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Rent Your Content Via YouTube

I’ve been warning/writing/saying that this was coming for a long time now. Looks like things are getting even closer. In a recent Media Post article, we learn that Hunter Walk (head of product management at YouTube) is now speaking publicly of a “self-service method that will give moviemakers the ability to upload and provide their streaming content for rent” on our favorite video hosting service.

Now, we know video renting is live at YouTube.

We know YouTube on the Phone and on the TV both have the ability to enter in your account information.

Renting across all three screens is coming people, trust me …

What should you do about it? Well, the information marketers and content producers of this audience should consider what it would/could mean to have their content on the worlds biggest Internet Video Distribution platform for computer, television and telephone for rent.

And those without content might want to consider producing some.

Shameless self promotion: Thank goodness YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0 is so near launch it isn’t even funny. If you want to get on the early bird list, fill out the form over at the site.

Weekend Roundup: New Ways To Think About Internet Marketing Edition

Are you noticing the trend of more “realistic” views on the whole Internet Marketing thing?

yeah, realism, it’s the “new black.”

Is Your Next Book An App?

I’ve been saying for a few years now that the real definition of Web 2.0 is “your content on your customer’s terms.” Everything really comes down to that as far as I’m concerned.

Techcrunch recently published a piece that says that authors need to publish their “next book” as an App (instead of an iBook). Great read – do it now.

While I like the concept, I’m not sure if that’s the direction. Perhaps the article should have asked if your next book should also be released as an App.

Yes, our content on your customer’s terms means a book isn’t enough.

But just an app isn’t enough either.

Your stuff needs to be available on a dead tree edition, an instant streaming edition, a phone edition, a pad edition, a plastic disk edition, an audio edition, a video edition, etc.

If you’ve watched the whole Vook thing, you might be thinking it’s the future. I’m calling it a gimmick. Show me any real content ONLY available on the VOOK format and I’ll change my mind.

So, content creators, I’m gonna suggest this simple fact: your future requires that you create your content on as many formats and platforms as possible.

Your thoughts?

Multiple HD Cameras And I Didn’t Film A Thing …

Last week I had the privilege/thrill to watch the Space Shuttle take off. Did the whole official viewing platform at the NASA Banana Creek Viewing Site.

I brought multiple HD video cameras too.

Was pretty sure I’d be attempting to impress with my handiwork in the Blog a week later.

But during the tour the day before, one NASA worker encouraged us to “don’t film anything, just enjoy it.” He pointed out that there were a few zillion cameras already pointing at the thing (some of them even in HD) and that they were probably going to get better film than I ever was.

And, he also pointed out … I came a few thousand miles to see something pretty cool – and I might not want to view that through a viewfinder – even in HD.

It was awesome.

Even better than the real thing.

Enjoy this guy. Here’s a link in case you don’t have the clip embedded.

That Bono might be onto something.

If you need to see something from the trip, here’s a quick test I did of the iMovie 09 “Smooth Clip” feature (from my Colligan Channel).

Have a great weekend all – and for your North Americans, don’t just film the BBQ.

My Roku Box Obsession

In recent news, Roku really wants to run other people’s content (OPC) through their $99 box.

Mark my words, when we have a $99 box that plays Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and a few others (Revision3, get on the box), people will start canceling their cable in droves and this crazy Internet Video thing will start ‘taking off.’

Does anyone reading this have any experience in the Roku API, etc.? How hard is it to get you content on this $99 box?

Does Anik Have The Right Idea With This Free PPC Classroom Version 2 “Gimmick?” Will You Make A Video For Him?

So my buddy Anik Singal is launching his PPC Classroom v2 product in a few weeks and is certainly getting a lot of attention. He deserves it – it’s a killer course.

I’ve seen this done a couple of times with other products but never really thought or commented on it before. If you check out this link you’ll see that Anik is giving away multiple VIP Memberships to PPC Classroom v2 to those who participate in a little contest.

In short, you create a video explaining how much you want the product.

Anik picks his favorite and gives them access to the course for free.

Anik gets a ton of social proof and some penetration in the video sites for far less than he could have ever spent on any other angle.

Is this the ultimate in profiting from UGC (user generated content), or just a cheap ploy?

I’d love your thoughts below.

Brad Fallon, Big Seminar 9 (Day 1) – Is Online Video The Natural Evolution?

Brad Fallon was my favorite presenter of day 1. You’ve read my previous postings about how disruptive Free IQ is, and after what he showed us, I couldn’t be more convinced.

As a side note, I will be doing a few training calls and or Webinars for Free IQ users. These will be free and, of course, placed on Free IQ for those who wish to participate by time shift.

But he said something about technology that I’m not sure if I agree with completely yet. I thought I’d share the big idea and see what you thought.

He basically said that technology goes through 3 stages: the geeks, the kids and then the rest of the world.

Geeks were the first to get email. Then kids saw it was cool. Then the “rest of the world” decided they wanted another contact option their business cards.

Hard core geeks had the first websites. Then the kids picked them up. Then the “rest of the world” saw how valuable they could be.

The same is true for Instant Messaging(?)

But Brad applied this to video. YouTube made online video fun for the geeks and the kids – but someone needed to make it approachable for businesses (now you see why he launched Free IQ).

See the geeks have been using it.

And the kids sure love it.

But are general Ma and Pa business types going to head to computers to get training, to get educated, to get entertained?

I think of Joost. I think of my Year of Living Digitally. I think of Apple TV.

Brad might be onto something here. Thoughts?

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