Interacting With Paul / Getting Questions Answered

How Can I Get Paul To Answer A Question Of Mine?

Paul reads the content of all email sent to him but is unable to personally respond to the hundreds of pieces a day he receives.

Here are two ways to interact with Paul and get a question answered:

Almost every week, Paul hosts the free “New Media Matters Show” where he answers as many questions as possible from participants involved. The sessions rotate time and day but are always fun and usually recorded. There is no cost to interact with Paul at any of these events. Paul can only answer questions submitted live during the events. More information can be found here:

Premium Access to Paul’s New Media Inner Circle Includes (at minimum) one monthly “Office Hours” session where he answers a minimum of one question per member per month. Answers at these events are submitted live and via email. More information about Paul’s New Media Inner Circle can be received by sending a blank email to

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