Make Market Launch 2.0 Bonus

Original 90 minute plus Webinar archive:

Quick video walkthrough of the bonus program:

1. Invest in Make Market Launch with my link – (

2. Send me a copy of your receipt so I can make sure all lines up.

3. At the event, I’ll buy your VIP upgrade and invite you to a special Mastermind of those of you who invested with this bonus only. Not sure when it will be yet – but it will be some time during the event.

4 – Get your product done in 2013 and send it to me. I’ll produce a quick video review. If you knocked your product out of the park, use the review in your marketing. If you need a little help, use the review to make your product better. Either way, you win.

5 – The Nessie. Most exciting tech product of 2013. As soon as I can get my hands on one, I’ll send you one.

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