Marketing – HD Video Teasers Straight From Hollywood – The Game Changes Again

Visit right now. You don't need to opt-in or anything to experience most of what I'm writing about here.

First of all, check out the HD video teasers straight out of Hollywood. Notice how, like a good Hollywood teaser video, they tell you nothing about the product (or movie), just illicit emotion and get you curious. It sure sold that Dark Knight movie.

Notice, too, that they're in HD. The days of Internet Marketers who attempt to sell with nothing more than a Webcam are pretty much over.

Secondly, check out the packaging tease at the top of the page. I got Stomper to send me one (as soon as I get, I'll do an HD unboxing) and it promises to be in the same vein as an iPhone unboxing – not the typical shrinkwrap and peanuts one normally gets.

Nice to see them kicking that issue up a notch as well.

You'll need to opt-in to Formula5 to get the third thing worth noting but they're offering everyone a free recording of the original Formula5 speech that kicked off this whole project. Powerful powerful stuff that, if implemented, will have some powerful impact on any business that acts accordingly. The “free line” has given long videos before – but this one is the most valuable piece of free content I've seen given away yet.

We've been talking a long time about the maturing of this space. Formula5 sets the standard very high.


Video – Paul’s New Media Creation Model

I thought I'd try my first hand at a Widescreen Screencast. With Alex Mandossian's Teleseminar Secrets 2009 Preview Call happening tonight, I thought I'd explain my take on “new media” creation and how the “smart” model is in creating your content at a live event. The first 5 minutes is me working through a mindmap that should be very powerful for any content creator – period.

I say a few words about why I think you should attend Alex's TSS Preview Call and how it fits into the grand scheme of things. The link again is, …

(Free) Minisites Webinar Next Week

Wednesday, December 3, 4p Pacific / 7p Eastern
Mini Sites With Paul Colligan And Jim Edwards

For the details, send a blank email to

If you know anything about me, you know I came from the world of Microsoft FrontPage (you remember it, it was that simple WYSIWYG program for making Web sites). That world has gone away as the “powers that be” have tried to make Web Design harder and harder (and much harder than it needs to be). Yes, Microsoft actually killed the FrontPage product for another product that, well, I'm not impressed.

There have been three trends in the marketplace to respond to this simple fact.

  • Many have chosen to Blog instead of create HTML pages. I understand this response and am somewhat guilty of it myself.
  • Some have picked the product XSite Professional as a replacement for FrontPage. I don't blame others for this and certainly own a copy too.
  • Some have embraced the “Mini Site” teachings of my old friend Jim Edwards. Jim is KING of getting stuff done the fastest and easiest way possible.

Last time I chatted with Jim, I found out that he's “updated” his whole Mini Site philosophy to what he calls “Mini Sites 2.0.” I, personally, think it deserves a 3.0 or even 4.0 upgrade myself – but that is another story all together …

Next Wednesday, Jim and I will be doing a (Free) Webinar where we'll be chatting his new take on things. I made him give me an outline of what he wants to cover and here is what he's promised …

First of all, we're going to use a new tool to create a REAL mini-site LIVE on the webinar in 4 1/2 minutes. That should be fun!

Also promised (you know Jim likes to teach …)

  • Specifically how “real” multi-million and multi-BILLION dollar companies use mini-sites to promote products (and you'll even see a “sneaky trick” one multi-million dollar company is using to test which version of their mini-site is getting the best results so you can cash in too!)…
  • The one-and-only “magic” formula (Jim's phrase – not mine) for cashing in online (he claims everything else is just a more complicated version of this simple, POWERFUL formula you MUST know and understand).
  • The “online funnel” business model that made Jim a millionaire — and why he's ABANDONED that model forever! (You read that right… he took the business model that made him a millionaire and threw it in the trash! Find out WHY you should too!)
  • The NEW “wagon wheel” business model and why it's easier and faster than the old model (and a lot more fun too)!

Want access directions?

Send a blank email to and we'll get you the details and access information (it's so you know you can unsubscribe at any time and it will be honored accordingly).

I love doing Webinars with Jim – it should be a great time for all!

