Adsense Versus Yahoo Publisher Network

Getting ready for Dr. Adsense’s Teleseminar on Thursday night, I wanted to do some simple number crunching. You know me, I luvs the number crunching.

I relaunched a site of mine yesterday as a directory/content site under the guidance of the late (great) Ken Giddens. He and I started the project together and with his departure, I let it sit on the shelf for awhile. Pure genius in what he does and bringing it to life was, honestly, a little haunting.

But, he wanted this thing live and at the very least, I owe him that.

We’ve been running YPN ads in some areas and Google Adsense in other areas of the project.

Yesterday, Adsense performed 3.28 times better than Yahoo (3000 impressions, so it was a good test). Today it looks like Adsense is doing even better.

I’ll run it all week (and report if I see anything different), but, wow, Adsense really is that much better. Obviously, different topics will perform differently, but, still …

We miss you Ken.

Update: Oops, typo said Adsense beat Adsense – that would be cool. Adsense beat Yahoo (and is till beating them today). Typo fixed.

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Simple (and Free) Money Maker for Sites About Podcasting

Site about Podcasting? Here’s an interesting money maker.

I got Jeff Mulligan over at SearchFeast to provide this page optimized for Podcasting. People are looking for fast Podcast training and, well, this will do it for you. You can sign up for free.

Here’s what you do? Click on over and sign up via the link at the bottom. You’ll get your own link that you can attach to some keywords like “Podcast Help” “Podcast Training“, etc. The “niche page builder” inside of Search Feast (once you sign up) will walk you through the process. Very easy to do.

In short, just install this on your site and some percentage of your traffic will use the search engine and buy something. You earn commissions whenever that happens. All three of the books in the engine are solid – so you can feel great recommending them.

These Clickbank products are converting well. One out of every 3 people I send to the Podcast eBook are buying it (and that’s the first link). I make $4.10 every time that happens. You can too.

It won’t put my kids through college but it is a great opportunity for the bootstrappers.

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Stephen Pierce Sells Training Course iPod Video Ready

The mighty mighty Stephen Pierce has launched a video training series called Rush Hour Web Traffic. Great content, as always … but here is the kicker – included in the purchase is iPod formatted video. That’s right, purchase and play on your iPod. Smart move Stephen.

You’re going to see a lot more of this in the future.

Looking at sharing the stage with Stephen Pierce at the Idea Incubator next month.

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Site Build It’s (SBI) 2 for 1 Christmas Offer remains to this day one of the best products around for building a COMPLETE Website.

Sure, I can hand you a copy of FrontPage, and often do. Heck, the two products work very well together but what SBI brings to the table is the important integration of everything: SEO, stats, link trackers, autoresponders, shopping carts, affiliate programs, RSS integration, etc. etc. etc. Nobody does it better.

The program is also an amazing back-end system for anyone trying to do well with affiliate marketing. The training that comes with the package is worth the price alone. Click through to read his article on The Unicorn, The Dragon, And… The High-Earning Affiliate (Are They All Myths?)

This Christmas, Ken Evoy (Owner/CEO) is running a killer 2 for 1 deal that is pretty impressive. If you’ve ever consider Site Build It, pick one up for yourself and another as a gift.

Or, heck, keep ’em both for yourself – I won’t tell.

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