Hulu – Tracking The FOX/NBC Internet TV Play

3/12/2008 – Hulu is live to the world and it looks like they’ve bumped up their servers and bandwidth. Tried some stuff (including HD) to no sputtering at all.

3/11/2008 – As per the New York Times, Hulu is opening to the world on Wednesday. They are so not ready for this. Launch will fail badly.

3/4/2008 – Even with 15 meg pipes from FIOS, Hulu doesn’t stream without sputtering. Sure, blame it on FIOS but if the Internet can’t deliver Hulu, Hulu is doomed. What happens when they open this thing up to the public?

1/26/2008 – Sarah Connor Chronicles nowhere to be found at Hulu. Going strong at, Amazon Unbox and iTunes. Fox’s biggest play with any online presence ain’t in the Fox/NBC YouTube killer.

1/19/2008 – All but three episodes of Heroes are gone from Hulu. The remaining three will be removed in 24 hours.

1/18/2008 – Hulu wins a Crunchie.

1/18/2008 – Is HULU DOA before it even goes live?

It looks like Hulu, as cool as it is, ain’t gonna make it past beta. Look at how it is falling apart …

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