Teleseminar Secrets 2009 – Watch This Sales Model

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you know of my appreciation/fascination with Alex Mandossian's Teleseminar Secrets program.

I'd love to deconstruct his sales process / model for you here.

Anyone looking to sell a “big ticket” product could learn from it.

Anyone who doesn't think a “big ticket” product is within their reach could learn from it (and perhaps be inspired to act).

It starts with a free custom “Electronic Marketing Analysis.” The process starts way low – something of value for just a name and email address. Address ain't abused, everything remains totally can-spam compliant (you'll never buy a product from someone who abuses your email address).

From there the offer becomes the $20 preview call (this year, December 4th). Not only does the product come with a year-long money back guarantee but a lot is a stake here. Imagine how much content Alex has to deliver for $20 to convince you to pick up his very expensive training program. This is really as much a numbers game as it is a sales game.

And then, the Teleseminar Secrets full course. First class session is on December 8 and the “doors close” 2 days earlier. Why would anyone close a cash-cow like this? If anyone is going to spend the kind of money Alex asks them to spend, people need to know they are spending the money on someone who can be trusted. You'd be surprised how many people are taking the class this year because they didn't believe Alex last year.

So clean this model, … give them good free content to show them the value, show them money spent on this path is money well spent, over-deliver and stay true to your word.

Thoughts? Custom Video Player, Here’s How To Do It

If you're looking for the Traffic Geyser 30 Day (Free) Trial Link It's Here

After launching the New Media Webinar Series as a Podcast today, I've received a bunch of email from people asking me about the video player on that page.

On today's New Media Matters Show, I disclosed that it was actually a custom player that plays, get this, files.

Here's how I do it (with a fancy embedded video from YouTube – if it doesn't appear in your RSS feed, click in the link below):

Here's the Custom Video Player video at

And, just to show that I have no prejudices, here is the same video at MySpace, Metacafe, Google, AOL Video, DailyMotion,, Veoh, Sclipo, Howcast and 5min

2 Weeks Of My New Media Inner Circle For FREE! – Help Me Test The Membersite Software

Update (10/9/2008) – The Coupon Is Now Only Good For 7 Days And Is The Regular 2008 Pricing After That. I have to stay true to my word.

Updated: I have to close this offer on October 8.

Note: If you just want to offer, skip to the bottom of this post.

Of the different products and resources I produce, my favorite by far is my “New Media Inner Circle.” The best and most honest way to describe it is simply this: it's a direct feed into everything I'm doing and a glimpse of how it all fits together. New Media Inner Circle (of which we'll call the NMIC from this point on) members get private membersite access and a premium RSS feed to EVERYTHING I produce, be it a paid teleseminar for another marketer or the product/series I'm putting together at any given time. I also throw in monthly office hours and special NMIC only recordings to makes sure the “full story” is told.

It's full access to everything I'm doing and, many times, it's actually cheaper than some of the other options out there.

Note: To be fair to partners, there are times when access to the NMIC is closed. For instance, in the months leading up to Podcast Secrets 2009, nobody new gets in.

Thank goodness, the next 3 weeks is not one of those times.

So, here's the rub: We've added some cool new features to (and the private membersite engine) that I'd like to give a real good test to. I'm giving away 2 weeks to the NMIC during a very crucial time (check out the schedule for the new two weeks). You can get full access to the my YouTube Training and the first week of the very cool Membersite Magic program – ALL FOR FREE.

All I ask is for you to tell me what you think about the membersite system and how we can make it better.


The Offer: If you visit the purchase page for the New Media Inner Circle and use the coupon code “membersitemagicfree“, you get a 14 day free trial of the New Media Inner Circle. If you act early enough this will get you both access to the exclusive YouTube “Secret Weapon” training and the first week of Membersite Magic listed above. You can cancel anytime during the 14 days (either via PayPal or in the private member site directly) without paying a thing and enjoy this content. All I ask is for your comments on how the system all fits together.

One more thing … OFFER CLOSES 10/8/2008.

