

If you’re interested in how that all fits together, do subscribe. If the above explanation was enough, glad I could help.

The MP4 is encoding, I’ll add it to the feed a bit later tonight (after I do another bit of content creation via Webinar leveraging Parkinson’s Law to make it all happen quickly.

Yes, I’m having for fun than should be allowed. Thanks for coming on this ride with me.

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Teleseminar Secrets – My Teleseminar Obsession Webinar

Update: Registration for the Webinar is now closed. You can grab a recording via at

One week from today, Teleseminar Secrets 2008 will close. Thursday is the Teleseminar Secrets Preview Call.

I figured I’d answer those who have accused me of being “obsessed” with Teleseminars with a special “Teleseminar Obsession” Webinar.

Yes, I’m doing a Webinar about why I love Teleseminars.

I get the irony.

It will all make sense come Wednesday.

The event is next Wednesday at 1p Pacific. You can sign up for free here. I’ll take Q&A when I’m done.

We’ll also send a recording of the Webinar to anyone who signs up (even if you don’t attend).

Anyone in new media will have something to learn here – trust me.

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