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10+ Years Of Video Online – What Have We Learned – 60 Minutes With Luria Petrucci (Formally Cali Lewis) On What She’s Learned With More Than A Decade Of Online Video?

I had a chance to interview Luria Petrucci (you might remember her as Cali Lewis) about what she’s learned over the last 10 years of doing video online. This leader in the video podcasting, online video and live video space shares so much in this piece – I recommend you watch it and take a few notes in the process.

Luria and I will doing a Webinar (that won’t be free on Facebook, but you’ll only need an email to sign up) on Live Video. You can grab your free ticket for that at HowToStreamVideo.Live.

How To Get Around YouTube’s 15 Minute Time Limit

Ever wished you could publish videos past 15 minutes in length using the YouTube (works on any browser, goes up to 1080p, etc.) player?

Ever wanted to NOT have those pesky “related” video links after your video was done playing?

It’s possible (opens direct link to YouTube Video embedded below)

Here’s a direct link the video in this example (opens new window).

So, you going to be posting longer videos now that we have away to get around YouTube’s limit?

Amazing Video Makes Important Point

Mike Koenigs just launched the final video for his Mainstreet Marketing Machines campaign (yes, that was an affiliate link, if you’d like to visit without my cookie, click here). Watch it.

40% of the top ten in Google in 48 hours.

Yes, you can do this without Mike’s program. It’s a training system / business in a box over there but what I want to examine today is the reality of what this video MEANS.

I had dinner a few days back with a friend who was telling me how much money his company had spent on SEO.

Imagine what he could have done with a well placed video or two.

Mike’s teaching others how to place a video or two online so that their customers will pay them some of that consulting money.

All for a well placed video or two.

Think about this – it isn’t hard – a page of results and one of them is a video. Which one would you (do you) click on?

What could your company do with a well placed video or two?

What could you do with a well placed video or two?

When will you place this videos? What is stopping you?

You saw the results Mike got. When will you see the same for yourself?

Weekend Roundup: New Ways To Think About Internet Marketing Edition

Are you noticing the trend of more “realistic” views on the whole Internet Marketing thing?

yeah, realism, it’s the “new black.”

When Google Proves Your Point … (Compelling Web Video Without A Camera Or Microphone)

First things first – the Google commercial from yesterday’s Superbowl. If you haven’t yet seen it, please watch (video embedded below – if you can’t see the video, here’s a direct link to the video at YouTube).

Please notice (tongue in cheek).

  • The incredibly sexy model used. You can’t communicate anything online without the hot babes.
  • The amazing camera work only possible with the best HD cameras known to man.
  • The art production. They must have spent a fortune on licensing rights alone. But hey, it’s worth it for a Super Bowl Ad.
  • The script. I’m guess David Mamet wrote it? Spike Lee? Spike Jones?

Sure, sometimes you need (or want) a Red Camera filming Megan Fox in Mamet film directed by Spike Jones, but sometimes you don’t.

Want to produce compelling Web video? Google proved this weekend that you don’t need anything other than an idea and a computer. I’ve been saying this for years but when Google proves your point, it’s even better.

Will you create some compelling Web video with Google’s commercial as your inspiration?

Marketers Note: In an amazing piece of either providence (or just dumb luck), the Andy Jenkins Video Boss product free video series (affiliate link to a free video series) program, specifically video #2, just became 100 times more valuable.

Called Andy today, yes, he’s thrilled too.

For Those Who Liked The YouTube Series – Want The Entire Recording (For Free)?

Well this experiment has been fascinating. The response to the New Media Realities series has done so well that suddenly, YouTube isn’t counting new views anymore. I’m sure they’ll catch up soon, but this has been fun to watch.

Anyway, a number of you have asked if you can get the entire recording.

On one hand – great idea! The full presentation and tonight’s preview call mix together perfectly to make a strong case for Podcast Secrets 2009. That’s why I did them.

On the other hand – I need to be careful. I want you to see/hear what we have tonight as well. It’s vital stuff. The first 15 minutes alone will change the way you think about syndication.

So, if you want the entire recording (iPod ready), just pick up the Podcast Secrets Preview Call. Use the “PC916” coupon to get it for dirt cheap.

During the call we explain how to get the video recording.

You need to be Podcasting. I hope these two programs convince you accordingly.

The New Media Content Creation Model

One of the things we’ll be examining in Podcast Secrets this year is the New Media Content Creation Model. It’s an empowering little concept that makes it much easier to create New Media content than ever before.

Enjoy this YouTube Video below – yes, … created utilizing the New Media Content Creation Model.

Make sense? Think you can do this? I’d love your thoughts on this concept.

YouTube Secret Weapon – Maximize You Tube Views – Launch Details

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my latest project – Youtube Secret Weapon. This one has been a long time coming and I’m quite proud of it.

Produced with YouTube expert Julie Perry, Youtube Secret Weapon is very different from everything else you see out there on the topic. This is about maximizing You Tube for your business. Excellent stuff.

You’ve probably noticed my new emphasis on video as of late. Yes, it comes from this project.

