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The Merger Proves It … Satellite Radio Is A Gimmick, Not A Format

Sirius and XM plan to merge. Details are coming out today. Snore.

I have to put this in my “uncategorized” category because it isn’t really about anything Podcasting (profitable or otherwise) – other than a complete and total validation of it.

When you go into business, you need to ask yourself a simple question:

Who are you competitors?

If you don’t have any, you need to ask yourself this simple question:

What does everyone else on the planet know that I don’t?

When satellite radio emerged, I never “got it.” If you’re gonna pay for new technology and pay for content, why pay to have someone else choose what you’re gonna listen to (and when you’re going to listen to it)? Yes, you got a few gazillion channels, and a few less commercials, but it is still someone else choosing your content for you.

If I wanted that, I can listen to normal radio and not pay for Howard Stern’s retirement fund. Yes, I’ll have a few hundred less channels of garbage and won’t have a cool readout that tells me what garbage they’re forcing down my throat but I’ll also also be twelve bucks better for it each month (which, by the way, is more than pretty much every music subscription service out there).

Yes, the whole “what if I’m someplace that I can’t get radio?” thing – to me that’s kinda like asking “what if I’m someplace where they don’t make me pay taxes?” kinda thing. Count your blessings and do something about it.

Satellite radio is a gimmick – something for people who just want to turn a knob and know that some noise is going to come out. It might be a familiar noise, but it is noise none the less.

It is not a format. I’ve grilled everyone I’ve know, all 4 of them, who have purchased Satellite Radio and have received the following responses

My son bought it for me for Christmas.

I can listen to Howard Stern again.

It came with the car.

and, my personal favorite …

I want to be able to listen to Podcasts.

The future of media ain’t satellite. The future of media is

the content I want

(not type of content, but the actual content)

when I want to consume it

(yup, you can get Stern now whenever you want – as long as you turn on your radio at the right moment)

where I want to consume it

(yes, I can get it in the middle of the country – but I’m in an airplane much more than I’m in Kansas (don’t get me wrong – I’d prefer to be in Kansas))

on the device I want to consume it on

Them Satellite Radio boxes sure are cute, aren’t they?

Satellite radio didn’t get a single one of these right. They have no means to do so – and they never will. It is not the future of anything. It is a gimmick that a chunk of people will sign up for … sure enough.

And Stern will retire a very rich man as a result.

Just don’t call it an industry.

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Windows Media 11 beta 2 Out – Don’t Worry – No Podcasting

Windows Media 11 Beta 2 is out and … no Podcasting.

I’m not surprised but there were those dreamers (o.k., me) who were hoping that they’d sneak Podcasting in somewhere.

Geoff Harris, where’s the promised “more to come?

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Windows Media 11 / No Podcasting Further Comments

I’ve been pounding on this issue for awhile now. It’s seeming to get some traction in the ‘sphere. Let’s chat for a minute about it shall we.

In short, Windows Media 11 hasn’t nothing, nadda, zip, zilcho for Podcasting.

Todd Cochrane, who predicted a Podcast aggregator in WM11, said the following yesterday:

Microsoft’s lack of action will slow Podcasting Growth … how they could have been so stupid … Windows Media Player team you Suck!

Do read the full article here.

Todd, tell us how you really feel 😉

Just as I was starting to put together a response, Scoble jumped in:

If it takes 30 months to add a cool feature into your product you’re too slow, not agile enough, and will see slow growth … Windows Vista’s beta 2 is coming within hours, and it has a decent RSS aggregator built in). Fellow Microsofties, let’s change that and we’ll see good things come to us.

O.k., my turn:

It isn’t an issue of a 30 month production cycle. It is an issue of nobody in Microsoft of any importance will take ownership of this project. When someone of importance takes ownership, things happen. There is plenty that has come out of Microsoft in less than 30 months, they were just “important” to Microsoft.

It also isn’t an issue of Microsoft slowing Podcast growth. It is an issue of Microsoft not mattering in Podcast’s growth – even with this “important new operating system” scheduled to come out next year. That should scare Scoble more than any 30 month production cycle.

Podcasters just need to realize that Microsoft isn’t going to and, sadly, simply can’t, help get the word out about Podcasting.

And isn’t it cool how much the word is getting out anyway?

And isn’t it even cooler that we can spend the money we would have spent on Vista on a new iPod?

April 19 – Portland, Oregon – Innovation, New Ideas in Marketing Conference

In 8 days I’ll be wearing my Affiliate Guy hat for the American Marketing Assocation’s (Oregon Chapter) AMA PDX 2006 Annual Conference, entitled “Innovation, New Ideas in Marketing.”

Obviously, would love to see you there:

My presentation is entitled, “Discover the Salesforce for the 21st Century.” My emphasis, Affiliate Marketing, but if you think what we’re doing in Podcasting won’t be part of the dialogue … and, if a certain phone call goes well tomorrow, I should have some very exciting stuff to share 😉

Dr. Paul Pedrosky will be speaking on “Invisible Marketing: 3 Things Every Organization Needs to Know in the Era of Blogs, Podcasts, and RSS Feeds.” I’m very much looking forward to that one as well.

Add a touch of Bob Farrell (o.k., all the presenters are good) and this should be a great show!

Sadly, this is the same day as Podcast on the Floor, so I’ll be running back and forth as I always do.

Of course, the AMA crowd usually gets a suit and the Podcast on the Floor types will laugh at me if I wear one. What to do, what to do 😉 ?

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Forget “PME” – It’s PODCAST and Portable Media Expo Now!

This just in from Tim Bourquin,

By the way, I’ve decided once and for all (a few days ago) to go back to Podcast and Portable Media Expo as the official name. (the logo has been updated on the site).

Nice move. Smart move. Just because everyone else is trying to confuse everyone else doesn’t mean you need to jump into the fray. We were there for the Podcasting.

Podcasting is my passion, and the passion of my attendees. I see no reason to play down the term anymore simply because XXXXXXXXXXXX doesn’t like it. If they don’t want to come because podcasting is in the name of the show then they can just stay home. The term is not going away so they’ll only be hurting themselves by avoiding all this great content. XXXXXXXXXXXX realized it, and I think eventually they all will.

Names X’d out to protect the sadly very guilty.

I stand by my prediction that Tim will be offered some crazy money for this show very soon.

I can’t wait until September.

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