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My BlogWorld 2010 Plans (And Recommendations)

It is time once again. I'm Vegas bound next week for BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010 and wanted to highlight a few places I'll be and make a few recommendations.

  • Where I'll be. BlogWorld runs an online scheduling entity that I've played with. It's not bad and you can see the scheduled events I'm planning on attending here. The other can't miss event event will be our 7th annual Profitable Podcaster Meetup. Yes, it's early, but oh it is worth it. If you are part of the NMIC or a Podcast Secrets Alumni, you'll get your invite for our Wednesday night meetup as well. That's at 9pm for all who come in later that night.
  • A few recommendations. I know Vegas is fun (and these days crazy cheap) but if you want to network and learn, you have to show up (and be somewhat awake). Pace yourself, drink lots of water, consider a veggie now and then. Write a list of three things you want to accomplish and, accomplish them. Consider attending a preso that you might not think is for you (learned a lot from the Mommy Bloggers last year).
  • The Superpanel (plus prizes). If Andrew, Kent and Julie weren't enough, we've giving away more than a thousand dollars worth of geek product to the audience. Don't worry nothing download, true Geek Gear that you could order from Amazon.

What are your plans for BlogWorld? Will we meet up? Will I see you at my SuperPanel? Will you win one of the prizes?

YouTube Secret Weapon – Doing Things Differently

So, today marks the official opening of YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0.

We're doing some things VERY DIFFERENTLY from traditional Internet launches. I thought I'd share them here, with a few thoughts behind each, and see what you think.

  • We're opening all questions, comments and reviews open to the public through the area of Bearhug. Reviews, questions, suggestions, complaints, etc. – we're gonna make them all public. Those results will be very interesting.
  • We've got an opt in page at Facebook. I've been saying forever that you need to go where the people are. It's time to practice what I preach.
  • No closing date. This product will be open for a long time. This should make affiliates happy and give customers a pleasant change from the buy now or perish barrage out there.
  • We will continue to run the blog for folk to read – regardless of it they've bought the product or not.
  • We continue to offer the product on DVDs that work on a DVD player, not requiring 30 minutes of drm madness just to view the content you paid for.

I'm thrilled with this approach and think we'll see great results but, let's be honest, it isn't the way “everyone else” is doing business online.

Think it will work? I'd love your thoughts below:

Weekend Roundup: New Ways To Think About Internet Marketing Edition

Are you noticing the trend of more “realistic” views on the whole Internet Marketing thing?

yeah, realism, it's the “new black.”

Tomorrow The Complaint Emails Will Begin

This, you can take to the bank.

I'll start getting complaints tomorrow via email.

A midnight tonight we raise the price of Podcast Secrets 2009 by $200.

Emails have been sent.

On every call we mention it.

It's on the replays.

It's everywhere.

But tomorrow, people will start complaining that we didn't tell them.

What this says about the “effectiveness” of emails and the human condition is another post all together, but you can count on these like clockwork.

Of course, the real nasty emails will come when we close the class Saturday at midnight.

Webinar Just Added – 3 Podcasts In 30 Minutes

I have to play 2 hats – teacher and marketer. The teacher in me is scared to death anyone wants to know how to Podcast first – before the whys, etc.

You know, the FIRE, Ready, Aim group …

But the biggest questions heading into Podcast Secrets 2009 was these – “how do I Podcast / is it hard“?

In Podcast Secrets, we teach how to do this right (and profitably) but the marketer in me requires that I give you what you're asking for.

Let's make this easy for everyone involved …

Tuesday night (April 14) at 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern, I'm doing a free Webinar for everyone who purchased the Podcast Secrets 2009 Preview Call (you can still purchase the replay) called “3 Podcasts In 30 Minutes.”

During the first 15 minutes I'll explain the theory behind all this stuff. For the 30 minutes after the theory, I'll Podcast:

  • A free video Podcast using a WordPress blog
  • A free audio Podcast using
  • A paid audio Podcast using

I'll then answer some Q&A.

The Webinar is FREE to all who grabbed the Podcast Secrets Preview Call in 2007, 2008, or 2009 – you should receive an email with access directions by 5p Monday night.

Again, if you haven't grabbed the call, there is still time – visit for more.

For Those Who Liked The YouTube Series – Want The Entire Recording (For Free)?

Well this experiment has been fascinating. The response to the New Media Realities series has done so well that suddenly, YouTube isn't counting new views anymore. I'm sure they'll catch up soon, but this has been fun to watch.