Julie priced it too cheap and to make things fun, we’re offering 1 free month in the (closed for everyone else) New Media Inner Circle as a bonus. And yes, that costs more than Youtube Secret Weapon – so you might want to consider it. Next 24 hours only.

Fun fact, we used to run the whole thing – no shopping carts, no special scripts, just Premiumcast. The DVDs are sent automatically via our Kunaki connection and, well, gosh darn it …

Excellent job Julie!

Will Somebody Please Explain The Model Here?

Sunday night was the new 24 telemovie. I pondered recording it but I knew it would probably be on Hulu (via Boxee thank you very much) in under 24 hours (pun intended).

And it was.

And I enjoyed it while doing a little work Monday night. Nothing like streaming television, on your terms, with just a commercial per break.

This new media thing is starting to “take off.”

iTunes is offering the download of the 24 telemovie for $14.99 ($19.99 if you want HD).

Mind you, this is the same iTunes that sells 24 Episodes at $1.99 each. This was two episodes of 24. This normally retails for $3.98.

The DVD is $15.99 at Amazon and Best Buy.

The Amazon Video On Demand Service is selling it for $9.99.

When I watched it (again, less than 24 hours after it aired), I noted that not only were there PSAs in a few of the commercial slots (btw, Hulu doesn’t get paid for PSAs, that’s what PSAs are), but a few of the commercial slots were, well commercial less. It was liking watching the DVD.

And by the way, the commercials they did show were for an online project that started last September. I’ll bet you this is remnant advertising purchased extremely cheap.

In short, The $15 DVD is being streamed for free. Yes, I know the DVD contains a bunch of extra stuff (hey who doesn’t want cut video of Jack Bauer running around in the forest?). Yes, I realize there are DVD sales as a piece of the revenue pie but so is that whole advertising model that Hulu can’t seem to make work.

If you’re reading this in America (or have some clever proxies in place), you can enjoy the show embedded below (how many paying commercials to you count in this $15 DVD):

Hulu can’t be making anyone money.

I appreciate their desire to have a single commercial per break and I’ll enjoy the ride as long as it goes here but … streaming ain’t cheap (they’re evening doing it in HD now) and they’ve got nothing to show me that they have a long term plan – or that advertisers are actually buying into this. See, when advertisers “buy into” a concept, you see their add “buys” – that’s where the term comes from. You’ll see an occasional product on Hulu and there are some $$ coming in but getting me what I want on my terms is costing them less than they’re making in the deal.

There seems to be a really silly obsession with streaming at all costs. It’s expensive, bandwidth intensive, and darn it, isn’t making the sales they keep promising it will.

Downloads, not streaming, is the future of media delivery. It’s cheaper – much cheaper – and always ends with a better experience (for the customer at least).

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

But then again, they’re giving CEOs bailouts for making much dumber moves.

If we want to get anywhere in this industry, we need to do what makes sense, not what’s sexy.

Or are we all just waiting for the bailout?

Boxee.TV – 7 Things I’d Change

I am a HUGE fan of Boxee.TV right now. It has changed the face of my home entertainment center and my strategy for 2009 in some pretty major ways, but that isn’t what I want to talk about here.

As I mentioned in the last Blog post, I bought a new MacBook Pro yesterday (and not for the reasons Mike suggested). I’m finding more and more that the Apple angle on life, etc., is more to who I am and that, really, Windows is just another program for me to run on my Mac.

But that, funny enough, isn’t the topic of this post either.

At my home entertainment center, you’ll see an Apple TV. I’ve loved her for a long time and have done everything I can through that device. I’ve loved her through Hulu and Netflix online despite, well, you know.

Then along came Boxee. She’s installed on my Apple TV.

My Apple TV just hit puberty – I always saw her potential, she’s just now showing it to me.

One sub $200 box gives me television, movies, pay per view, streaming, music, Internet Radio, etc. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am.

But, Boxee.TV ain’t perfect (she’s closer than anything else I’ve seen). Here, not that you asked, is what I’d change:

  • I’d put together a master database of all shows, Podcasts, etc. in one space so you don’t have to know that “The Unit” is under CBS while “24” is a Hulu property (let alone, where in the heck to find Ask A Ninja). If we’re really going to “kill” the networks, let’s KILL ‘EM.
  • I’d have some option between “your friends know nothing about what you watch” and “you friends know EVERYTHING you watch.” Some people don’t want the world knowing about their Hannah Montana addiction.
  • Add a very simple “across the room” email and RSS experience to the program. A simple ticker of your latest email at the bottom of the screen while you’re watching a show could be really fun too.
  • Let us change the background image (I know they’re working on that).
  • Let users “subscribe” to individuals and find out not just the last 6 things that all your friends did – but their entire history as well. Suggest some thoughts leaders in different spaces too.
  • Let content producers produce “channel” options on Boxee. For example, I decide I’m a big fan of Ask A Ninja, I click a button and now the “Ask A Ninja Channel” is there right next to the other Internet video options.
  • Produce a $99 box that runs Boxee.

Played with Boxee yet? Your thoughts?