And, yes, you're right, the monthly coupon cost is less than the monthly cost at the site. That monthly coupon cost is good for as long as you stay a member.

Purchase the NMIC Membership here.

Use coupon code “membersitemagicfree

Leave your comments / questions below:

GotoMeeting / GotoWebinar Mac Support

I love the GotoMeeting and GotoWebinar products. The one thing they were missing was that they didn't have Mac (or had very limited) support.

That all changed today.

GotoMeeting and GotoWebinar not only now run on the Mac platform but they also have a very cool VOIP option for both presenters and participants.

Tomorrow's New Media Mindset Webinar will be done from a Mac. I couldn't be more thrilled.

Give it a try, here are a few cool links:

GoToMeeting: Free Trial

GotoWebinar Free Trial

If you've been following me for anytime, you'll know of my fondness for creating training live in front of an audience and then distributing the recording by Podcast (that's the plan for tomorrow's event too). I used to have to keep a PC around (and have VMWare Fusion installed on this Macbook) as it was truly the last application I needed on my work machine every day. That has changed.

I'll be reporting more in the future, but I thought I'd keep you in the loop.

Tracking The Stompernet Launch On The New Media Matters Show

As I'm sure you've been hearing buzz about around the new, Stompernet is launching something very cool this Wednesday. It's a game changer on multiple levels – and just deconstructing this launch would give anyway a serious boost in their online know how.

I, of course, am taking a different handle on this.

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 2nd) at 2PM Pacific, I'll be detailing my plans on a special edition of the New Media Matters Show. If you've got questions, or want the real scoop on the Stompernet Stomping The Search Engines product, attend live. I think you'll enjoy my “take” on the whole thing – and a little something extra I thought up ….

And then, 30 minutes before the launch on Wednesday, we'll turn on the cameras again and watch the launch. Will the servers go down? Is the deal really worth it? What else did they throw in, etc. Enjoy the launch with a bunch of friends.

You can tune in here live at the Blog (on this post) or visit –

Things Learned From The Summer Webinar Series

So tomorrow is my last segment in the Free Summer Webinar Series I put together. I thought I'd share a few things I learned along the way.

FWIW, the final topic is “REAL Shopping Cart Success” and should be a blast. If you want access to it (or any of the others), send a blank email to – automation will do the rest.

1 – GotoWebinar is a first class product with a 3rd class bridgeline service. Had way too many problems using their phone system (GTWs). Am now using InstantTeleseminar for my telephony needs. FWIW – 30 Day GotoWebinar Free Trial here and a 21-day trial of Instant Teleseminar for $1 here.

2 – The (GotoWebinar) model of a streaming Webinar that you follow along on the phone confuses some people. Make sure you do what you can to explain it to your audience. Then, don't sweat the panicked members who can't get in by recording an archive for them (GotoWebinar has an auto-recording option – or you can outsource or use a third party product).

3 – Questions and Answer time is a great reason for doing Webinars live but … users don't always understand that you aren't reading the questions as they pop up. As a result, you get a lot of questions like “what was that url again?” or “did you like it?” – i.e., they don't make any sense by themselves. Make sure you encourage your listeners to ask full questions – it will help make Q&A a much better experience. Note – this is true for video streaming options as well (, etc.).

4 – A bit more about the archives. In this world of on-demand content, you will always (if you do it right) get many many more people on the recording than you will the live event. Keep that in mind as you put your presentation together and perform accordingly. Nothing is more frustrating than listening to a “moment in time” recording that stinks because you weren't there for that moment in time. Refer to the time-delayed audience once or twice – it will do great things for your relationship with them.

5 – Finally, alternatives to GotoWebinar … I did one of the Webinars on in an attempt to leverage the “hot new” streaming tech of today. At this point, the lifecasting products are perfect for Webcams, but not for sharing a computer screen with any decent level of clarity. You can do it in a pinch, but the sacrifices you make for it aren't worth it for you – or your audience. You could of course do a non-screened Webinar – something more of a live presentation – just don't spend more than 10% of your time on the screen – IMHO.

For those of you who participated or have done Webinars are your own … thoughts? I'd love to hear 'em.