Anyway, a number of you have asked if you can get the entire recording.

On one hand – great idea! The full presentation and tonight's preview call mix together perfectly to make a strong case for Podcast Secrets 2009. That's why I did them.

On the other hand – I need to be careful. I want you to see/hear what we have tonight as well. It's vital stuff. The first 15 minutes alone will change the way you think about syndication.

So, if you want the entire recording (iPod ready), just pick up the Podcast Secrets Preview Call. Use the “PC916” coupon to get it for dirt cheap.

During the call we explain how to get the video recording.

You need to be Podcasting. I hope these two programs convince you accordingly.

PPC Classroom For Free … Fascinating … Here’s My Take

In about 20 minutes, they're giving away PPC Classroom for free. That's the DVD, the 9-module course, even a ticket to the event in Vegas.

If you grab a history search here at the Blog, you'll see I grabbed the course when it was a) at version 1 and b) a $1,200 program. Here's one posting on the topic. Heck, here's the PPC Classroom review I did at YouTube that has been viewed some 1600+ times.

But today he gives it away for free. You know how I feel about people giving away the farm. You know what I think about people undervaluing their content.

Is that what Anik is doing?

Or, … is it bigger than that?

The business reason given for this launch strategy – there is more money for Anik in the back-end of the monthly continuity program. It's plain and simple: give the razor away for free friends, and charge for the blades.

But, and this is important, the razor/blades thing only works if the razor/blades are something that people are looking for, want, and will continue to consume.

This is round 3 for Anik and the gang at PPC Classroom. They know what they're doing, they know what works, and they have a pretty good idea of what is going to work in the future.

This is going to be so much fun to watch.

Personally, in about 13 minutes, I'll be walking through the process myself to examine this model for myself – for the third time. Learning from masters, should always be this easy. Will I buy any of the additional offerings? We'll see what's in there.

In addition, I'm going to have to spend some time pondering a model where the original product is free – and all the money is made in the back-end. Anik isn't the only one who's been doing it / had success with it. He's just the one launching today.

Your take? I'd love to hear it.

How To Make An Audio CD Webinar Recording – Replay Here

The site Mike keeps referring to is “Make An Audio CD” –

Be sure to click the button to watch this FULL SCREEN – lots to see.

For those reading via the feed, you might want to click through, we've got a replay option for the how to make an Audio CD Webinar embedded right on the Webpage.

Free Live Webinar On Audio CD Production

Thursday, February 19, at 6p Pacific / 9p Eastern, I'll be hosting a live free Webinar with Mike Stewart on the topic of “How To Make An Audio CD.”

We'll cover the basics and a few advanced topics as well. We'll talk royalty-free music, working with and for the printing and sales.

And we'll answer questions – as many as you can send our way.

No charge, just register here.

Formula 5 Launch Details – And A Few “Fast Mover Bonuses” Of My Own

Formula 5 launches today at Noon Pacific / 3p Eastern. It will be huge for Stomper – no doubts there.

Stomper is doing the “fast mover” bonus thing and offering some very cool stuff to those who act fast. My favorite is the Stomper Live 7 event – cause I'll be there. Those will go fast.

Below is a video walk through I did of the DVD and the Private Membersite. I also hit on my biggest issue with the product and how you can fix that. It's a follow-up video of sorts to my Formula 5 unboxing from last week. I was surprised on the numbers of views on that one – but I guess I shouldn't be.

So anyway, I thought I'd promise some fast mover bonuses of my own. Purchase Formula 5 TODAY through this link and forward me the receipt and, …

  • I'll buy you the iPod I recommend you place all your Formula 5 content in (watch the video).
  • I'll buy you a copy of YouTube Secret Weapon – the other important launch this week.
  • I'll also give you access to my exclusive RSS Leverage Bootcamp Webinar that, to this point, I'm only offering my (closed) Inner Circle program and a small group of people who bought a 4 figure package accordingly. If you can make it live, great. If you can't, you'll get the recording.

Anyway, enough said – the product is killer, the fast mover bonuses are that extra kick you need and, … grab mine too. Again, I only offer these today, but am thrilled to do so.

It's a kick in the pants to work with the Stomper people. They certainly have had some hiccups in the past but I'm proud to be business partners with them and thrilled to promote this product accordingly.

A few additional links you might be interested in:

The Formula 5 Fast Mover Bonuses

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