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Weekend Roundup – Turning 40 Edition

I turned 40 today. Kinda hard to believe. Here’s the heads up for this weekend:

  • The YouTube Secret Weapon Insider Webinar for September is Monday night at 5p Pacific / 8p Eastern. Details are here – but a good chunk of it will be used to discuss the production and results of the SEO Training viral video. This one is free for everyone who’s purchased any version of YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0 and $47 for everyone else. Obviously, if you’ve been pondering jumping in with us, you can always buy YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0 now and save yourself $47.
  • WordCamp Portland is this weekend and I’m looking forward to attending, and presenting Saturday afternoon. Tickets are sold out but they hope to livestream the entire event. I’m scheduled to hit the stage around 330p – but you know how these things go. No specifics on the livestream yet – but here’s an article about it.
  • At Wordcamp this weekend, I’ll be trying out my new business card:

    As the Internet continues to change, I’m so profoundly fascinated how the best Internet device keeps seeming to be that phone in our pockets. I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and am curious as to what you think. Yes, the phone number works, was testing the whole system last night.

I don’t feel 40. Please don’t leave comments on how I look it.

See you at WordCamp maybe?

Weekend Roundup – Having Too Much Fun With YouTube Edition

Some YouTube fun for you:

1 – I’ve put together a Panel for BlogWorld and New Media Expo on YouTube. The working title is “YouTube: Personality, Process and Profits.” I honestly picked my top three choices for the panel and asked them first and, dear friends, they all said yes. I’m suddenly a lot more excited about the BlogWorld and New Media Expo than I’ve been in a long time and I invite you to attend as well. “Epic” is a good word as is “Killer.”

That second word might be too much of a hint. Anybody want to guess before the big announcement?

2 – I wanted to do a demo /case study of fun engaging video content using nothing more than the video camera on my Mac and came out with this video embedded below. If you want to participate in the massive giveaway (props to Leslie for putting up with my madness), you’ll need to visit the SEO Training With Leslie Rohde video directly and make your comments there.

P.s., you want a better chance of winning, do vote early and often and tell your friends. Leslie saw the power of viral in what we did here and he’s into this and will deliver.

3 – Sure, Google Instant is cool, but have you seen YouTube Instant?

4 – Been playing with lately and finally “get it” (or at least part of it). I put the Leslie Rohde free giveaway video over there as well and am enjoying the stats an functionality Mag.Ma gives me. Still haven’t totally grasped the possibilities of what this site has to offer but am very intrigued. Here’s a direct link to the explanation video embedded below. I’d love your thoughts on this one as well.

5 – Have you heard of this whole “Literal Music Videos” meme on YouTube? I haven’t laughed this hard in a LONG time. I’ve embedded a play list of a few of my favorite below. You’ll get the idea pretty quickly – just do me a favor and wait for the wrenches.

Have a great weekend.

YouTube Secret Weapon – Doing Things Differently

So, today marks the official opening of YouTube Secret Weapon 2.0.

We’re doing some things VERY DIFFERENTLY from traditional Internet launches. I thought I’d share them here, with a few thoughts behind each, and see what you think.

  • We’re opening all questions, comments and reviews open to the public through the area of Bearhug. Reviews, questions, suggestions, complaints, etc. – we’re gonna make them all public. Those results will be very interesting.
  • We’ve got an opt in page at Facebook. I’ve been saying forever that you need to go where the people are. It’s time to practice what I preach.
  • No closing date. This product will be open for a long time. This should make affiliates happy and give customers a pleasant change from the buy now or perish barrage out there.
  • We will continue to run the blog for folk to read – regardless of it they’ve bought the product or not.
  • We continue to offer the product on DVDs that work on a DVD player, not requiring 30 minutes of drm madness just to view the content you paid for.

I’m thrilled with this approach and think we’ll see great results but, let’s be honest, it isn’t the way “everyone else” is doing business online.

Think it will work? I’d love your thoughts below:

$16488.97 CPM On A YouTube Screencast Video With No Voice Work (Let Alone Camera Work) – Or $766.32 Per Second Of (Poorly Produced) Clip

Running the numbers is always fun.

So, how did the Social Profit Formula YouTube experiment go? How does more than $16,000.00 in sales for every thousand views sound to you? That would be a $16488 CPM – if that’s the language you want to use.

You could also look at it as more than $766 sold per second of clip – even though that clip was a screengrab of a Keynote Presentation designed in less than 2 minutes. We didn’t have time for voice over so we just used the audio swap feature of YouTube for the background music. It is from some band called “Momentary Sound Action” – and twas 100% legal. Love it.

Now let’s be totally complete here in these numbers. It’s an affiliate play (so I didn’t have to create my own product) – so I only take half of that. I also was giving away iPads (much more of a bonus than needed, but I wanted some quick numbers to share with you all), and have a bill to my video guy for the how to part for $74 so my (worst possible) profit in the end is $8252.50.

When all was said and done – at the most – 4 hours of work – more than $2000 an hour in profit.

Again, this was a screencast video with someone else’s soundtrack. When I got around to the how to stuff, I used a sub $100 video camera, an iPhone video camera, and the camera that came on the laptop. Again, nothing major here.

The videos have always been in the top give of YouTube results. Currently I’m beating videos with more than 6 times the views and with names considerably larger than mine. I guess the targeting tactics we teach in YouTube Secret Weapon actually work.

Again – no product of my own, no fancy camera, no crazy view numbers – just technique that’s repeatable and partnering up with a product and launch that made sense. This process can be repeated again and again and again.

And you can do this too.

And, of course, make it your own product, don’t give away iPads – and imagine what is possible …

Or you could just let YouTube put ads on your video and make POINT SIX PERCENT of what’s possible.

It’s your call.