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Talkshoe Meets Podcasting Meets Teleseminar Marketing Meets Too Many Screens To Watch

Tomorrow at 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern, I will be:

Recording 8 Episodes of the Teleseminar Secrets Podcast. It will be a “double ender” between myself and Alex Mandossian of Teleseminar Secrets (as well as friend, book co-author, co-host for Marketing Online Live and more).

Opening up the recording process as a live teleseminar. I had the pleasure of (multiple times) seeing The Tonight Show taped (with Johnny Carson none the less) and remember how much more I enjoyed the show after watching things “behind the scenes.” I figured it will be fun to give our audience the same. We’ll be opening up our bridgeline for anyone who wants to listen in as Alex and I record it all. Obviously, I can’t release that phone number to the world. Send a blank email to if you’d like your ticket via this channel.

But, oh yes, we like to push things as far as we can. We also will be …

Simulcasting the recording of the Podcast over to our channel at This technology should let some of our listeners consume via streaming media – as well as introduce ourselves to a whole new audience of people. The direct link to our channel at Talkshoe is here. Should be fun to give that technology a try.

This will either end up a great case study in cross-media promotion, or a classic case of Paul taking on too much stuff. Regardless of what happens, the “final edit” will sound great but if you want to listen in as I sweat it all out, you are welcome to the show.

Monday, 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern.

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This Is Why I Do It

Got this comment from a Marketing Online Live listener.

Hi and thanks for the only podcast I listen to regularly – you’ve been instrumental in pushing us to launch our free Video Podcast on MC Battles, out in June. It’s time shifted entertainment!! Shows how you guys are reaching global and cross-genre!

We’re having an impact on a “Hip Hop Sports Entertainment” property from London (yes, England).

Too much fun.

Here’s a Metric I’ll Share

On the T. Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Podcast (currently #12 at iTunes in Business), we have one of the softest calls to action we’ve ever put in a Podcast.

Basically, a URL is displayed at the bottom of the video file. That’s it. There is no promise of what is there. I won’t give you the URL here because, well, that would spoil or tracking now, wouldn’t it? No enhanced Podcast action here – they’re going to have to enter the URL in their Web browser on purpose.

Yesterday, if you divide downloads by clicks (and we all know that every download is viewed/listened to, don’t we ;-)) we saw a >2% visit to the site. Overall since we lauched, we’ve seen >3%.

With people happy at a .5% conversion on a banner ad or a 1.5% conversion on an Adwords ad, this ain’t bad at all.

And, obviously, when we start refining the call to action, I expect those numbers to go up as well.

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Branded Tivos?

Alex and I have been talking about branding iPods for almost a year now. Look back at the history of to monitor the theme.

In short, we both believe that one future of this industry is in branded media players. If we truly believe that the value is in the content, not the content players, we see a quickly coming future where players are delivered like cell phones – buy a big enough plan and the player is free.

Tivo continues to fight the good fight. We’ll see if they’re victorious in the end but monitoring them is never a bad idea.

And then I got this in my email box today:

If you are a physician and have a TiVo® Series2™ box connected to your home network, then you can participate in testing a new feature that allows you to download physician-oriented programs to your TiVo® box over your broadband Internet connection. As part of this test, we’ve got a special offer for our network-connected subscribers: a chance to win a FREE 80-hour TiVo box with one year of service. You can help us test this new feature, and get a chance to win in the process!

In conjunction with Core Medical Publishing, publisher of evidence-based resources in medicine, we will present an educational program on a topic of interest to all specialties. In addition to viewing the program, we will ask you to evaluate the process in a short electronic survey.

For more information on how to participate in this program, go to

Smart move here guys. Using your box to deliver video content to the decision makers is exactly where you need to be. It is exactly where all of us looking to make a great living from Podcasting need to be.

It has nothing to do with the box, it has everything to do with the content on the box.

As Tivo has been pondering giving the box away for free, I can tell that they realize this too.

Someonebody from Tivo, please contact me (information is on the right hand side of this page) – we’d love to have you on the show.

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What Is a Podcast? Help Others Figure it Out as Well.

O.k., since this seems to be the #1 question these days, we’ve placed a whole category over at the My Podcast Center Podcast Directory on this very topic.

If you’ve ever written or recorded anything on the topic of “what is a Podcast?“, please post it to and we’ll get you in there as well.

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New Model for Podcast Monetization

Sorry I have to be so vague here but, … I wanted to get this up for public record a week or so before we launch.

Because this one is so good, I know it will be copied. I claim here that this idea came from us:

  • Podcast is created that supports a product or company. Infotainment / edutainment, whatever you want to call it. Video or audio podcast. Doesn’t matter.
  • Call to action on the Podcast is a single Website associated only with the Podcast (for tracking purposes).
  • In addition to the traffic that always comes from getting in iTunes, Podcasts.Yahoo, etc., train affiliates for the program to push the podcast. Enable a cookieing process at the affiliate website so they can cookie the customer and then tell them about the Podcast.
  • Train the affiliates to promote the Podcast. Let them do the marketing for it. As always, pay them when they make the sale.
  • Yes, the product/program we’re doing this for will be a major case study in the Book.

    Remember, you heard it here first.

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    Yes, the Rumors Are True … New Publisher for the Business Podcasting Bible

    Yes, we have a new publisher for The Business Podcasting Bible.

    Yes, it is a New York publisher (no Frank, it’s not a vanity publisher). Yes, one of their titles has hit #1 at Amazon in the past. Yes, you’ll be able to buy it in bookstores everywhere.

    Yes, launch date is the same. Actually, it probably will be out earlier.

    Yes, we’ve got a better cover (wait till you see it – do I dare say t-shirts 😉 ?)

    No, I don’t know what will happen to your existing Amazon pre-orders. I’m sure they’ve got a fix. I ordered a few copies myself so I’ll let you know what happens here.

    No, Mom, I don’t know what will happen to to your pre-orders either. I don’t have any pull at Amazon, Mom. Really. I don’t know Bill Gates either (yet).

    No, I won’t tell you, I’ll wait till the new page goes live.

    Yes, we’re drinking champagne this weekend.

    Yes, I did tell Mom.

    No, she won’t tell you.

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